Security Guard Stephen Patterson jailed for making improper ‘arrest,’ breaking into man’s home

22-year-old Stephen Patterson, a fully licensed security guard since September 2022 at Avana South Oaks apartment complex, “arrested” a man for DUI. Police responded to the apartment complex and spoke to Stephen, the security guard. He said he saw a car driving erratically in the parking lot and placed a man under arrest for DUI, awaiting police. Jose Balan was the passenger in the vehicle who told police that he saw Stephen pull up behind the vehicle he was riding in, and Stephen spoke to the driver. At this time, Jose exited the vehicle to go to his apartment in the complex to go to bed. Stephen followed him and kept the door from being closed behind Jose. At this time, Stephen entered the residence and tackled Jose in his own home. Jose was handcuffed and taken to Stephen’s security vehicle to wait for the police. During the incident, Jose admitted to intoxication but did not drive and had a designated driver. He also told police that Stephen tackling him caused him great pain in his back. MNPD officers responded to Stephen’s 911 call and took Stephen into custody, as his actions were inappropriate and illegal. He was charged with aggravated burglary, assault, and falls imprisonment.

Richard Erpelding knocks man unconscious in downtown fight; victim requires brain surgery

24-year-old Michigan tourist Richard Erpelding knocked a man unconscious during a fight at 1st & Broadway early Sunday morning. Erpelding reportedly was hitting on a female member of another group when one of her friends told him to stop and may have pushed him. Witnesses say Erpelding then punched the victim, Christopher Thompson, knocking him unconscious. He was transported to the hospital and had not regained consciousness at the time of the report. Doctors report he would have to have surgery due to an injury to his brain. 

Rachel Quinn charged with punching caregiver in face and biting her arm

33-year-old Rachel Quinn was a possible suicidal patient at a hospital on March 31st, 2021, and Michelle Shults was in charge of watching her. Shults told the officers they were in the common area when Quinn became upset, so Shults began escorting her back to her room. While escorting Quinn back, Shults said she grabbed her by the hair, pushed her to the floor, and hit her in the face several times. Kelly Young saw the assault and attempted to break it up, but then Quinn bit her forearm. Police reported that Shults face had bruising and was swollen. A warrant was issued for her arrest in April, and she was booked into custody this week.

Mario Greer charged in sexual assault of hotel employee where he worked as a valet

25-year-old Mario Greer is accused of sexually assaulting an employee of the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Nashville, where he worked as a valet. The victim says that on March 5, Greer, who she only vaguely knew as someone who worked in the building, followed her into the service elevator after her lunch break. She says he put her in a “bear hug” from behind and she could feel his erect member through his pants. He reportedly fondled her breasts and buttocks before she was able to break away. Officers documented bruising on her arm, and a warrant was issued for Greer’s arrest.

A tearful Adam Campbell jailed after assaulting barback at Wildhorse Saloon

23-year-old Adam Campbell was handcuffed by Wildhorse Saloon security after he assaulted one of their employees. Police found Adam handcuffed late in the night on August 4th outside the Wildhorse Saloon, being detained by security with tears in his eyes. Police spoke to the Wild Horse Saloon barback, Joshua Vanzile, who said he was carrying two bottles of liquor and asked Adam to move. Adam refused to move and told Joshua to “Shut the fuck up.” Joshua said that Adam pushed and punched him in the face five times. Security was then called, and they detained Adam. Police reviewed camera footage from security which showed Joshua’s account of the incident to be true. Adam was placed under arrest for assault.

Blake Christian attacks caretaker with bible and shoe on way to church

30-year-old Blake Christian was upset that he could not get fast food on his way to church, so he then assaulted his caretaker in the car, per police. On June 25th, police arrived at a gas station on Old Hickory Blvd. and spoke with Blake’s caretaker, the victim, Belinda Mitchell, who said that he assaulted her in the car. Belinda said they were heading to church when Blake, in the backseat, became upset when they did not stop for fast food. She said that he threw his shoe at her, ripped pages out of a bible, and threw the bible at her. Despite having the mental state of a 10-year-old boy, Belinda said he is completely aware of his actions during the incident.

Joshua Watch charged with assault outside of Jason Aldean’s bar in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Joshua Watch was witnessed by police participating in a fight outside of Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway on July 23rd. Police broke up the fight between Joshua and the victim, Antonio Maldonado, then Joshua fled. They spoke to Antonio, who said that an argument started inside Jason Aldean’s. They were all kicked out, and then the argument continued outside until Joshua shoved and began hitting Antonio in the face. Antonio positively identified Joshua Watch and said he knew him. Police chased Joshua, eventually catching him; he resisted arrest by not cooperating with the demands for him to put his hands behind his back before finally being placed into custody.

VIDEO: Tourist Sarah Crowe charged with assaulting man for filming in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Sarah Elizabeth Crowe was booked on July 25th after police were flagged down just outside Johnny Cash’s Bar on 3rd Ave. They noticed a crowd forming and arguing, and then they witnessed Sarah punching a man in the face several times. She was pulled away from the victim, Ryan Fisher, and placed into handcuffs to stop her from fighting. Sarah told the police her friend was bleeding from their face when she decided to help. At this time, she saw Ryan recording it all on his phone, and she insisted that he stop; he continued to record, and that’s when she engaged him. Police say that Ryan had visible injuries after Sarah had punched him in the face several times. She also told police that she was drinking alcohol before the event, and police stated that she smelled of alcohol.

Katelyn Raines charged with kicking bouncer in chin at Nudie’s Honky Tonk

21-year-old Katelyn Raines was booked on a citation this week, charging her with the assault of bouncer and off-duty police officer Joshua Jeter. Officers were flagged down at Nudie’s Honky Tonk on June 17, where a large group of individuals were fighting. Security staff detained a male subject, and during that time, Raines kicked Jeter in the chin. She fled from responding Metro Nashville Police Officers, who caught up with her near 5th & Broadway. She was issued a citation for assault, and was booked on that charge this week.

Allison Reese hits bouncer in face with purse in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Allison Reese was booked on a citation this week, charging her with the assault of a bouncer in downtown Nashville. Police say Reese and several of her friends were causing a scene inside Nudie’s Honky Tonk on June 27 when security staff asked them to leave the venue. They refused and were being escorted out when Reese hit bouncer Ronald Clinard in the face with a purse. Officers documented a red mark on his face and issued Reese a citation for assault.