Man throws shoe on Broadway after drinking at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row— Brian Best

Metro Police say 26-year-old Brian Best tossed his friend’s shoe into a crowd of people walking on Broadway in downtown Nashville after he had been drinking at Honky Tonk Central. He initially came to the attention of police after fighting with another person over an Uber ride, but the other person left the area when police arrived. Brian continued to shout and curse at police, and refused attempts to calm the situation. His girlfriend, Amberly Comeau confirmed he was intoxicated to police.

Darius Woods charged with “harassment” of stepfather while protecting siblings

25-year-old Darius Woods was booked this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with harassment of his stepfather, Cedric Johnson, in 2020. The stepfather says Darius sent him a text message stating “I’m aware of how my little brother and sister are being treated by you and your wife. This is not a threat but a promise that the next time I hear they have been mentally, emotionally, or physically abused then I’ll be the one to save them. This is not up for discussion, it’s simply a message that I hope you read carefully and understand”. Cedric Johnson states he was placed in fear of being harmed.

20-year-old Canadian arrested while drinking at Jason Aldean’s Bar — John Abbott Matthew

Metro Nashville Police say 20-year-old John Abbott Matthew was drinking alcohol at Jason Aldean’s Bar in downtown Nashville and was “heavily intoxicated”. He was unable to walk or stand without help and refused to leave when asked to do so by bar staff. He had become a “nuisance” according to police, and when they checked his identification, realized he was only 20 years of age.

Man charged in assault of ex-girlfriend, vandalism of her car — Jason Ferguson

37-year-old Jason Ferguson, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday on multiple outstanding felony warrants from January. Police say he entered the Nashville home of his ex-girlfriend, Alarecia James, unannounced and without permission, walked to her back bedroom, and knocked on the door. When she opened the door, he reportedly grabbed her by the throat with one hand, squeezed her throat, and slapped her face with his other hand, leaving visible injuries. Ferguson then exited the home and smashed the front and rear windows of her vehicle by jumping up and down on them.

DUI: Musician Judson McKinney arrested after driving wrong way on 2nd Ave downtown

Police say 37-year-old Judson McKinney was driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street in downtown Nashville this weekend when he came up onto the sidewalk and collided with barricades. He kept telling police “I’m just a musician coming back from a gig” as he attempted to stand on 2nd Avenue. While he was insistent he had only consumed “one drink”, his pupils were largely dilated and non-reactive to light. He failed every attempt at a field sobriety test and refused to speak with officers further. He declined requests for his blood, however, officers obtained a warrant and transported him to Nashville General Hospital prior to being jailed.

Tourist too turnt for Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville — Ashley Stengel

24-year-old Ashley Stengel was taken into custody after Metro Nashville Police responded to a fight call at Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville just before 3 a.m. Sunday. The located Stengel yelling having fights with multiple people at the venue. She refused to stop and would not comply with commands, pulling away from officers and being disorderly. Police say she was “highly intoxicated”.

Florida man charged with burglary of hot sauce from Nashville taco restaurant— Bryan Noll

Nashville Police say 25-year-old Bryan Noll, from Florida, kicked in the door of Baja Sexto Taco in downtown Nashville, made entry into the closed business just after midnight, and stole a small bottle of hot sauce. He was located nearby when police arrived and taken into custody. The hot sauce was turned into the evidence room. Boll is charged with felony burglary and is free on pre-trial release.

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