Nossi Adriana Lamb steals hard drives from ex-lover, refuses to return them

In November, 32-year-old Nossi Adriana Lamb arrived at the home of her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Muller, with movers to gather some of her belonging. At some point during the morning, he discovered Nossi and the movers in the basement where he keeps his recording equipment and told them to leave the basement as they had no business down there. After they left, he discovered a printer and external hard drives had been stolen. He provided the police with receipts for the items. A conversation with Nossi’s father revealed she had taken the hard drives, and he claimed they would be returned after her “intellectual property” was removed from the drives. After she never returned the drives, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Jack Carpenter unable to handle his alcohol, found lying on downtown Nashville sidewalk

Metro Nashville Police responded to 3rd & Broadway early Thursday morning, where they found 25-year-old Jack Carpenter lying on the sidewalk in an extreme state of intoxication. Medics also arrived to assist due to his level of intoxication, and Carpenter became verbally aggressive with them, eventually refusing all assistance. He did not have a phone on him and was unable to provide officers with anyone to assist him back to where he was staying or the name of the place he was staying. He was given a place to stay for the evening, the Metro Nashville Jail, where he was charged with public intoxication.

Deja Vu Nashville offers former Police Officer Maegan Hall $10,000 to perform at club

#SCOOP: Deja Vu Showgirls in Nashville is officially extending an offer to former LaVergne, TN, Police  Officer and newly famous Twitter meme queen Maegan Hall to perform at the club’s 34th anniversary party on March 17th, 2023. The landmark club in Music City has put $10,000 in cold hard cash on the table in an attempt to lure the scandalous ex-police officer who has a newfound notoriety for getting fired after having an affair with six of her on-duty colleagues. 

Amany Megali says she bit her child’s arm because he wouldn’t listen to her commands

30-year-old Amany Megali told detectives during an interview that she bit the arm of her six-year-old son, breaking the skin and leaving a substantial injury, because he was “refusing to listen to her commands.” The Department of Children’s Services and Metro Nashville Police became involved when the child’s father took his son to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital after he complained of arm pain and stated his mother bit him.

Shakeim “Wilton” Dunbar snatches wig off girlfriend’s head during argument

20-year-old Shakeim “Wilton” Dunbar admits to snatching the wig off the head of his girlfriend, Robnique Goodner, during an argument on January 14. The two were in a verbal argument when he plucked the postiche from its position. Robnique told police it left a bald spot on her head, and they observed a small amount of dried blood in her ear. She reportedly hit him in self-defense during the hair heist. Dunbar was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Funeral Director Melvin Smith fires warning shot after disagreement over pothole repair work

73-year-old Funeral Home Owner Melvin Smith, of Smith Brothers Funeral Directors on Monroe Street, hired Nalor Smith to repair some potholes in the parking lot of his North Nashville funeral home on January 7. When the job was complete, Smith reportedly broke their verbal agreement on the terms of the work and stated he wasn’t going to pay Nalor for his work. Nalor and his two employees prepared to dig up the work they had already completed since it wasn’t going to be paid for, and Melvin Smith brandished a handgun and first a shot into the air at 3:50 p.m. This placed all of the workers in fear, and they packed their things and waited for the police in the parking lot across the street.

Brandon Howard charged with P80 ghost gun and theft of 2022 Camry

18-year-old Brandon Howard told police, “I would have dusted y’all!” had it not been for the spike strips they deployed to stop him as he fled in a stolen Toyota Camry late Sunday night. He was driving a 2022 white Toyota Camry that was just stolen from Whites Creek Pike and was being tracked by its owner, who was relaying the information to police. With the assistance of AirOne, all three occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody after short foot pursuits. A P80 ‘ghost gun’ with an automatic switch was found within reach of Howard at the time of his arrest… more details inside

California’s Christian Montion-Dominguez drunk and disorderly at the Holiday Inn Express

28-year-old Christian Montiondominguez was at the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway in the early hours of Saturday morning, yelling and screaming at security and front desk staff, who confirmed he was not a guest of the hotel. He made multiple threats against both people and refused to leave the property. As police took him into custody for trespassing, they noted him to be extremely intoxicated.

DUI: Armando Bucio vomiting from vehicle at Broadway intersection at 1 a.m.

27-year-old Armando Bucio was at the intersection of Broadway and 4th at 1:15 a.m. Saturday when officers observed him open his driver’s side door and vomit onto the ground. Officers approached to check on his welfare and immediately observed him to be extremely intoxicated. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated he had one Whisky & Coke and one shot of tequila prior to driving. He would later blow a 0.120% BAC on a breathalyzer.