Taz Kalowala jailed for DUI after mailbox crash with pants around her ankles

44-year-old Tasmeen ‘Taz’ Kalowala was jailed on a multitude of charges after being found driving with her pants around her ankles. Police received multiple calls about her driving, one of which was a report of her striking a custom-built stone mailbox of a two-million-dollar estate on Harding Place and fleeing the scene while leaving parts of her car behind, including the BMW emblem. Officers located her seven miles away on Highway 70 S, where more calls came in about her driving. After observing her continued erratic driving, officers conducted a traffic stop, finding Kalowala in the driver’s seat with her pants around her ankles, and soaked with urine. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated she had consumed “two drinks” several hours earlier. Once at booking, Kalowala urinated on herself a second time and vomited in the Sally port.

DUI: Bradley Cass attempts to end his own traffic stop, threatens to kill officer & rape his family

46-year-old Bradley Cass told police, “we are done,” walked away, and attempted to get back into his car while being questioned about his driving under the influence on Andrew Jackson Parkway late Saturday night. He was then detained, despite his best efforts to shake it off. He was initially stopped for traveling 62 mph in a 40 mph zone. He reeked of alcohol during the interaction with the officer and stated he had been drinking at Chili’s and was returning to Chili’s as he had left his phone and wallet there; both items were in the vehicle with Cass. There was also an open can of Michelob Ultra in the center cup holder. During field sobriety tests, Cass became belligerent and performed poorly. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with DUI. During the transport to booking, Cass had several “emotional outbursts,” during which he stated he would murder the officer with his own service weapon and wanted to sexually assault and rape his family members.

Jaleel Meadows charged with DUI in downtown Nashville

25-year-old tourist Jaleel Meadows was jailed on April 29th after blocking traffic on Dr. MLK Boulevard. He told police he had something to drink that night and admitted to then driving. Meadows had glossy eyes, was unsteady on his feet, and had alcohol coming from his breath. He agreed to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and refused a breathalyzer.

Kathleen Daschbach smashes vehicle through BNA security gate

34-year-old Kathleen Daschbach was jailed on April 20th after she drove drunk through the entry gate arm of the BNA employee lot in her black Suburban. Police responded to the parking lot, where they were told by on-site security that Daschbach smashed through the gate arm and was driving erratically around the parking lot. If that wasn’t enough, she came back and smashed through the entrance gate arm a second time. Security tried to stop her, but she drove around them. She was instructed verbally by an officer to exit her vehicle, but she refused and had to be physically removed. When backup arrived, Daschbach was leaning up against her suburban, urinating on herself.

She had to be helped to the curb so she could sit down without falling over. She smelled strongly of alcohol, police asked if she had been drinking, and she said that she refused to answer any questions or say anything. During the vehicle search, officers noticed her rear bumper hanging off. Police also saw an open container of Strawberry Daquiri ClubTails spilled on the passenger’s side floorboard. There were three grams of marijuana scattered on the passenger’s side floorboard, a pipe in the center console, and a grinder in the ashtray. Daschbach had the title of the vehicle from the original owner, but it was never registered under her name. She also did not have car insurance. Daschbach refused sobriety tests, blood tests, and breath tests when asked. She was placed under arrest and refused to answer any questions from police.

Darlin Rosa-Rivera says he had ‘one beer’ before DUI crash on I-24

26-year-old Darlin Rosa-Rivera was jailed on April 15th after causing an accident while drunk driving on I-24. Officers spoke with Darlin, who admitted to being the driver of the vehicle at fault. They could smell alcohol coming from his breath as he spoke and asked him how much he had to drink. Rosa told police he had one beer and agreed to sobriety tests which he performed poorly on. It was later discovered that he had no license or car insurance.

Malcolm Smith charged with DUI after being found unresponsive in East Nashville

32-year-old Malcolm Smith was jailed on April 8th after passing out drunk behind the wheel at the intersection of Woodland and 10th Street in East Nashville. When officers arrived, they found Smith passed out in the driver’s seat of his pickup truck with the engine running. He was slumped over and didn’t wake up despite officers banging on the window and shining their flashlights in his eyes. Luckily his doors were unlocked, and officers were able to open them and check on him. Police had to shake him to wake him up. He woke up confused and was slow to answer basic questions. His eyes were bloodshot, and the truck smelled like alcohol. Police asked him to shut off his car and step out of the vehicle. He seemed lethargic in doing so and stumbled when exiting. Smith told police that he had consumed three to five beers earlier that day and agreed to sobriety tests which he performed poorly on. Officers found an empty container of an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle, and Smith was taken to booking.

DUI: Nicholas Kelly went airborne over railroad tracks, pulls up on curb for traffic stop

29-year-old Nicholas Kelly was jailed on April 2nd after driving so fast that his car went airborne over railroad tracks on Temple Boulevard. Police observed Kelly driving 60mph in a 40mph zone. Police turned on their blue lights, and Kelly drove up onto the curb when pulling over. When they asked for his license, he told them he didn’t have it on him. Police asked Kelly to exit the vehicle and noticed he didn’t have shoes on and was stumbling and swaying, trying to maintain balance. Officers smelled alcohol coming from him and noticed glassy, bloodshot eyes. Based on the evidence, Kelly was taken into custody and charged with multiple DUI-related offenses.

DUIL: Cielo Sweatt tosses beer cans out of car after crash

Police say 22-year-old Cielo Sweatt crashed her blue Chrysler 300 on Harding Place Sunday evening. Officers were told she might be trying to flee the scene and had pulled into the gas station nearby, where she was located. Store employees told police she had pulled up and tossed beer cans out of her car, which was captured on video. She told officers she had not consumed any alcohol, despite reeking of it. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Victoria Huicochea says she smoked marijuana before crashing into three garages

19-year-old Victoria Huicochea was jailed Friday night after crashing her vehicle into three garages. Police responded to the accident and witnessed Huicochea wobbling from the EMS vehicle to her car. Police could smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from her person and her vehicle. She admitted to smoking marijuana the day before. She consented to do sobriety testing for impairment but refused to provide a blood sample. Once Huicochea was at mobile booking, she pulled a small amount of marijuana from her bra.

DUI: Sam Driggers crashes car & parks in stranger’s backyard after a great game of pool

After 23-year-old Samantha Driggers drunkenly crashed her car early Tuesday morning and ended up in a stranger’s backyard, she told police she wanted to tell them everything that happened. She explained she had been out at a local bar playing pool and had three beers and two shots of tequila. She said she was feeling good because she had won her last game of pool. She decided to drive home but became lost on Woodlawn Ave, where she crashed into a parked car. She then drove into a neighboring backyard and parked her vehicle, which is where police found her. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.

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