Darisha Heard breaks out windows, her mother sits on her until police arrive to restrain her

Metro Nashville Police arrived at the home of Isha Ford to find her 34-year-old Darisha Heard outside and very intoxicated. The two had been in an argument, according to the mother, after Darisha’s young son told Isha that Darisha had been driving while drunk. The child was sent upstairs, and the mother and daughter reportedly began to brawl. Darisha is accused of smashing out a living room window and attempting to smash through a second window until she was stopped by her mother. Darisha punched her mother in the face during this tussle, and her mother then had to physically sit on her daughter until officers arrived, at which time she went outside the home. The mother suffered a bruised and blackened eye and glass shards embedded in her body.

Meaghan Cormack charged in assault of boyfriend after instigating & recording their conversation

30-year-old Meaghan M Cormack and her boyfriend, Lewis Owenby, left Broadway late Friday night and were headed back to their Antioch Home when they stopped at a Nashville Fire Station, where police found them in response to a domestic disturbance call, just blocks from their residence. Lewis was driving her car, and police say both parties had been drinking heavily throughout the night. Meaghan believed there “might be issues between then” and began to record their conversation on the ride home. The audio recording revealed she provoked the victim as he yelled for her to stop. He says she continued to attempt to grab the steering wheel from him and take control of the vehicle from the passenger seat. She then reportedly began to assault her boyfriend on his face, leaving fresh marks and cuts which were documented by officers. Officers determined Meaghan Cormack to be the primary aggressor and took her into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

Antioch: Komlanvi Houssounoukpe assaults wife, takes phone away when she calls 911

Metro Nashville 911 operators received a call on August 12th and heard a female, later identified as Maggie Rhodes, attempting to give an address in Antioch before a struggle ensued and she screamed “quit hitting me” as the line disconnected. Officers responded to the Antioch home, and she stated she had been arguing with her husband, 44-year-old Komlanvi Houssounoukpe, throughout the day, and he had punched her in the face several times. She explained he took her phone when she called 911, and he still had the phone in his possession when officers spoke to him. Officers documented several abrasions on the victim, including a swollen eye.

Dah Gay, Joshua Bautista, & Sa Mo jailed after traffic stop reveals marijuana & handgun

Metro Nashville Police initiated a traffic stop on a white Dodge Charger on Paragon Mills Road on August 4th after it was speeding and ran a stop sith. Officers had also observed the same vehicle recently quickly leaving 95 Wallace Road when police entered the area. Inside that car was 22-year-old Sa Lo Mo was driving the vehicle, which was registered to him. 24-year-old Dah Gay was in the passenger seat, with 23-year-old Joshua Batista in the back. During the traffic stop, officers say they smelled the odor of marijuana, which Sa Mo confirmed was not hemp, and could see “remnants” of marijuana inside the car, along with small plastic baggies. A search of the vehicle revealed a .40 cal bullet wrapped in a plastic bag, a digital scape, a Glock 23 handgun with 10 rounds, and 69 grams of marijuana. Sa Mo had $1,195 in cash that was seized. No one claimed possession of the gun, so all three were charged using constructive possession.

Wade Todd charged after punching father in face, throwing brother over couch in Antioch

Metro Nashville Police responded to Calais Circle in Antioch Monday after 35-year-old Wade Todd was involved in a knock-down drag-out brawl with his family. Officers say that during the fight, Wade punched his father, Gil Bruce Todd, in the face. Wade then threw his brother, Chase Todd, over a couch, causing an injury to his knee. Wade’s father punched Wade back in self-defense, sticking him in the head.

Joshua Gupton identified via his fingerprints as home intruder

19-year-old Joshua Gupton was jailed this weekend on an outstanding warrant from June, charging him with aggravated criminal trespass. Metro Nashville Police initially responded to the home of Urjita Khera when she reported she was lying on her couch when she heard someone enter her residence through the side window of her home. When she stood up, it spooked the intruder, and they fled, closing the window behind them. Luckily, she had recently cleaned the windows, and investigators were able to pull a fresh set of prints from the glass. They came back to Joshua Upton, who had his spring on file from a juvenile arrest history of theft and residential burglaries. His home is only 1.2 miles from the victim’s residence, and her front door camera captures him walking up the front stairs and around the side of the home to the window.

Maleigha Webb-Boyd charged with felony child abuse after striking child twenty times, chasing him

Maleigha Webb-Boyd was jailed overnight on an outstanding warrant from last year, charging her with felony aggravated child abuse. Metro Nashville Police say a home surveillance system shows 35-year-old Maleigha Webb-Boyd telling a young child to come to her and pull his pants down, and when he doesn’t she replies “if I have to chase you down “I’m going to hit you wherever!” She then proceeds to strike the child approximately ten times before he runs away, at which time she follows him and strikes him ten more times before telling him he has “another one coming.”

Zakoy Bell jailed on $10K bond after strangling sister in argument over rent money

Zakyia Bell had to be transported to Southern Hills Medical center on June 23rd, after her brother, 21-year-old Zakoy Bell reportedly strangled her with both of his hands until she could no longer breathe, as he shook her back and forth causing her to hit her head, according to a statement to police. The two were in an argument about rent money for their shared apartment. Officers documented visible injuries to her neck and issued a felony warrant for his arrest. He was booked on the outstanding warrant overnight.

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