Zumiez employees say Rayburn Hollis kept “getting bigger” as he packed on stolen clothing in dressing room

Employees at Zumiez at Opry Mills Mall say 37-year-old Rayburn Hollis was “acting real nice” to everyone as he browsed the clothing store last July… so much that employees were paying extra attention to him as he entered the dressing room. An employee tells police he “came out much large than he went into the dressing room.” As Hollis attempted to exit the store he was approached by employees and after a lot of “back and forth” he gave up $141 in clothing he had attached to himself in an attempt to steal. Hollis was issued a state citation for theft, for which he never appeared, and he was booked on the outstanding warrant this week.

Star Reedy charged with burglary of 8 ‘right’ shoes from her ex-boyfriend’s home

Johnetta Motley & her son, John Motley, contacted Metro Nashville Police to report that John’s ex-girlfriend, 43-year-old Star Reedy, had come into their home on Arrowhead Drive and taken a television, jewelry, and the ‘right’ shoe from eight pairs of John’s shoes. They believe a maintenance person for the property allowed Reedy inside the residence, despite her not living there nor having permission to enter. A neighbor, Latoya Shack, was able to provide Ring video footage of Reedy arriving in her mother’s two-door coupe. Another neighbor, Jatonna Cowan, also told police she observed Reedy at the location during the burglary.

William Sanders jailed on 12-year-old hot curling iron assault warrant on his wife

54-year-old William Sanders was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail this week on an outstanding warrant from 2010 charging him with aggravated assault with a hot curling iron. Karen Dale Sanders called police in May of 2010 to report her husband, William Sanders, burned her buttocks with a hot curling iron after she was taking a shower to get ready to run some errands. She says he was upset that she was leaving the house. The warrant was signed on May 6th of 2010, and he was served the warrant on June 28th, 2022 — 4,437 days later.

Charles England charged with assault of ‘Nurse’ at Metro General Hospital

Darlene Elizabeth Hopkins told police she had been assaulted by a patient on June 28th. Officers arrived and she explained she explained she was providing care to 29-year-old Charles England at Metro General Hospital when he kept “sliding down the bed to avoid her and slid all the way to the floor.” She says while she was attempting to get him back into the bed he swung his arms wildly and slapped her. She says she was also kicked by England. Though he was charged with “assault on a nurse”, Scoop: Nashville discovered Hopkins was not a nurse, but a CNA, and her license to practice expired in March of 2021 according to the state licensing board.

Musician Rob Zahn charged in assault of wife, who took his keys to prevent a DUI

Ira Zahn says her husband, 32-year-old Robert Zahn, was obviously drunk when he arrived at their shared Bellevue residence Tuesday night. She tells police she hid his car keys to prevent him from driving while intoxicated, which angered Robert. A verbal argument turned physical when she says he used his hands to push her by the neck, causing redness and scratches to her neck, which was documented by police.

Elias Garrito Garcia rips off clothes & punches trees on wobbly walk in Donelson

21-year-old Elias Garrito Garcia was found by Metro Nashville Police Officers in the early hours of Monday morning as he walked down Ridgeway Drive in Donelson ripping off his clothes and punching trees. He eventually made it back to the driveway of his residence where he argued with a roommate. Officers arrived to find a trail of his clothing in the street and in a neighbor’s yard. Officers attempted to have his roommates escort him back inside so he could avoid arrest, however, they refused. As he became more aggressive with officers he was placed into custody.

Tandrea James one of many jailed in Broadway Brawl in downtown Nashville Sunday morning

Just before 1 a.m. Sunday, Metro Nashville Police Officers were attempting to break up a large brawl on Broadway just outside of Nudie’s Honky Tonk. They encountered 33-year-old Tandrea James among the brawlers. She initially attempted to walk away while stating she didn’t know why she had to stop or stay or even why everyone was fighting. She then claimed two other females had jumped her, however, one of the other women claims Tandrea James was the person who threw the first punch at her niece.

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