Anthony Agnew breaks into ex’s apartment, sits beside her until she wakes up

Police say 32-year-old Anthony Agnew came to an empty apartment on the 4th floor beside his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and broke into that unit so that he could crawl out the window to access the balcony of the next-door apartment of his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Davis. He then reportedly entered her residence while she was sleeping. She says she woke up with her sitting next to her with his hand on her hip. She was in extreme fear he would assault her and explained she needed to leave for work. He was upset that she had changed her number and agreed to leave after she gave him her current Snapchat as a way to communicate. As he left, she contacted police who located him at a nearby truck stop and arrested him for this burglary and two other outstanding warrants for violating orders of protection.

Nicholas Thomas-Low jailed after pulling his girlfriend’s hair — Vanderbilt Researchers Gone Wild

Vanderbilt University Police heard a loud argument coming from a vehicle parked on Pierce Avenue just before 11 p.m. on June 29th. The female in the driver’s seat, identified as Jessica Erin Biddinger, was repeatedly screaming at 36-year-old Nicholas Thomas-Low to get out of the vehicle. The couple state they have been in a dating relationship for approximately two years, on and off. As police approached the situation to check on everyone’s welfare, she stated Thomas-Low had grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it as she attempted to get him out of her vehicle. When she yelled that he hurt her, he reportedly said “good!” He was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

DUI: Michael Collier says he sniffed unknown powder on a receipt paper before blacking out

Metro Nashville Police responded to a single-vehicle accident on I-40 where a Kia Sportage driven by 25-year-old Michael Collier impacted a guardrail near the Central Pike ramp. First responders arrived to find Collier unresponsive behind the wheel. After finding a white powdery substance in the cup holder, two doses of Narcan were administered with no impact on his level of responsiveness throughout the emergency transport. As the ambulance arrived at the hospital bay, Collier suddenly eloped from the gurney and fled on foot for a short distance until stopped by officers and detained. He told officers he picked up a receipt from the cup holder and noticed the powder on his fingers and sniffed his fingers to see what it was on the receipt. Seconds after sniffing his fingers he says he blacked out and woke up in the back of the ambulance. We previously covered Collier when he assaulted his girlfriend with a hamburger from behind in 2021.

Brandon Holliday charged after posting a sex tape of his wife and a friend together

Latoyia Anderson is still married to 39-year-old Brandon Holliday, but she says that’s only because he refuses to sign the divorce paperwork. Latoyia reported to police that the two were in an argument when Brandon threatened to post a sex tape of her and another friend together on social media. Brandon was sent the video by the other friend in an attempt to make him jealous. Shortly after the argument, the video of her having sex with the friend appeared on social media and was also sent via private message to multiple people on Facebook.

Ari Shukri jailed after sending ex-wife harassing text messages

Nazdar Taher says her ex-husband, 23-year-old Ari Shukri, continues to harass her via text messages despite bond conditions from an order of protection violation which state he isn’t to have any contact with her. On June 24th he sent over ten consecutive messages each of which called her derogatory names such as “h*e” and “sl-t” causing her to be in fear and in emotional distress.

Kevon Shinault jailed on $80K bond after pulling handgun & making threats

21-year-old Kevon Shinault was reportedly in an argument with his girlfriend, Savanah Luffman, about the house being dirty. She says Kevon grabbed her by the hair and attempted to throw her down the stairs, threw her on the bed, and pulled at her clothes. When she yelled downstairs for her mother, April Goodrich, to call the police, Kevon reportedly pulled a handgun from his waistband, racked the slide, and asked if she wanted to die today, further stating if the cops came that everyone would. This placed both women in fear for their lives.

Marcus Torres charged in assault of wife after accusing her of cheating

Lidia Lopez Alonzo says she and her husband, 27-year-old Marcus Torres, were arguing after he accused her of cheating. As the argument escalated, she says he got on top of her while she was on the bed and began to strangle her with both hands, and then punched her in the head as she attempted to fight back. She was eventually able to escape from his assault and contact police. Torres claims his wife attacked him.

Dr. Andrew Gong free on $1K bond after skipping court & ignoring assault indictment

45-year-old Dr. Andrew Aaron Gong was jailed this week after not showing up for an October court date and a bench warrant being issued for his arrest. The doctor’s troubles started in November of 2020 when he was using a delivery service for groceries. When the gig worker, Timothy Hines appeared at his door without wearing a mask or gloves, Dr. Andrew Gong reportedly became upset and a verbal argument quickly escalated when Hines says Gong punched him in the face, causing a laceration to his lower lip which was documented by police. Gong fought the misdemeanor citation and the case was bound over to the Grand Jury who indicted him on the assault charge in September of 2021. When he failed to appear for arraignment in October a warrant was issued for his arrest.