Musician Houston Wilson destroys apartment, says he was angry that roommate didn’t care about him

26-year-old Musician Houston Wilson was caught vandalizing his roommate Aima Lee’s bedroom at The Villages at Stonewood apartments on May 28th. When officers arrived, they made contact with Wilson and Lee, who were still at the residence. Lee told officers that Wilson had been drinking all day excessively, so she and him got into an argument. During the argument, Lee left to bring a friend back to the apartment. The entire apartment, including her bedroom, was destroyed when she returned. Her bed was overturned, shelves knocked down, and all her belongings were on the ground. Officers later spoke with Wilson, who was in the process of leaving the apartment. He stated that he was mad because Lee didn’t care about him, so he started taking his anger out on the furniture in the apartment. Houston Wilson was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Bryan Pavon threatens roommate with knife over shoes, tells police he was only cutting fruit

24-year-old Bryan Pavon was involved in an altercation with his roommate, Kevin Sanders, at their Ashton at Harding apartment on May 28th. Officers arrived and made contact with Pavon, Sanders, and witnesses of the incident. Sanders told officers he was moving out and returned to the apartment to retrieve the rest of his belongings, which included a bed. Before going inside, Sanders told his mother and her friend that they could wait outside. Once he was inside, he was confronted by Pavon. While holding a knife and walking towards him, Pavon told Sanders that he wasn’t going to take his bed until he gave him his shoes back. The mother’s friend came inside at that moment and yelled that Pavon had a knife. Sanders’ mother then came inside and confronted Pavon about the knife. Pavon then put the knife down. When officers spoke with Pavon, he stated that he was only cutting fruit when Sanders entered the room. Based on the witness’ statements, Bryan Pavon was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

William Tiner kicks & punches the inside of girlfriend’s car during argument in 2022

25-year-old William Tiner was involved in a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Julia Paris, at the Shell gas station on Old Hickory Boulevard on March 5th, 2022. When officers arrived, they spoke with Paris, who told them that Tiner damaged her vehicle. Paris stated that she and Tiner were in her car arguing at around 6 a.m. During the argument, Tiner kicked and punched the inside of Paris’s car, causing damage to the windshield, rearview mirror, and dashboard. Officers found no witnesses to the incident, but Paris informed them that she and Tiner were inside a parking garage on 4th Street, so there could be possible surveillance footage. William Tiner was taken into custody and charged with vandalism on May 28th, 2024.

Mark Hovanec drunkenly walks through Commerce Street parking garage

50-year-old Mark John Hovanec was taken into custody for public intoxication and criminal trespass on May 27th. At around 3:59 a.m., officers received complaints regarding a person with a firearm, later identified as Hovanec, at the Commerce Street parking garage. Upon arrival, they initially did not locate him. Then, dispatch alerted officers of another call, stating a white male wearing a gray long-sleeve shirt and jeans was in the garage, threatening to shoot people. In addition, another caller stated that he was looking through vehicles with a flashlight. Officers located Hovanec, matching the description they were provided, lying down on the stairs of the parking garage. Hovanec reeked of alcohol and showed signs of intoxication. Officers detained him and performed a search on his person. Officers found a flashlight on him but did not find a firearm. Hovanec told officers that he passed through the garage but did not threaten anyone. He was then jailed for the occurrence.

Kenier Membreno found passed out drunk in his Honda Civic after having 3 beers

23-year-old Kenier Membreno was found passed out in his vehicle at a Media Street residence around 11 p.m. on May 26th. When officers arrived, they observed him sleeping in his Honda Civic with the keys in the driver’s seat. Membreno reeked of alcohol and had an open container on the passenger floorboard. While trying to obtain his information, he appeared disoriented as he provided officers with an identification card. Membreno consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, disregarded instructions, and, after being informed of implied consent, declined to give a chemical sample. He later admitted to having three beers. Membreno was taken into custody for driving under the influence, driving without a valid driver’s license, and an implied consent violation on May 27th.

Malik Rattanavong destroys girlfriend’s property, tells her “If you come back, you will have two swollen eyes”

22-year-old Malik Rattanavong was seen vandalizing his girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez’s, property at their Murfreesboro Pike apartment residence on May 26th. When officers arrived on the scene a few apartments over, they spoke with Lopez. Lopez stated that she and Rattanavong had verbally argued. After this argument, she left the scene and returned to drop off baby formula for their child. As she left the second time, Rattanavong texted her, stating that he had broken all of her stuff. Rattanavong also told Lopez, “If you come back, you will have two swollen eyes,” causing her to fear for her safety. Officers then arrived at the scene at their apartment in which Rattanavong admitted to sending the text messages stating that he was “protecting his peace.” Officers observed a bag containing several of Lopez’s items inside a trash can. Rattanavong stated he had purchased the items in previous relationships under Miranda. Rattanavong was taken into custody for Harassment and Vandalism.

Tyrell Harrison steals cleaning company’s keys after quitting, tries to make owner pay for them

26-year-old Tyrell Harrison stopped working for Natalie Richardson’s cleaning service and failed to return the company’s belongings on February 22nd. On March 8th, Richardson told officers that Harrison refused to return the company keys unless she paid him money. She added that she had given him multiple opportunities to return them and advised him she would pursue legal action if he did not. Afterward, Richardson said Harrison repeatedly tried to negotiate the return of the keys on his terms. A warrant was issued for his arrest that day. Harrison was later taken into custody for theft on May 26th.

Parrian Clark shoves girlfriend off bed, steps on her head during altercation

29-year-old Parrian Clark was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Iliana Arriaza, at their North 5th Street residence on May 26th. Arriaza contacted law enforcement and told them that she was assaulted by her husband, Clark. She stated that Clark was upset with her because he thought she was being loud while he was trying to sleep. According to Arriaza, Clark pulled her headphones off her head and shoved her off the bed. Clark then put his foot on her head and pressed it against the floor. When officers spoke with Clark, he denied ever assaulting Arriaza. He went on to say that when he pulled off Arriaza’s headphones and asked her to be quiet. Clarks said she then started screaming at him and got in his face. Clark admitted that he did push Arriaza away from him but that she threw herself off the bed and started screaming. Shortly after this, Clark’s mother came inside the bedroom. Arriaza told her mother that Clark pushed her and stepped on her head. Law enforcement deemed Parrian Clark the primary aggressor due to the visible injuries on Arriaza’s body, so he was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Henry Chirino kidnaps man, shaves his head & holds him against his will at gunpoint

33-year-old Henry Alexander Chirino stole Daniel Ramirez-Martinez’s blue 2007 Toyota Celica around 12:30 a.m. on June 5th, 2023. Ramirez-Martinez told officers that he stopped at the Rural Hill Road and Hickory Hollow Place stop sign while he was near Global Mall. Ramirez-Martinez stated a dark-skinned male with minimal facial hair, wearing a dark sweater and a black hat, later identified as Chirino, ordered him out of his vehicle. Chirino then hit Ramirez-Martinez in the back of the head with a handgun before getting into the Celica and driving off. Ramirez-Martinez said he went unconscious for a moment, woke up to blood coming from his shirt, and walked home. Officers arrived to speak with Ramirez-Martinez at around 4:48 a.m. Earlier that night, officers received a separate call for service regarding Chirino being shot at 4:27 a.m., where they spoke with Chirino. Officers found him on the ground with a silver .38 revolver after having been shot next to Ramirez-Martinez’s Toyota. During an audio recording, Chirino denied being involved in any robberies or vehicle thefts and could not provide any information on who shot him. After an investigation, a warrant was issued for Chirino’s arrest on February 29th, 2024.

On October 26th, 2022, Chirino and Christian Flores invited Fidel Iturbide to a Scobey Drive residence, where they held him against his will for about a day. During the ordeal, they pointed guns at him and threatened to kill him as well as his family. They also shaved his head and beat him. Iturbide was treated for his injuries at Vanderbilt Hospital. Another warrant was issued for his arrest on May 3rd, 2024.

Chirino was taken into custody for carjacking and aggravated kidnapping on May 26th, 2024.

Stacy Eddings violates order of protection by going to grandma’s house

22-year-old Stacy Eddings was caught violating the order of protection set by her grandmother, Evelyn Eddings, at her Ellington Place residence on May 25th. When officers arrived, they observed that Stacy was at the residence, which was a violation. Officers confirmed that Stacy received notice of the Order of Protection on June 26th, 2023 and that it expires on June 26th, 2024. Stacy Eddings was taken into custody and charged with an order of protection violation.

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