Nashville Rapper Tazzo arrested in felony domestic violence case — Ronteze Bowden

32-year-old Ronteze Bowden, better known as Nashville rapper Tezzo, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday on outstanding warrants from 2020 charging him with felony aggravated assault and interference with a 911 call. The warrants allege Bowden and his then-girlfriend, Erica Lillard, were in an argument about rent money when the assaulted her with a bottle of water, then wrapped his arms around her beck from behind causing her to be unable to breathe when he realized she was calling 911.

Trio charged after downtown Nashville brawl, including father & son from Alabama

Metro Police say a trio of folks were all fighting the streets of downtown Nashville last weekend, disrupting both traffic and citizens attempting to use the crosswalks. 18-year-old Brody Presnall, of Alabama, told officers 39-year-old David Castillo pushed him and called him names, and that’s why Brody pushed him back and punched him in the face and began to fight, despite officers giving multiple commands to stop. Brody’s father, 44-year-old Clint Presnall, also got involved when he observed his son getting pushed and engaged in the fight with his son against Castillo.

Man pulls gun on girlfriend when phone rings at 3 a.m. — Ralph Frierson arrested

In mid-January, Octavia Evans says she was sleeping at her boyfriend’s house on Bank Street when her phone rang a 3:40 a.m. from a female friend. Her boyfriend, 29-year-old Ralph Frierson, heard her talking and reportedly came into the room demanding to know who she was speaking to, convinced it was another man. She says she explained it was one of her girlfriends, but he pulled out a black handgun and threatened to kill her if she didn’t immediately leave his home. She says as she was grabbing her things he placed the gun to her head and told her to exit via the rear door.

Police wrestle man walking on side of interstate for “several minutes” before arrest — Demarus Phillips

Less than 72 hours after multiple officers shot a killed a man who had been walking alongside an interstate last week, Metro Nashville Police responded to mile marker 89.6 of I-65 N after a citizen report a man, later identified as 32-year-old Demarus Phillips, walking alongside the roadway. Due to safety concerns, they ordered the man further to the side of the road, away from the lanes of travel, and he became upset, stating “I’m just going home”. Police demanded he turn and place his hands behind his back, which he refused. A fight then began with officers which lasted for “several minutes” until he was eventually wrestled to the ground and taken into custody.