Sean Stein refuses to exit plane when denied travel due to his extreme 4 p.m. drunkenness

35-year-old Sean Stein and a female were both denied boarding at the Nashville International Airport Monday afternoon due to their extreme level of intoxication at 4:25 p.m. Stein became aggressive with the flight crew when they advised he needed to exit the aircraft. He then became irate with officers who came to assist him off the aircraft.

He continued to refuse and was handcuffed while pulling away, resisting arrest.

William Driver III charged with processing fraudulent returns while working at PetCo

21-year-old William Driver III was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from December of 2020, charging him with felony theft from PetCo, his former employer. Store Manager Jay Lowery and Loss Prevention Officer Randall Sneed confronted Driver about his thefts, and he confessed to a fraudulent return scheme. Court records detail that between September 28th, 2020, and October 5th, 2020, Driver would use legitimate customer receipts and process fake returns, taking the cash from the registers, and keeping it for himself. He was an employee for 9 months before this happened.

The total amount lost by the store was $1,188.96.

Kendra Howard charged with biting husband during an argument about him buying a vehicle

Police responded to Heron Point Drive on June 20th and met with Sheddrick Dewayne Howard, who explained his wife, 43-year-old Kendra Howard, had a verbal disagreement over him purchasing a new car. During the argument, and reportedly without any further provocation, he says Kendra then bit through the flesh on his left forearm, causing him to have a cut and a developing contusion, which was documented.

Kendra had fled the scene before officers arrived and a warrant was issued for her arrest. She was booked on the outstanding warrant the following afternoon.

Michelle Parrish slaps her son, who told police she was drunk, cursing him, and trashing her home

Michael Parrish told police who responded to the Seven Springs Way address in Brentwood, that his 64-year-old mother, Michelle Parrish, was drunk, cursing him out, and “trashing her apartment.” As officers were conducting the investigation, Michelle Parrish suddenly slapped her son on the head as he walked by her without any provocation or warning. Witnessing the physical assault, she was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Arsalan Gaudan charged in rape of child

19-year-old Arsalan Gaudan is charged with the rape of a child, who is currently 12 years old. Metro Nashville Police received a referral from the Department of Children’s Services, which was initiated by a school counselor. The juvenile victim disclosed to a counselor that she had been raped since she was 8-9 years old and that Gauden had threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

The incidents are alleged to have occurred in his bedroom at their residence.