70-year-old Barbara Komisar ROR’d after assaulting a man over a refrigerator

70-year-old Barbara Komisar left Allen Kelley bruised, according to court documents, after she entered his Bransford Avenue home while he was sleeping and pushed and grabbed at him. He states Komisar and her daughter were apparently upset with him about a refrigerator inside a residence which they were having issues with. Officers documented the photos of the victim’s injuries in the report.

Charletta Braden stayed in her apartment after eviction, beat employee with wooden stick when they entered

Bellwood Park Apartments says 43-year-old Charletta Braden was formally evicted from her Pennington Avenue apartment via the proper court process, and a few days later they sent employee Jonathan Haynes to perform a regular maintenance check of the apartment, which should have been vacated. As he knocked on the door and announced himself as he does when entering all units, he received no response. HE then used a master key to open the door, which Charletta Braden swung open from the inside, catching his ring in the key and pulling him inside. Braden had a large wooden stick which she used to swing and hit Haynes in the head, leaving him injured. He retreated to the office until police arrived.

Cameron Lewis charged after threatening to shoot Antioch Taco Bell employee over wait times

39-year-old Eric ‘Cameron’ Lewis was issued a state citation for assault after he exited his Nissan Maxima and went inside an Antioch Taco Bell on June 13th and confronted employee Tykee Williams about the wait time, becoming very irate. When the front counter employee explained he was not going to be spoken to in that manner, Lewis reportedly stated he had guns in his vehicle and would get them and shoot the employee and come behind the counter and assault him. Lewis refused to answer any questions when police arrived and was issued a state citation.

Zackary Herder charged with attacking two bouncers at Losers Bar in Nashville

27-year-old Zackary Herder is charged with assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after two security guards from Losers Bar & Grill, Alan Evans & Garrett Hudson, reported to police reported they were attacked. Hudson had asked Herder to leave the location after he became disruptive, at which time he says Herder grabbed a glass beer bottle at attempted to hit him with it. As he was being escorted downstairs, Herder punched Evans in the face. Herder was detained when police arrived, and he reportedly confessed to the assaults.

Kristin Walker charged after punching woman at Honky Tonk Central in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police responded to a fight at Honky Tonk Central and arrived to find the victim, Samantha Cowan, with a bloody nose. Security Staff witnessed the assault and pointed out 38-year-old Kristin Walker as the person who punched the victim in the face for no apparent reason when walking by her. Officers were in the process of issuing a misdemeanor citation when Walker made it clear she would not sign any citation. She was then taken into custody and charged with assault.

Patient charged with assault of nurse at Vanderbilt Hospital — Harold Henry

57-year-old Harold Henry was a patient in the critical care tower of Vanderbilt Univerity Medical Center earlier this month when he began yelling and screaming at nurse Alicia Bonner to get out of his room when she entered during shift change. He would later tell police he felt as if the nursing staff was “ganging up on him”. Bonner attempted to de-escalate the situation when Henry stated “Do you want some of this?” and spit in a cup of water and threw it at her, soaking her hair, shirt, and face. He then jumped at her as if he were going to strike her.

Tourist David Gene tosses drink & throws a punch at bouncer; taken to the ground

Sam Gehrts was working security at a downtown bar Thursday when he encountered 32-year-old David Gene, who he says began to curse at him, stating “Fuck You” and walking away. As Gene moved down the steps and onto the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors, he again started a verbal altercation and threw a liquor drink at Gehrts and attempted to provoke him into fighting. After throwing a punch at Gehrts, Gene was taken to the ground and placed in cuffs until MNPD Officers arrived to take him into custody for the assault.

Kwaku Owoo goes berserk after wifi isn’t working in his apartment — coffee mug assault

34-year-old Kwaku Akuffo Owoo is charged with assault after he became upset that the wifi at his apartment complex wasn’t working as he expected and confronted the apartment office staff about the issue. He began to yell at Davis Farish before taking the coffee mug from the victim’s hand and hitting him on the head with it. The victim pushed the mug away and it fell to the floor and shattered. Owoo then picked up a piece of the shattered mug and pointed it at the victim’s throat while attempting to tackle him. Police arrived and interviewed Owoo, who stated “You can speak to my lawyer on Monday.”