Jennifer Croy fires gun at neighbors during shared driveway dispute

Shawn Cates and David Carney met with police Saturday evening to report their neighbor, 39-year-old Jennifer Croy, had just fired a gun at them, and they have the incident recorded on video. The argument was about shared driveway space between the three, and they say the disagreement gradually escalated until Jennifer produced a handgun and pointed the gun at each of the victims, and fired a single shot in their direction. Officer met with Croy, who denied ever pointing a gun at either man but stated she did have a handgun in her possession. Officers played the video for Croy, which clearly showed her pointing and firing the gun, and she continued to deny what the video showed.

Justin Burks charged with DUI after driving the wrong way on Interstate Drive

27-year-old Justin Burks was observed driving his vehicle the wrong way on Interstate Drive in downtown Nashville just before 1 a.m. Saturday. Officers followed him as he was unable to maintain his lane of travel and repeatedly changed lanes without any warning. During a subsequent traffic stop, officers say Burks reeked of alcohol and refused to exit the vehicle when ordered to do so. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with DUI and for the loaded firearm that was next to him in the vehicle.

Candis Carroll charged with posting revenge porn of ex-lover Matt Williams on social media

Matt Williams of Essex Development contacted police to report his ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Candis Carroll, was posting links to her iCloud account in social media comments, which led directly to his nude photographs, including both his member and his face together in some of the photos. She had already been served with an order of protection, which prohibited such activity. When confronted by police, Carroll admitted to posting the content. She was taken into custody on this charge and for an outstanding warrant charging her with criminal contempt.

Karla Campos charged with public intoxication after being passed out in car at intersection

22-year-old Karla Campos was the front seat passenger of a vehicle found in the middle of a Nashville intersection with both occupants passed out, with Isaiah Carter as the driver. Karla had thrown up all over the inside of the vehicle and was extremely intoxicated. As officers were investigating, she repeatedly attempted to walk into the roadway. She refused all medical assistance and was deemed a danger to herself and transported to booking.

DUI: Isaiah Carter passes out behind wheel at an intersection with a handgun

Officers responded to the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd & Nolensville Pike in the early hours of Sunday morning. The 23-year-old driver Isaiah Carter and his front seat passenger, Karla Campos, were found unconscious in the white Infinity sedan. Carter was visibly intoxicated and performed poorly on field sobriety tests once he regained consciousness. He admitted to drinking “two beers” earlier in the night. He would later blow a 0.125% BAC on a breathalyzer and was also charged with the handgun he carried in the car.

Lauren Roberts jailed after assault of husband at Opryland Hotel in Nashville

36-year-old Lauren Roberts from North Carolina is charged with the domestic assault of her husband at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel after she grabbed him by the neck and scratched him as he attempted to catch her amid a drunken stumbling fall. She screamed out, “I don’t need your help!” Responding officers noticed the victim, Zachary Roberts, to be bleeding and have injuries to his neck. The two were drinking near the Cascades and had taken the elevator to the wrong floor in the search for their hotel room. Lauren refused to make any statements to officers and was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Chance Kuban calls 911 on his mother, Virginia Kuban, after she threw a foam pumpkin at him

53-year-old Virginia Kuban owns her house and is responsible for all the bills – including those of her 26-year-old son Chance Kuban who lives with her. She says Chance drinks alcohol, and when he drinks, he becomes annoying and won’t leave her alone. On Sunday night, when Chance was drunk, she stated she was going to her room, and in response, he called her a “b*-*h” and a “c-*t”, to which he freely admitted to responding officers. Virginia says these words from her son upset her, and she threw a small remote control at him, striking him in the leg, and she also threw decorative foam pumpkins at him. Chance was not injured but told police he found the contact to be provocative and upsetting to him, which is why he called 911.

Jemiah Scales destroys the home of her elderly boyfriend

Jeff Waluch called 911 to report his live-in girlfriend, 23-year-old Jemiah Scales, was inside his home, damaging his property. Officers arrived to find the home in disarray with several broken items inside. He says the argument began when she was writing on his bathroom wall. He says she also tossed a recliner, broke a lamp by throwing it at him, and shattered a glass table. Scales admitted to the destruction, stating “she was mad at him.” As she was placed in the patrol car for transport, she spat and kicked at the windows and attempted to kick Officer Hoffman in the face with her foot.

Alex Glover breaks straightening iron after fiancée is “over them not having intercourse”

31-year-old Alex Glover told police that he and his fiancée, Angela Stafford, had a verbal argument at 4 a.m. because she “was over them not having sexual intercourse.” As the argument escalated, he admits to breaking her straightening iron for her hair into three pieces. He also says Angela attacked him physically, but there were no indications of any assault from either party. Officers took Glover into custody and charged him with domestic vandalism, requiring a 12-hour hold before he could be released.

Colby Daugherty found running on the interstate after Kevin Gates concert. Sir, you’re drunk drunk.

Metro Nashville Police received multiple calls about a man running on the interstate and in front of semi-trucks traveling at full speed. Officers arrived to find 23-year-old Colby Daugherty, who explained he had just left the Kevin Gates concert and was “walking back to a friend’s house,” but when asked for the address, he responded, “I have no idea!” Daughtery refused all medical treatment and was visibly intoxicated and unable to care for himself. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.