Brighthouse resident Erica Brunner charged in assault of treatment center staff

34-year-old Erica Brunner, a resident of the Brightquest Residential Treatment Facility in Nashville, was being driven to a doctor’s appointment by a staff member when a “miscommunication” occurred, and Brunner refused to get out of the van when they arrived at the location. They returned back to the Brightquest residential facility, where Brunner reportedly attacked a staff member, Hannah Rose, by grabbing her hair, throwing her to the ground, and assaulting her. Rose says Brunner then picked up two coffee mugs and threw them at her and another staff member.

Mariah Danielle Alderman charged with public intoxication after refusing police offers to take her home

Metro Police say they “attempted for several minutes to bring 26-year-old Mariah Danielle Alderman home or remand care of her to a responsible adult, but she was uncooperative with police.” Officers initially encountered her as they were in the area of Mother’s Ruin on 6th Ave North when they were flagged down by bar security, who stated she was unruly, extremely drunk and refusing to leave. She continued to be unruly and defiant with the police who were attempting to assist her, so she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Jhataun Jones charged with assault of girlfriend; grabs her & demands keys to her vehicle

24-year-old Jhataun Jones was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from April, charging him with domestic assault. He was reportedly drunk, along with his girlfriend of four years, April Renner, when he asked her to give him a ride home. As she had also been drinking, she refused. He then asked her grandmother, Ruth Renner, for a ride, and she also refused. His girlfriend says he then forcibly grabbed her shoulders and demanded the keys to her vehicle, placing her in fear. He grabbed the keys and fled the scene. A warrant was signed, charging him with domestic assault.