Professional Hockey Player Bobby Ryan arrested at Nashville Airport

35-year-old storied NHL Hockey star Bobby Ryan, who has the assumed (and somewhat legal[link]) name of Robert Shane Ryan, was arrested in Nashville Monday at the Nashville International Airport. An airport store reported that Ryan had taken items and left without paying and alerted Airport Police, who observed him on security cameras. Ryan left the stolen items on a counter along his way and entered Little Harpeth Brewing, where officers found him seated at the bar ordering a drink. Police say he was not compliant with them, was extremely intoxicated, and did not know where he was, the date, or the time, and could not stand on his own. The store declined prosecution on the recovered items, and Ryan was jailed for public intoxication.

Callie Carder assaults boyfriend multiple times, upset she can’t drive while drunk

Late Sunday night Metro Nashville Police say 23-year-old Callie Carder was at her workplace at Fifth and Broadway when she called her boyfriend of two years, Caleb Gaw, and stated she was extremely intoxicated and about to drive to their home. Gaw immediately rushed to the location to pick her up, along with a co-worker who would be dropped off along the way. An argument began and continued the entire ride, where Carder was upset she was unable to drive, and she reportedly continued to assault her boyfriend and made continued and repetitive attempts to “rip the steering wheel out of his hands.”

After the friend was dropped off near Edmondson Pike, the argument escalated, and he stopped the car at the Ellington Ag Center as it was unsafe to drive. Carder then retrieved her metal weed grinder and bashed it into his forehead, leaving a one-inch laceration. He ripped it from her hand and tossed it out the window, and called 911 during this period, but the call ended. He then drove the car the remainder of the way home to separate himself from her, and she assaulted him again on the way inside.

Tandrea Garrett charged after punching father of her child, yanking out his dreads

24-year-old Tandrea Garrett was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from November of 2020, charging her with domestic assault. Police say she arrived at the home of her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Kenneth Ferguson, for a custody exchange. She explained it was her birthday and she wanted to go out to party, and asked if he’d keep the child another day. He declined as it was outside the schedule and he had other commitments. She then punched him in the face multiple times and yanked out several of his dreads, which were still on the floor when the police arrived. She fled the scene before police arrived and has been on the run for twenty months.

Emmanuel Nash charged in assault of WeGo transit employee after being kicked off busses for the day

24-year-old Emmanuel Nash was booked this week after failing to self-book for an assault citation in January. The citation alleges he was riding a WeGo Transit bus and began to curse at a WeGo employee, who promptly advised him he was barred from riding any WeGo bus the remainder of the day. As Nash exited the bus, he reportedly slapped the employee’s hand. The employee noticed two MNPD officers nearby and wanted to prosecute for the assault.

Wade Todd charged after punching father in face, throwing brother over couch in Antioch

Metro Nashville Police responded to Calais Circle in Antioch Monday after 35-year-old Wade Todd was involved in a knock-down drag-out brawl with his family. Officers say that during the fight, Wade punched his father, Gil Bruce Todd, in the face. Wade then threw his brother, Chase Todd, over a couch, causing an injury to his knee. Wade’s father punched Wade back in self-defense, sticking him in the head.

Mr. Brooke Babes charged after refusing to leave hotel, high on Xanax bars

39-year-old Brooke Thomas Babes was asked to leave the Clarion Hotel on 1st street in downtown Nashville multiple times on Monday. Staff says he was highly intoxicated and was nodding off during their interaction. Babes told Metro Nashville Police officers he had taken Xanax pills and that even if he walked away, he would just return to the hotel as soon as officers left the area. Due to his dedication to breaking the law, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication and criminal trespass. This was his first Nashville arrest.

Taras Carter charged after pushing girlfriend out of moving vehicle during an argument

During an argument in June, 21-year-old Taras Carter reportedly pushed his girlfriend, Caitlynn Chastain, out of his vehicle while he was still driving, and he fled the scene. Nashville Fire responded to the scene and transported the victim to the hospital, where multiple injuries, including a head injury, were treated. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on that warrant this week.

Cole Steele charged after smashing cinderblock into car, passing out inside as he burglarizes it

Multiple witnesses observed 23-year-old Cole Steele looking into car windows and rummaging through vehicles in the 700 block of 18th Ave S. around 1 a.m. Saturday, where he eventually smashed a cinderblock into a grey Nissan Versa belonging to Zamira Vasquez multiple times, destroying the driver’s side window. He began to rummage through the vehicle and then passed out inside. As medics arrived, he fled the area. Just after 2 a.m., officers received more calls about him in the 800 block of the same street, and he was taken into custody. Steele told officers he only broke into his own vehicle after someone vandalized it, and had no idea about anything else.

Magistrate sets $20 bond for Monica Spendlove, who put roommate’s belongings by the dumpster

Metro Nashville Police responded to Views on the Cumberland, where Ashley Nall reported her roommate, Caroline Hathaway, messaged her to advise that another roommate,39-year-old Monica Spendlove, was throwing some of Nall’s personal items. Officers made contact with Spendlove, who admitted to entering Nall’s room and putting some of her things outside near a dumpster for disposal. Some of the property included a Yeti cooler and Vanderbilt coasters. The property’s value was estimated at $300.