Mattie Cherry charged in assault of family members who came to her rescue

When 18-year-old Mattie Cherry’s boyfriend kicked her out of the apartment Tuesday, she called her father, Donald Cherry to come to pick up her and her child. On the way back, they stopped by Willie’s Memories Bar on Clarksville Pike, where his wife, Rhonda Benton, was finishing her shift. As they were waiting in the parking lot, Mattie assaulted her father by punching his head while he was holding his grandchild, resulting in a bleeding injury. She then attempted to get into the bar, grabbing Rhonda’s finger and breaking it during the altercation. She then pushed an AC unit through a window in another attempt to make entry. They have not bonded her out of jail.

Man found intoxicated on stranger’s Antioch front porch — Nicholas Woolridge

Police responded to a report of a man passed out on the front porch of an Antioch home on March 30th, and found 32-year-old Nicholas Woolridge seated on the porch when they arrived. He told officers he had only stopped to rest and attempted to walk away, however, he appeared to be very intoxicated and sat down in the middle of the roadway. Unable to care for himself, and unsure where he was coming from or going to, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

One man, two cups, while driving: Thomas Hardin explains one cup is red wine, the other is white wine — DUI

When police asked 64-year-old Thomas Hardin why he had two different cups of wine in his cupholders, with varying amounts missing from each, he succinctly explained that one was for his red wine, and one for his white wine, both of which he was drinking behind the wheel of his vehicle Thursday night. Police were responding to a vehicle vs. pedestrian call when they located Hardin behind the wheel, obviously intoxicated. He stated “I can’t do this” during field sobriety tests, and also admitted to drinking at a venue prior to driving, too.

Austin Thompson charged in assault of Broadway bar staff after being kicked out of Whiskey Row

28-year-old Austin Thompson told officers he consumed five beers but was not “legally drunk” when they encountered him in downtown Nashville Thursday night. Thompson was being escorted out of Whiskey Row when he became combative with Samuel Shapiro, part of the bar’s staff. Thompson reportedly tried to re-enter the bar after being kicked out and punched Shapiro in the face.

Andrew Jordan Green was arrested in the most East Nashville way possible

Police say 30-year-old Andrew Green danced around and repeatedly stated “it is what it is” after they placed him in handcuffs late Thursday night. Officers initially responded to a call in East Nashville about a roadway hazard. The hazard turned out to be Andrew Green, who was reportedly laying down the roadway, heavily intoxicated, wearing some of his clothing backward. He stated he and his partner had been out drinking, though was unable to locate his partner or the name of anywhere they had been or where he was staying. He was charged with public intoxication.

Haven Birth & Wellness staffer Haley Krull charged with violating order of protection, victim says she’s being stalked

28-year-old Haley Krull is charged with violating an order of protection after the victim, Katherine Herman, says she received either text messages from Krull asking “Do I have to leave” while she was reportedly immediately outside the victim’s residence. The order of protection (included in the story) states that Krull, who works at Haven Birth and Wellness, has repeatedly violated HIPAA as a healthcare provider and stalked the victim via text message threats, showing up at the victim’s church and sitting behind her, and reminding her that “someone is always watching”.