When Creators’ Worlds Collide: DJ C Danny Lewis charged in domestic assault of NashvilleJessi

Nashville social content creator Jessica Lee Lewis (Pyrdum) AKA ‘NashvilleJessi’ says her husband, 52-year-old Charles Lewis, AKA DJ C Danny Lewis, attacked and strangled her after she took his phone for collateral for a bag that he took from her. Jessica went to the Family Safety Center to report the assault this week but says it happened on June 25th. She says once she gained access to the phone and decided to hold it as collateral, she ran to her son’s room and locked herself inside. She says Charles then busted down the door and jumped on top of her, strangling her across the bed until she had difficulty breathing. Her cousin recorded a video that shows a portion of the assault.

Kaydence Armstrong shoots up pawn shop who said she was dressed too provocatively

Police say 18-year-old Kaydence Armstrong entered the Easy Pawn store on Nolensville Pike wearing “provocative clothing” and inquired about pawning a cooler, catching the attention of two employees, Fabiola Perez and Orboll Mendez. The employees told her she was dressed too provocatively and would have to return when dressed more appropriately. She went to her vehicle, retrieved a gun, and fired two shots at each employee through the front windows and doors of the store.

Griffin Dunn charged with DUI after leaving Rusty Nail Bar in Hermitage

Metro Nashville Police say 23-year-old Griffin Dunn was traveling 63 mph in a 45 mph zone just before midnight Monday night and swerved between lanes multiple times. During a subsequent traffic stop, Dunn stated he was driving from the Rusty Nail Bar in Hermitage and was speeding because he was trying to get to a friend’s house. He admitted to drinking four drinks in the 45 minutes prior to driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.118% BAC on a breathalyzer.

She bleached his clothes & sent his sex tape to his family; He chased her down & assaulted her —Aerial Anderson & Raymond Quick

An Antioch couple was jailed overnight after 21-year-old Aerial Anderson says she found a video of 31-year-old Raymond Quick having intimate relations with another woman. She reportedly poured bleach all over his very expensive designer clothing and messaged the sex tape to his friends, family, and children. He reportedly chased her through the apartment complex and strangled her.

Destiny Warren says she had 5 liquid marijuana drinks prior to DUI crash — tells a different story online

22-year-old Destiny Warren told police she drank five “liquid marijuana drinks” at a bar two hours prior to crashing her vehicle on Hwy 70. Officers arrived to find her vehicle in a ditch by a creek with Warren in the back of an ambulance. She stated she wasn’t injured and declined all medical treatment. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and told police she crashed because she was arguing on the phone with her boyfriend and lost control of the vehicle. On social media, however, she quickly posted that a “Black guy” must have drugged her drink — though she didn’t specify which of the five liquid marijuana drinks she downed was ‘altered’. Officers say she became very belligerent with them and began kicking the rear window of the patrol car once at the jail and refused all breathalyzer and blood tests.

Kevin Wengard arrested after screaming “obscenities & racial epithets” in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police encountered 24-year-old Kevin Wengard on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Friday night, where they say he was extremely intoxicated and screaming “obscenities and racial epithets” at other people downtown. They say it was clear he would be unable to safely make his way home on his own so he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.