Elias Garrito Garcia rips off clothes & punches trees on wobbly walk in Donelson

21-year-old Elias Garrito Garcia was found by Metro Nashville Police Officers in the early hours of Monday morning as he walked down Ridgeway Drive in Donelson ripping off his clothes and punching trees. He eventually made it back to the driveway of his residence where he argued with a roommate. Officers arrived to find a trail of his clothing in the street and in a neighbor’s yard. Officers attempted to have his roommates escort him back inside so he could avoid arrest, however, they refused. As he became more aggressive with officers he was placed into custody.

Tandrea James one of many jailed in Broadway Brawl in downtown Nashville Sunday morning

Just before 1 a.m. Sunday, Metro Nashville Police Officers were attempting to break up a large brawl on Broadway just outside of Nudie’s Honky Tonk. They encountered 33-year-old Tandrea James among the brawlers. She initially attempted to walk away while stating she didn’t know why she had to stop or stay or even why everyone was fighting. She then claimed two other females had jumped her, however, one of the other women claims Tandrea James was the person who threw the first punch at her niece.

DeQuenthney McGregor tased by bouncers after Broadway Brawl in downtown Nashville

26-year-old DeQuenthney McGregor was jailed after an early Sunday morning Broadway Brawl in downtown Nashville. Police say there was a large group of people fighting on the sidewalk in front of Nudie’s Honky tonk. While two women were brawling on the pavement, McGregor advised he had been tased in the back by bouncers, and still had a prong in his back which first responders removed for him, and he refused all other medical treatment.