Tourist Jamie Brinkman assaults husband at Nashville AirBNB after a night on Broadway

25-year-old Nebraska tourist Jamie Marie Brinkman slapped her husband, Jorge Hernandez, in the face and about his body, leaving him with a cut on his arm and a red, swollen face from the assault. The victim’s shirt was also torn around the collar. The argument happened at their AirBNB on Monroe Street after they returned from Broadway early Friday morning. The argument started when her husband reportedly threatened to take their child away from her. Brinkman was charged with domestic assault.

Wilson Franklin bares his cheeks, sets clothes on fire, while self-pleasuring in hotel lobby

33-year-old Wilson M. Franklin was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct on December 27th. According to police, Wilson started tearing his clothes off in the lobby of the Comfort Suites on Rivergate Parkway and set them on fire. Amanda Beaty, an employee working the front desk that early morning, told police he “turned his back to the front desk exposing his buttocks, and his right hand was moving rapidly in his pants.” Police reviewed security footage and witnessed the fiery self-pleasure session.

Joseph Conley floated naked in rooftop hottub while police onlooked & awaited his departure

28-year-old Joseph Daniel Conley was charged with public indecency and criminal trespass in the early morning hours of December 26th. Police say Conley was found naked in a rooftop hot tub by the security staff of The Placemakr Premier SoBro apartment complex on Demonbreun St. Police asked him to leave the hot tub. Still, he continued to float naked while they awaited his departure from the water. After police threatened to forcibly remove him from the tub, Conley eventually exited the tub and got dressed for his ride to booking.

Parson James (Ashton Parson) charged in 2nd DUI crash this year

31-year-old Sony Music recording artist Ashton Latadre Parson was charged with a DUI in January after crashing into a dumpster behind Checkers in East Nashville. A month later, his attorney, Nick McGregor, got his charges reduced to reckless endangerment, and Parson, who goes by the stage name of ‘Parson James’, received a suspended and probated sentence of 11 months and 29 days. Overnight, Parson was arrested for yet another DUI after he crashed at 17th & Edgehill. He admitted to consuming two glasses of wine and refused a blood test because of taking “medicinal things,” which he later clarified was marijuana. A warrant was obtained for his blood, and a draw was completed before he was transported to booking.

James Winchester assaults two women & bites a man during Titans vs. Cowboys game at Nissan Stadium

52-year-old James Winchester was jailed during Thursday night’s Tennessee Titans game at Nissan Stadium after punching multiple people in section 310 during the game. As two women attempted to stop him from fighting, he punched them both and bit a man’s arm who was also attempting to intervene. It wasn’t clear if his tears were from the final score or a result of his arrest.

DUI: Laura Cavaliere crashes car, asks police if they have guns to shoot her during drunken disaster

41-year-old Laura Cavaliere was charged with a DUI early Thursday morning after she crashed a vehicle on I-24 and fled to I-65. Police report she was crying and claimed to have trouble with her tire – she did not realize she had been driving on the rim or that the fender trim was scraped off. After noticing an apparent odor of alcohol on her breath, police conducted field sobriety tests, which she performed poorly on at every point, even becoming erratic and defiant, screaming at officers, “I just want to die!” and asking the officers if they had guns to shoot her after they informed her she was being taken into custody. She went on to tell the officers she was an architect, worked for Metro, and was a teacher at TSU. Cavaliere proceeded to verbally abuse the officers and urinate in the squad car on the way to booking.

Kevin Morris charged in assault of boyfriend, Joel Baker, after a house party

40-year-old Kevin Morris was charged with domestic assault on December 27th after he reportedly assaulted his ex-boyfriend, Joel Baker. Morris showed up at Baker’s apartment and grabbed him by the shirt, pulled him upward, and assaulted him. Officers say documented fresh scratches on the victim’s face, chest, and arms, along with a torn shirt. Kevin was intercepted by police as he was leaving the scene and taken into custody without incident.

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