Cole Steele charged after smashing cinderblock into car, passing out inside as he burglarizes it

Multiple witnesses observed 23-year-old Cole Steele looking into car windows and rummaging through vehicles in the 700 block of 18th Ave S. around 1 a.m. Saturday, where he eventually smashed a cinderblock into a grey Nissan Versa belonging to Zamira Vasquez multiple times, destroying the driver’s side window. He began to rummage through the vehicle and then passed out inside. As medics arrived, he fled the area. Just after 2 a.m., officers received more calls about him in the 800 block of the same street, and he was taken into custody. Steele told officers he only broke into his own vehicle after someone vandalized it, and had no idea about anything else.

Dustin Brown too drunk for Nudie’s Honky Tonk; resists arrest & damages a taser in downtown Nashville

34-year-old Dustin Brown was kicked out of Nudie’s Honkey Tonk on Friday but soon returned to the venue and sat in the open window of the location, where he continued to cause issues with staff. He refused to leave a second time and was physically removed from the property and taken to the ground by security, where he received some facial abrasions, which were treated by medics. Police took him into custody for public intoxication and criminal trespass. While attempting to place him into custody and conduct a search, Brown repeatedly pulled away from officers and refused to get into the transport car. While one officer was holding his feed to place him into the car, Brown kicked his taser and broke the battery portion of the device.

Brighthouse resident Erica Brunner charged in assault of treatment center staff

34-year-old Erica Brunner, a resident of the Brightquest Residential Treatment Facility in Nashville, was being driven to a doctor’s appointment by a staff member when a “miscommunication” occurred, and Brunner refused to get out of the van when they arrived at the location. They returned back to the Brightquest residential facility, where Brunner reportedly attacked a staff member, Hannah Rose, by grabbing her hair, throwing her to the ground, and assaulting her. Rose says Brunner then picked up two coffee mugs and threw them at her and another staff member.

Johnny Hurst charged after threatening to toss girlfriend off bridge, destroying her phone

Jaclyn LaGrow says her boyfriend of five months, 50-year-old Johnny Hurst, stopped his vehicle on the bridge of Old Hickory Blvd over I-65 as they were having an argument and kicked her out of the vehicle, physically pushing her out while yelling and screaming, leaving her stranded on the side of the road. About twenty minutes later, he returned to the location, and she began to gather her things from his vehicle. She says he became aggressive once again and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the edge of the bridge while screaming he would throw her off the bridge. He then snatched her phone and destroyed it. After he fled a second time, a concerned citizen transported her to a safe place to contact the police.

Roderic Gaines Jr pulls handgun from case of orange soda at Hermitage swimming pool in robbery attempt

Metro Nashville Police say 24-year-old Roderic Gaines Jr was at a swimming pool at the Park at Hermitage apartments July 11th when someone accidentally bumped into him. He reportedly got into a verbal argument with that person and their friend, identified as Shemica Sales. The argument continued as Sales gathered her belongings to leave the pool area, at which time Gaines followed Sales to the parking lot where she was loading her things into a vehicle. Gaines then pulled a handgun from a 12-pack box of orange soda, pointed it at her, and stated: “give me everything you got!” placing her in fear. She got into the vehicle and fled the parking lot as he fired a shot into the air.

Courtney Garrett charged in assault of boyfriend at South Nashville motel

Brandon Ashley Dickerson says his girlfriend, 28-year-old Courtney Garrett, threatened to kill him as she struck him in the head at a Wallace Road Motel on June 28th. He says the two were in a verbal argument over “rumors” she had heard about him, which quickly escalated as she began punching him in the face. She then threw his phone, shattering the screen. A warrant was issued for her arrest when police arrived, and she was booked into custody Thursday.

Nelanie Tardy charged with keying the car of her child’s father in dispute over Nashville heat advisory

34-year-old Nelanie Tardy came to the residence of her child’s father on June 15th at 8 p.m. to take the child to a softball game. The father, Stephen Scarborough, told Nelanie via phone that the child wouldn’t be going due to the heat advisory that was in effect for the city. Nelanie reportedly became upset and pounded on the residence’s front door, and she was given notice to leave the property, or the police would be called. She left, but not before she scratched his vehicle with the keys that were in her hand, causing approximately $300 in damage. A warrant for her arrest was issued, charging her with vandalism. She was booked on that outstanding warrant on Thursday afternoon.

Kaydence Armstrong shoots up pawn shop who said she was dressed too provocatively

Police say 18-year-old Kaydence Armstrong entered the Easy Pawn store on Nolensville Pike wearing “provocative clothing” and inquired about pawning a cooler, catching the attention of two employees, Fabiola Perez and Orboll Mendez. The employees told her she was dressed too provocatively and would have to return when dressed more appropriately. She went to her vehicle, retrieved a gun, and fired two shots at each employee through the front windows and doors of the store.

Miracle Gober smashes car windows & punches friend in face with her blood-covered fists

21-year-old Miracle Gober was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from last month, charging her with felony vandalism. Police say that on June 8th, Miracle was hanging out with her friend Jaylon Waters when they decided to visit his friend Marise Stewart, who Gober had never met. As they were all drinking heavily at Stewart’s apartment, Gober and Stewart got into an argument, and Gober was asked to leave her apartment, which she did. A short time later, Gober returned and knocked on the door, to retrieve her cell phone from Waters’ car to call an Uber. As he accompanied her to his car, Gober retrieved her items and then punched out his back window, shattering it with her bare hands, she beat multiple large cracks into the front windshield, and then punched him in the face with her blood-covered fists. Stewart had come outside to see what was taking so long and witnessed some of the assault.

Ruth Beltran charged with ripping up her husband’s passport during an argument

Police responded to Rothwood Ave after Marcos Martinez contacted police to report his wife, 33-year-old Ruth Beltran, took his passport from their vehicle and ripped it up before tossing the remaining pieces into a dumpster. Marcos says the two were in an argument about her cheating on him. She had fled the scene before offices arrived and a warrant for her arrest was issued, charging her with vandalism. She was booked on the charge the following day.