Ebikebina Seifegha robs his attorney, prevents call to 911

44-year-old Ebikebina Elvis Seifegha was jailed on April 8th on an outstanding warrant from April 2020 when he went to his attorney’s office to pay a portion of legal fees, and things didn’t go as planned. John Iwu is an immigration attorney and told police that Seiegha dropped off $300. However, as John placed the money in his pocket, he informed Seifegha that the money would go towards fees he alleges he had never agreed to. During this conversation, Seifegha became enraged and started fighting and pushing the attorney to get the money back. During the fight, Seifegha got the money back from John’s pocket and kept him from entering his office to call the police. He left shortly after, but the attorney provided police with his personal information, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Esvin Sanchez-Godinez stabs roommate with knife during argument

20-year-old Esvin Sanchez-Godinez was jailed on April 18th after allegedly stabbing his roommate during a fight at their home on Buckingham Court. Wanfer Mendez- Perez was transported to Tri-Star medical center, where he told police that Esvin stabbed him in his side with a knife during a fight at their home. Police responded to the house and found Esvin lying in bed with blood on his hands and a cut on the palm of his right hand. Officers saw a bloody shirt beside him and a broken knife in the kitchen. Wanfer told police that Esvin smashed his phone into the ground during the fight, destroying it completely. Esvin made statements during the investigation that were inconsistent with the incident and requested an attorney when read his Miranda rights.

Aaron Scarlett attacks ex-boyfriend with metal candle holder

22-year-old Aaron Scarlett was jailed after hitting his ex-boyfriend in the head with a candle holder during an argument on Plus Park Boulevard. Police spoke with Trey Garriques, who said that Scarlett came to his apartment to pick some things up. When he arrived, they started to argue, and Scarlett started to hit him. He then picked up a metal candle holder and hit Garriques over the head and arms several times; Police could see Garriques bleeding from a cut on his head while he was giving his statement. He also had several minor cuts on his left arm and neck.

Garriques told police that Scarlett lived in the same apartment complex. When police found him, he admitted to arguing with Garriques and hitting him over the head with a candle holder. Officers then spoke with a witness who is Garriques’ roommate, and he stated that he heard Garriques call for help from the living room and he saw Scarlett holding something that looked like a knife while Garriques was bleeding heavily from his head. Scarlett fled once he saw the blood. The officers found blood, broken glass, and the broken metal candle holder as evidence.

Leslie Rodgers charged with DUI after flipping car on I-40

57-year-old Leslie Rodgers was booked this week on a citation after he hit the median on I-40 and flipped his car on April 4. When police responded to the crash, they saw a half-empty plastic container of Vodka on the roof of the vehicle that was placed there by the fire department. Rodgers was transported to Vanderbilt before officers could conduct a DUI investigation. Police spoke with Rogers at the hospital, where he said he didn’t know how the crash happened, but he openly admitted to having three shots of Vodka a few hours before the crash. Rogers was not asked to perform sobriety tests because medical staff had recently administered fentanyl. However, based on his admission of drinking and the container of vodka, he was charged with DUI.

Street Car enthusiast Ilir Krasniqi charged with reckless driving on Murfreesboro Pike

While working the Street Racing Initiative on April 1, Metro Nashville Police observed 19-year-old Ilir Krasniqi on Murfreesboro Pike traveling at 83 mph in a 45 mph zone — still a long way from the car’s top speed of 143 mph. There was late rush-hour traffic, and Krasniqi was driving his 2017 Lexus IS 300 recklessly and without regard for other motorists. He was booked this week on a citation charging him with reckless driving.

DUI: Chase Pettingill jailed after crashing into police car at 2 a.m.

29-year-old Chase Alexander Pettingill faces multiple charges after police say he drove into the rear of a Metro Nashville Police car with an officer inside. Officers were conducting an unrelated traffic stop on W Trinity Lane at 2 a.m. Friday when Pettingill approached them while drifting between lanes. He ultimately failed to maintain control of his vehicle and crashed into the rear of a patrol car. Officers say Pettingill was confused, did not understand verbal commands, and smelled of alcohol. A vape pen with THC oil was also removed from his pocket. He refused all sobriety testing and requested a lawyer. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Megan Arnold hyperventilates on the way to jail after DUI crash

37-year-old Megan Arnold was involved in a three-vehicle crash Thursday, and responding officers say she was visibly intoxicated. She reeked of alcohol, had slurred speech, and was unsteady on her feet, according to a police report. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and officers located a tumbler that smelled of alcohol in her center console. As she was being transported to jail, she began to hyperventilate and was taken to Metro General to be clear, where she also consented to a blood draw.

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