Patrick Glenn McFarland – Too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

31-year-old Patrick Glenn McFarland was impaired at the Nashville International Airport on November 8 as deputies were dispatched to assist him. Officers observed McFarland to be visibly intoxicated as he advised them that he had been drinking and insisted that he was in Cleveland or Kansas City. McFarland was informed that he had missed his flight, and officers helped him rebook a flight and escorted him to get a taxi. Officers noticed McFarland was on the unsecured side of security, and when they approached him, he still was unaware of his whereabouts and could not communicate properly. McFarland was taken into custody for public intoxication.

April Lewis charged with disorderly conduct at Nashville International Airport

45-year-old April Lewis was jailed Friday morning at Nashville International Airport after TSA stopped her for improper identification. There was no verification for Ms. Lewis in all 50 states causing her to be denied access. This caused her to begin screaming at officers. Officers gave her a chance to calm down, but she continued being loud and started to walk away. The TSA checkpoint was heavily populated, and her behavior was stopping the flow of traffic; therefore, Ms. Lewis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Sandra Peterson jailed after threatening fellow passengers on a plane at Nashville Airport

60-year-old Sandra Peterson was reportedly threatening passengers on a plane at the Nashville International Airport Friday night. Officers were dispatched to gate C15 and observed Peterson standing in the aisle of the airplane as they arrived. Peterson was visibly intoxicated as officers helped her get off the plane and up the jet bridge for further questioning. Peterson told officers that she had two double shots and that her daughter was supposed to be picking her up from the airport. Officers gave Peterson a chance to get picked up, but her phone was dead, and she could not get in contact with anyone. Peterson was placed under arrest for public intoxication and transported to booking.

Laura Kelsey Bartlette — too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

32-year-old Laura Kelsey Bartlette could not find her luggage at the Nashville International Airport Thursday afternoon. Nashville Airport Police Officer Smith approached after being called for an intoxicated individual and found Laura, whose flight was rescheduled to the next day. Police say she reeked of alcohol, and she could not answer their questions about where she lived, her date of birth, or where she was going. Nashville Airport Police Officer Smith took Laura into custody due to her level of intoxication.

Kristen McAloon too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport officers identified 35-year-old Kristen McAloon after being called for her being irate due to being denied boarding her flight. Kristen was not cooperating with JetBlue airline staff when police contacted her. She told police she only had two beers at the airport through slurred speech. Police told her to leave the gate and that she would be escorted by a taxi because she was refunded for the flight for being too intoxicated. She began to yell and cuss, causing police to place her into custody for public intoxication.

Kathleen Reishtein Cooper — too drunk to fly in Nashville; Xanax into the jail

70-year-old Kathleen Cooper was jailed on April 14th after being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight. Police responded and saw Cooper walking unsteadily down the jet bridge to board the flight as well as dropping her bags onto her head while trying to put her luggage into the overhead bins. When police asked her to exit the plane, she refused, so they had all the passengers deboard the plane except for Cooper, who they had to escort off of the aircraft against her will. They could smell alcohol coming from her breath when asking her how much she had to drink. She claimed to have had one cocktail at the restaurant 400 Degrees inside the airport. It was later discovered that Cooper was in possession of 4 and 3 half pills of Xanax without a prescription that she took into booking.

Samuel McNair — too drunk to fly or drive at Nashville International Airport

60-year-old Samuel McNair was jailed on April 8th after being too drunk to board his flight at Nashville International Airport. When police spoke with McNair, they could smell alcohol coming from his breath and noticed his bloodshot eyes. He was unsteady when he walked and told police that his flight was rebooked for the following day. Southwest Airlines denied him boarding because he was causing issues with the staff and people around him. He told police he wanted to catch a cab to his car. Police escorted McNair to ground transportation and asked him if he had ever had a DUI before, to which he initially replied that he didn’t but later said he did have “one” DUI before, but it was 40 years ago. Dispatch notified officers that McNair had two DUIs in his history, with the most recent from last year. After hearing that he wanted to return to his car, the police decided he was a danger to himself and others based on the belief that he would likely drive drunk.

Brian Maza charged with personal marijuana possession by petty Airport Police Officer

22-year-old Brian Maza was charged with simple possession of marijuana by Airport Police after he was observed speeding on airport property, where he also works. During the traffic stop, Airport Police Officer Ahmed Aly said he could smell marijuana, so he conducted a search of Maza’s vehicle. A small amount of personal marijuana was seized, and Maza was issued a state citation. He was booked on that charge this week.

Jordan Robertson passes out in bushes at Nashville Airport due to 3 p.m. drunkenness

37-year-old Jordan Blake Robertson was found slumped over the sidewalk inside the Nashville Airport employee parking lot Sunday at 3 p.m. by Airport police who were conducting routine patrols. Robertson was visibly intoxicated and was told to leave the property. He agreed and walked toward the employee bus stop, about 100 feet away, where he again stopped. He finally made it the final 200 feet to the exit of the lot, where he stated he was from Virginia and was visiting friends. He then made it out of the employee parking lot and passed out in the bushes about 50 feet away. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Carolyn Richard Abell too drunk to fly at Nashville Internation Airport

61-year-old Carolyn Richard Abell was denied boarding her Southwest Airlines flight on February 7 due to her extreme level of intoxication. Airport security became involved at the gate, noting that Abell had urinated on herself. She was asked to leave the airport property via taxi or rideshare, but she refused, asking, “I can’t stay here?” When informed she could not remain on airport property, she stated, “I’m not going anywhere; I’m going home!” She was then placed into custody for public intoxication, despite her resistance.