DUI: Tackerette Bigbee hits car at Rest Haven Motel after drinking 3 beers on his birthday

51-year-old Tackerette Bigbee was involved in a car accident at the Rest Haven Motel parking lot on the night of his birthday. Early on April 28th, Officers arrived and observed Bigbee sitting in a tan Chevy Tahoe with the engine running. Officers explained to Bigbee that he had hit another vehicle, but he stated that he hadn’t hit the vehicle. Damage was apparent on both cars present. However, Bigbee noted that he already had damage done to his car. Bigbee exited his truck after being instructed to do so but demonstrated clear signs of intoxication. Officers asked Bigbee if he had anything to drink, and he admitted that he had consumed three beers, leading to sobriety tests. Bigbee consented to the sobriety tests but performed poorly. Tackerette Bigbee was then taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

Josue Uribe jumps on top of cab after drinking on Broadway, says his friend told him to do it

24-year-old Josue Uribe was seen jumping on top of a cab in the middle of the street on Broadway on April 28th. Uribe was observed yelling and dancing on the top of the cab. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Uribe, who stated that his friend told him to do it. Uribe admitted he had 2 to 3 drinks before jumping on the cab. According to law enforcement, Josue Uribe was a danger to himself, so he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Figueroa Serrano resists arrest after brawl at Whiskey Row on Broadway

21-year-old Figueroa Gabriela Serrano was one out of a group of individuals who were fighting inside Whiskey Row around 12:06 a.m. on April 28th. Staff from Whiskey Row flagged officers down, advising them of the altercation. Officers then arrived and observed several people scuffling in front of the establishment. When the police started breaking up the large group, they struggled with two of them, one being Serrano, who ran away from the scene. While escorting one of the involved individuals, he pointed out Serrano as the person he was fighting with. Officers went to detain Serrano, and he became resistive, even after numerous instructions to “Stop resisting,” causing them to take him to the ground to arrest him safely. Serrano was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

DUI: Jared Horton speeds down I-40 East at 81 mph after tasting several whiskeys at Burger & Grain

28-year-old Jared Cory Horton was speeding on I-40 East near Mile Marker 209.8 late April 27th. State Trooper Hearn observed him going 81 mph in a 55-mph zone, activated his emergency equipment, and conducted a traffic stop at Mile Marker 210.2. When asked why he was speeding, Horton told him he was heading home from work. Hearn noticed Horton reeked of alcohol as he provided him with his driver’s credentials. This prompted Hearn to ask if he had anything to drink, which Horton ignored and continued explaining why he was speeding. Horton stated that he did not consume any alcohol or have any in the vehicle. Trooper Hearn instructed Horton to exit his car, and while doing so he showed signs of impairment. Hearn then asked Horton to take sobriety tests, which he consented to and performed poorly. After performing poorly on sobriety tests, Horton admitted to tasting several whiskeys throughout his shift as a bartender at Burger & Grains, adding that he had not drunk anything within the last two hours. He was informed of implied consent and refused to provide a chemical sample. Horton was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

Daniel Centeno-Lagos caught with Meth after leaving “Romantic Notes” on cars at Walmart

22-year-old Daniel Arturo Centeno-Lagos refused to move his vehicle and left “romantic notes” on other cars at the Charlotte Pike Walmart Supercenter on the afternoon of April 26th. When officers arrived, they located him, and he gave them his passport. Officers then discovered he had an outstanding warrant. After Centeno-Lagos was detained, officers searched him and found a glass pipe with three small baggies, two with white residue and one with a granulate-like substance. Under Miranda, he admitted to the substance being Meth. Centeno-Lagos was taken into custody for simple possession, no driver’s license, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Paulina Slawinska drives into baby-daddy, throws child during altercation

40-year-old Paulina Slawinska had a domestic incident with the father of her child, Tomar Minuskin, at the Old Hickory Boulevard Target on April 14th. On April 22nd, Minuskin reported the occurrence to Family & Children Services (FCS). When officers arrived at Target on April 14th, they spoke with Minuskin while additional deputies met Slawinska near Ascension Saint Thomas Medical on Old Hickory Boulevard. They were told that Minuskin and Slawinska previously dated, shared a child, and had no parenting plan, only a document drafted by an attorney outlining custody exchanges. Minuskin stated he and Slawinska were meeting at Target to exchange their son. He said he picked him up and, while placing him in his vehicle, refused to speak to Slawinska, which his attorney advised him to do. Minuskin stated this made Slawinska angry, and she told him that she would take their child back if he did not talk to her.

Slawinska grabbed their son from the backseat and tried to put him in her car, during which she threw him on the pavement while in his car seat. NFD later arrived and confirmed that the child was unharmed. Then, Minuskin said she pushed him twice with her cell phone in her hand, prompting him to step back. Minuskin then raised his hands because he felt he had been assaulted due to her shoving him hard. Then, Slawinska entered her vehicle and tried to drive away, but Minuskin stood in front of it, blocking her from leaving. Slawinska responded by driving into him slowly several times until he moved out of the way. Slawinska then went to Saint Thomas Medical and called 911, but officers determined that Minuskin did not commit an assault. Slawinska was deemed the primary aggressor, and a warrant was obtained for her arrest. Slawinska was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 28th.

Shanti-Nigue Goree threatens to shoot TN DHS employee, tells her she would “Blow her up”

33-year-old Shanti-Nigue Marie Goree caused a disturbance at the Tennessee Department-Human Services Davidson County Office on French Landing in the early morning of April 26th. When officers arrived, they noticed a Facility Protection Officer had detained Goree. An employee advised them that Goree was swearing and raising her voice in the public building. Goree was then told to calm down, which she refused. Then, she made a threat to shoot Angela Broady, an employee, and walked toward her in a threatening manner, prompting the officer to handcuff her. After Goree was detained, she continued to make threats and be disruptive. Officers witnessed Goree tell Broady she would “blow her up,” which caused her to fear for her safety. Goree was then taken into custody for assault and disorderly conduct.

Monalisa Dumbujena threatens man over text, tells him “Number your days”

27-year-old Monalisa Dumbujena was taken into custody for harassment on April 26th. On April 13th, Clement Antwi called the police to his Megan Ann Court residence, where he told them he had engaged in an intimate relationship with Dumbujena in October 2023. He said since the relationship ended, she has called him numerous times. Then, Antwi showed officers a text she had sent him on April 12th, saying, “Number your days, Clement. Make sure to call the police,” causing him to fear for his safety. Officers then obtained a warrant for her arrest.

Nya Nelson breaks her ex-roommate’s fingers during confrontation over eviction

24-year-old Nya Nelson was taken into custody for aggravated assault on April 26th. On April 24th, at around 10:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to a Claiborne Street residence, where they spoke with Kyndrea Olawumi, who advised them that, on April 23rd, around 11:00 p.m., she encountered one of her ex-roommates, Nelson, outside of her home while she was heading to her uncle’s house. Olawumi said Nelson confronted her about having her evicted from the residence in January and blamed Olawumi for having her child taken by the Department of Child Services shortly after. Olawumi said Nelson followed her to her uncle’s residence, where the confrontation continued. Olawumi’s uncle attempted to de-escalate the argument, during which Nelson tried to punch him, one of Olawumi’s cousins, and Olawumi. Nelson then began attacking and striking Olawumi in the face repeatedly. Olawumi said she acted in self-defense and punched Nelson back. During their altercation, Olawumi stated that several of her fingernails were removed and that Nelson had broken her left pinky and ring finger. Olawumi said her uncle pulled Nelson off her and convinced her to leave the premises. Olawumi was transported to St. Thomas Midtown Emergency Room for X-rays and had a cast placed on her left arm. She advised officers that she would like to pursue prosecution and getting an order of protection on her own time. However, due to the visible injuries Olawumi sustained, officers were obligated to prosecute on her behalf. A warrant was then issued for Nelson’s arrest.

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