Brigid Ochshorn still harassing ex-boyfriend, nearly 2 years after breakup

Nathan Vasquez says despite ending his relationship with 39-year-old Brigid Ochshorn in November of 2020, nearly two years later she is still harassing him, and it’s only getting worse. Detectives determined her actions are malicious and purposefully convey threats to the victim, and are causing legitimate emotional distress and fear. Despite all known accounts and numbers being blocked on all known services, she continues to leave voice messages, text messages, and has contacted his friends, family, and employer on multiple occasions, even contacting his manager on LinkedIn with known false sexual and physical allegations about him.

Gwen Morgan drives into brick wall after “two glasses of wine” #DUI

50-year-old Gwuenavere ‘Gwen’ Morgan was jailed just before daylight Tuesday after she drove into a brick wall at the intersection of Burton Hills Blvd & Cumberland Place. First responders found her unresponsive behind the wheel with the car still running. She told officers she fell asleep and drove into the brick wall. As she was speaking, it was obvious she had been drinking from the smell of alcohol coming from her person. She admitted to having two glasses of wine. Before field sobriety tests could even be started she fell down and had great difficulty standing on her own. She performed poorly on the tests she was able to take and refused a breathalyzer or any further testing. She was jailed and her car was towed to impound.

Joshua Weiler strangles his wife when she doesn’t want to hear about his bar fight

Amy Weiler says she was asleep when her husband, 34-year-old Joshua Weiler, came home extremely drunk and bragging about a bar fight he had been in. She asked him to be quiet, and he then reportedly began to berate her, call her names, and become increasingly aggressive, slapping her in the face. She says she spalled him back and then he began to strangle her neck, leaving clear finger marks on the side of her neck. She says he continued to slap and hit her in the face as she attempted to defend herself. She was transported to the hospital for a laceration and bump from being smashed into the headboard and to be monitored for the strangulation. Joshua was charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation.

Jonathan Damelio charged with breaking his wife’s hip during argument over finances

Metro Nashville Police say Peggy Damelio was transported to the hospital after what was initially reported as a fall, however, once at the hospital she disclosed that the broken him and laceration to her forehead actually came from her husband, 68-year-old Jonathan Damelio, knocking her down during an argument. She says they had been arguing about loans and their daughter moving back home from Michigan when the assault occurred.

Genesis Gillenwaters charged with child abuse after concealing her son was raped by a family member

Metro Nashville Police say that during an interview with 23-year-old Genesis Gillenwaters, she confessed to knowing that her six-year-old son had been raped by a family member for approximately three weeks before the child made a disclosure about it to authorities. She stated she was “handing it through the family” and was getting both the child and the offender counseling instead of getting the police involved. She also stated she was aware that the offender still had access to and had been around the child even after she knew about the rape. She is charged with child abuse for allowing the child to continue to be around the perpetrator after the rape, and with failure to report child abuse.

Maleigha Webb-Boyd charged with felony child abuse after striking child twenty times, chasing him

Maleigha Webb-Boyd was jailed overnight on an outstanding warrant from last year, charging her with felony aggravated child abuse. Metro Nashville Police say a home surveillance system shows 35-year-old Maleigha Webb-Boyd telling a young child to come to her and pull his pants down, and when he doesn’t she replies “if I have to chase you down “I’m going to hit you wherever!” She then proceeds to strike the child approximately ten times before he runs away, at which time she follows him and strikes him ten more times before telling him he has “another one coming.”

Brian Benter charged with public intoxication in the middle of his work-day in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 44-year-old Brian Benter was planning on going back inside Bridgestone Arena to work with industrial equipment Tuesday afternoon after “having a few drinks” in the middle of his work day. Police came into contact with him after concerned citizens called to report a fight between him and a co-worker, William Poeggel, who were fighting in the parking lot nearby and witnessed one of them being pushed into a Whaley FoodService company van. The men would not tell police what the fight was about, however, due to their level of intoxication and inability to behave like grown adults in public and while at work, they were taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

William Poeggel arrested after fighting with co-worker in downtown Nashville while both were sloshed

A concerned citizen called Metro Nashville Police after seeing 51-year-old William Poeggel fighting with his co-worker, Brian Benter, in a parking lot near Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville Tuesday afternoon. The two were reportedly in a physical fight and one pushed the other into one of their white Whaley Foodservices branded work vans during the struggle. They wouldn’t tell police what the fight was about, but both were reportedly extremely intoxicated and could barely stand. Poeggel attempted to light a cigarette and fell forward and lost his balance in front of officers. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.