Ben Bearden charged with BUI & negligent boating on 4th of July at Elm Hill Marina

TWRA Agent Joshua Landrum observed 34-year-old Benjamin Allen Bearden attempting to navigate his pontoon-style vessel to the fuel dock at the Elm Hill Marina on the 4th of July, and notes Bearden was having “extreme difficulty” maneuvering the boar and nearly hit both the dock and another boat before he was stopped. Bearden reportedly appeared extremely intoxicated and stated he drank “a couple of margaritas.” After performing poorly on field sobriety tests he was transported to booking and charged with BUI and reckless/negligent operation of a boat.

Bradley Bailey charged with biting his girlfriend during 4th of July celebration in downtown Nashville

Officers working in downtown Nashville on the 4th of July were flagged down on 3rd Ave. N. as Caterina Boren told police her boyfriend, 21-year-old Bradley Bailey, sank his teeth into her back during an argument, leaving a fresh bite mark on the victim. Bailey admitted to biting his girlfriend, however, he says it was in self-defense after she scratched him on his neck. Officers were unable to find any scratch marks on Bailey to corroborate his self-defense claim. Baily was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury and a photo of the bite mark was submitted as evidence.

Michael Gallagher, Jr. charged with DUI after crashing into South Nashville utility pole

Metro Nashville Police say 32-year-old Michael Gallagher Jr. was driving South on Nolensville Pike when he had to swerve to avoid rear-ending the vehicle ahead of him due to his speed. As he ran off the road he struck a utility pole and officers responded to the scene. Gallagher admitted to drinking “two 10oz Bud Lights” with tacos a couple of hours prior to driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Cameron Tate charged in assault of girlfriend in Antioch

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to screams coming from an apartment on Hickory Club Drive on Monday afternoon, and as they knocked on the door, Chelsea Raymond opened it stating “thank god!” and ran from the apartment. She had obvious injuries to her face, cuts on her knuckles on both hands, and redness and swelling on her leg, in addition to small cuts under her jaw and on her neck. She states she lives there with her boyfriend/father of her child, 23-year-old Cameron Tate. She says Tate was attempting to apologize after she found videos of other females on his phone, however she was ending the relationship so he demanded she provide a notarized statement about their custody agreement if they were breaking up. She says he attempted to take the child from her and pushed her down on the bed. She says he then wrapped a pillow case around his hand to avoid leaving more bruises as he assaulted her.

Randy Gonzales charged in assault after refusing to leave Losers Bar at closing time on Division St

Metro Nashville Police responded to Losers Bar & Grill on Division Street early Sunday morning after security reported that 22-year-old Randy Gonzales refused to leave at closing time. Bouncer Brandon Chapman stated Gonzales began arguing with him, which escalated to the man charging at him with his body and attempting to strike him. Several other patrons and staff witnessed the incident and Chapman prosecuted Gonzalez for the assault.

Richard Hall bounced from Jason Aldean’s Bar for being too drunk & disorderly

Bouncers at Jason Aldean’s bar in downtown Nashville say 30-year-old Richard Hall was causing a disturbance inside the business and refusing to leave on the 4th of July. Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative arrived and located Hall just outside the bar and found him to be extremely intoxicated and barely able to stand. Due to his level of intoxication, Hall was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Des’ree White demanded an escort to her car; she got an escort to jail #DisorderlyConduct

27-year-old Des’Ree White approached Metro Nashville Police Officers on Broadway in downtown Nashville and demanded they escort her to her vehicle. As the conversation continued, another female approached White and asked White if she would like her to walk her to her car instead of the police. White became visibly upset and angered and threw her cell phone at the other female. Officers took White into custody for disorderly conduct.