Jacob Romero charged with DUI while on way to buy marijuana

Police responded to a crash with injuries just after 5 a.m. Thursday on Granada Ave and made contact with the driver, 28-year-old Jacob Romero. Romero’s vehicle had driven over a guard rail and collided with a chain-link fence at a business, where it eventually came to rest into a tree. Romero stated that he intentionally drove off the roadway to meet someone to buy marijuana. He also admitted to drinking five beers in the hours prior to driving. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, he was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Music City Bar staff punch out unruly customer James Riter & drag him outside to wait for police

37-year-old James Riter was visiting the Music City Bar & Grill in the early hours of Friday morning when staff say he began harassing customers. As staff attempted to escort him off the property, he swung at staff members in an attempt to hit them. A staff member avoided his punch, and in return, punched Riter in the face and then drug him outside the bar, where police say they found him still “mostly unresponsive” upon their arrival. The bar staff didn’t wish to prosecute for the assault, feeling they had resolved the situation before officers arrived. Nashville Fire Medics began to evaluate Riter when he became belligerent and refused treatment. Metro Nashville Police charged him with public intoxication.

Keosha Higgins charged after cappin’ about her identity to police during traffic stop

24-year-old Keosha Higgins was jailed this week on two outstanding citations from June 2021, charging her with criminal impersonation and driving on a suspended license. The citations came about during a traffic stop for a handsfree law violation in the Gulch during which she claimed to be “Triana Stratton” and provided a SSN that returned to a male’s identity. She eventually admitted she was using her cousin’s name and had a suspended license.

Joseph ‘Joey’ Schwartz charged in drunken assault of employee at Jason Aldean’s Bar

24-year-old tourist Joseph Joey Schwartz, from Maryland, found himself in the Metro Nashville Jail overnight when he attacked a Spanish-speaking cleaning employee at Jason Aldean’s bar overnight. The worker says he was mopping an upstairs bathroom at the downtown Nashville venue when Schwartz appeared and began blocking the doorway and preventing his free movement. He says Schwartz, who was extremely intoxicated, then began to beat the victim in his face, leaving him with multiple lacerations that required medical treatment. Schwartz was taken into custody and charged with assault and public intoxication, and given pre-trial release back to his home in Maryland.