Jordan Durham charged in assault of her boyfriend during knock-down-drag-out

25-year-old Jordan Durham is charged with the domestic assault of her boyfriend, Anthony Keith Phillips, after she says she was attempting to stop him from moving her items out of their shared apartment and caused an injury to his right arm. Both parties agreed that he pushed her away, striking her in the mouth in response, and she claims she was strangled and slammed into the wall. After an investigation by responding officers, Durham was determined to be the primary aggressor due to the severity of the injury, and both parties agreed that she initiated the physical contact.

Cache Handy charged in flower vase assault of her child’s father when she’s accused of cheating

25-year-old Cache Handy was jailed on an outstanding warrant charging her with the domestic assault of her partner, Daviel Grant. He came to the Family Safety Center to report the couple had been arguing most of the prior evening due to him having an appointment and her getting home late due to traffic. At some point, the argument escalated and he says he confronted her about cheating. She reportedly began to throw things around the kitchen and swiped a flower vase from the counter in his direction, which broke and cut his leg, leaving an injury that police documented.

Oscar Garcia says wife bashed her own head into a tree, despite witnesses watching him punch her

Police say 31-year-old Oscar Garcia told his wife, Julia Hernandez, he was going to drive to Atlanta, and she told him he should not because he was drunk. Unhappy with her response, Garcia reportedly pushed her multiple times and asked to use her phone, as he had broken his. When she refused to provide her phone, he then landed two punches to her face with his fists before fleeing the scene in a vehicle. He returned to the residence while police were taking the incident report and claimed his wife bashed her own head into a tree, despite there being multiple witnesses to the assault.

Aaron Madura charged with assault of his father in downtown Nashville

Motorcycle officer Hazzard observed 22-year-old Aaron Madura push his father on the sidewalk near 6th & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville. He turned his motorcycle around and followed behind the two, at which point he also observed Aaron slap his father, Frank Madura, in the back of the neck. As Hazzard was placing Madura into custody for domestic assault he says he “bucked up” on him to resist arrest after he was already in cuffs.

Man charged in assault of girlfriend at their shared workplace — James Meadows

56-year-old James Meadows was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant, charging him with a domestic assault from November 30th. His lover and co-worker at Tiny Dog Pet Supply, Jamie Ellington, were arguing over cheating allegations while at the store, resulting in him Meadows shoving her. The victim says she fell and struck her head as a result of the shove, causing a laceration that required her to be transported for medical treatment. Meadows fled before officers arrived.

Daughter charged with assault of father after not getting enough dinner — Ksenia Paromov

28-year-Ksenia Paromov was booked Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging her with the assault of her father, Viktor Paromov. Police originally responded to the home in September after her father stated Ksenia was upset she had not been given enough dinner. As the argument escalated, she reportedly struck her father in the back of the head as he walked away, and threw several dishes, breaking them. She was initially taken into custody, but while in the patrol car she stated she needed medical attention, so she was transported to a local hospital and a warrant was signed for her later arrest.

Mother assaults unappreciative son with chair, cup, and ironing board — Hend Gaber arrested

39-year-old Hend Gaber says she was upset over her son living with her without having a job, being disrespectful, and not paying any rent or bills. She told police that was the reason she threw a whole dining room chair at him as he sat in the living room. Also the reason she threw a large metal cup at him as he walked from the living room to the bedroom. It was also the reason she then picked up an ironing board and hit him with it as he continued to remain unphased. Police were called to the scene and took her into custody.

Boyfriends brawl: one presses charges, the other does not — Isaiah McDaniel, arrested.

21-year-old Isaiah McDaniel was jailed this week, charged with the domestic assault of his boyfriend, Omarion Wright. Omarion says Isaiah accused him of cheating, so he took out his phone and began to record the interaction. The video shows Isaiah yelling and punching Omarion in the stomach, and he attempted to put him in a chokehold during the struggle. He sustained some scratches on his chest and back. Isaiah says it was the other way around, and Omarion accused him of cheating after he received a message notification on his phone. He claims that before the video began, Omarion hit him in the back of the head, and he got angry and responded by hitting him in the stomach. Isaiah did not want to prosecute for the assault on him, however, Omarion wished to seek charges against Isaiah.

Florida woman charged in attack of sister-in-law after leaving Whiskey Row — Jamie Nations

34-year-old Jamie Nations is charged with the domestic assault and bodily injury of her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Diane Thenthirath, after leaving Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville. As the two were walking back to their vehicle, an argument began because of a 3rd party who was walking with them from the bar. It turned physical when Jamie attacked Elizabeth, leaving her with scratch marks and blood on her face and ear when officers arrived.

Teen says father assaulted him over cookies — Jose Serrano, arrested

42-year-old Jose Serrano is charged with the assault of his 16-year-old son. The son called 911 to report his father grabbed him by the neck, strangling, injuring, and leaving marks on him, after his father became upset the child was eating cookies that were not his. Police documented multiple scratches and red marks on both sides of the child’s neck. The father says his son is disrespectful and has not been going to school, and he only fought back in self-defense, claiming his child tried to punch him.