Zain Sheikh & Kally Dobak indicted on Cocaine conspiracy and sales charges in Nashville

In a newly unsealed indictment, 31-year-old Zain Sheikh & 25-year-old Kally Dobak are charged with selling cocaine together on multiple occasions, including three counts of selling over 26 grams together, all occurring in March and April of 2020. Kally also has an individual count of selling one-half gram of cocaine in March. Sheikh has been taken into custody and is held on a $75,000 bond. A warrant is outstanding for Dobak’s arrest.

A warrant is outstanding for Dobak’s arrest. Before her arrest earlier this week for a domestic violence charge, we were informed Dobak spent several hours preparing for her mugshot to be taken before turning herself in on that warrant, expecting that she would “get famous” from the publicity, and hoped to leverage the exposure for a role on a reality show.

Musician Cassidy Ford charged in felony attack of Musician Ryan Wright in bathroom of home

Metro Nashville Police responded to an East Nashville home at 4 a.m. Friday after Musician Ryan Wright reported she was taking a shower when a woman (later identified as her friend and fellow musician, 26-year-old Cassidy Ford), was suddenly banging on the bathroom door. Ford was holding an orange knife upside-down in a stabbing position and started swinging it downward attempting to stab Wright. The victim received a two-inch laceration to her tricep before pushing Ford away from her and shutting the door.

Ford fled to a neighbor’s house and called 911, stating there was a woman breaking into her home. When police arrived at the home, Cassidy Ford attempted to prevent officers from entering, stating “I had a bad night, no one else is here besides my friend”. Officers entered the residence and found Wright, injured and still sheltering in the bathroom, in a full state of panic. The knife was located in the kitchen. Cassidy Ford was charged with the felony aggravated assault of her friend and was jailed on a $15,000 bond.

Drunk Milwaukee Nurse takes Nashville Police officer to the ground — Julie Elliot arrested

32-year-old Milwaukee Nurse Julie Elliot was causing a scene at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville just after last-call Thursday morning. Police say she was extremely intoxicated and causing a commotion in the lobby. Police confirmed she was not a guest, but had been stumbling on Broadway and concerned citizens walked her to the Hilton lobby. She walked away as police encountered her, reeking of alcohol and barely able to walk. She told officers she was walking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Due to her extreme intoxication and inability to care for herself, officers began to take her into custody for public intoxication. Elliot resisted, pulled away, and attempted to break free. Once cuffed, and as she was being escorted to the patrol car, she wrapped one of her legs around the front of MNPD Officer Blake Lutz’s right leg and then wrapped her other leg around the back of his right leg, causing them both to fall onto the ground, ripping his pants, and injuring his right knew. She continued to grapple as they attempted to place her into a patrol car.

Man snatches weave out of ex-girlfriend’s head, punches her in face — Kedarius Gordon arrested

21-year-old Kedarius Gordon was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday on two outstanding warrants from December, charging him with felony vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His ex-girlfriend, Patriona Jones, says she pulled into an apartment complex at which time he pulled up beside her in his Nissan Altima, grabbed a large wooden stick and put two large dents in her car, and destroyed the side mirror.

He then struck her in the face with the stick as they argued. She says he then began to punch her and pull out her hair. She grabbed some mace to defend herself, however, Gordon overpowered her and sprayed her with her own Mace. Police say only a small piece of her weave was still attached to her head as she flagged them down.

Woman charged in assault & harassment of ex-girlfriend — Stasha Waters arrested

Metro Police say 21-year-old Stasha Waters was arguing with her ex-girlfriend, Johna Foxx, were arguing inside a vehicle when Waters reportedly pushed her hands onto Foxx’s face then punched her in the mouth before grabbing her by the hair and also punching the back of her head. Foxx says Waters then drive up and down her street several times after the fight ended and Facetimed her to show her a handgun, stating “I have something for you”.

Two can’t pay bar tab at Tin Roof on Broadway — David & Jaclyn Villareal arrested

42-year-old David Villareal & 42-year-old Jaclyn Villareal were booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after police say they were called after the two refused to pay a bar tab at the Tin Roof Bar at 316 Broadway in downtown Nashville. David kept repeating he “does not have any credits”, and Jaclyn was also without a way to pay, and they had no means of getting back to the hotel or to request a taxi or ride-share.

Unable to be left in public due to their level of intoxication, they were charged with public intoxication and transported to booking. David was reportedly extremely uncooperative with officers.

West Nashville Wingstop manager pulls gun on customer — Chaka-Khan Miller arrested

Police say 46-year-old West Nashville Wingstop Store Manager Chaka-Khan Miller went outside the store and retrieved a silver pistol from her Dodge Charger a pointed it at an upset customer who had just left the store and was still in the parking lot. She reportedly told the customer she was going to “burn her” while aiming the handgun at her. The argument began because the customer was told she had to use online ordering instead of ordering at the counter. Police retrieved the gun during a search of the manager’s office inside a filing cabinet.

Man charged after sitting outside woman’s work; touching her when she refused him — Victor Abbot

44-year-old Victor Abbott is charged with harassment and assault after a woman says he came into her workplace and caressed her arms on two separate occasions – once after she refused to give him her phone number, and again after she moved aside to avoid his attempts to touch her. She was offended and frightened. He would also sit outside her workplace on at least six separate occasions.

Woman wants to know if ‘racist’ cops can even spell her name after DUI crash— Dre’Daya Holloway

Police responded to a single-car crash just before 3 a.m. and found 21-year-old Dre’Daya Holloway sitting inside her vehicle which she had crashed into a utility pole. Police say she was extremely intoxicated, hysterical, and rambling incoherently. She was belligerent with first responders, accusing police of being racist, and questioned if they could properly spell her name. She repeatedly asked why they had not found the vehicle that hit her, despite there being no other vehicle. She frequently responded to radio traffic on the police radio as if it were meant for her. She eventually admitted to believing she was on the TSU Campus and had just come from a party where she had been drinking Hennessy.