Tourist Josh Petti punches citizen on Broadway in downtown Nashville in front of police officer

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Thursday night on Broadway observed 29-year-old Joshua Aaron Petti punch another person in the face on the sidewalk in front of Luck Bastard Saloon just before 11 p.m. Officer Coleman attempted to take Petti into custody but was met with resistance as he pulled away. Officers eventually took Petti to the ground to gain control of him, and continued to struggle until he was transported to booking.

Kaitlyn Djakov jailed after dancing in the streets & fleeing from cops in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 36-year-old tourist Kaitlyn Djakov was dancing in the street at 4th & Broadway just before midnight Thursday. She remained in a lane of traffic when the light turned green for traffic, and an officer pointed for her to move about on her way, making eye contact. He eventually then approached her for her own safety, believing her to be intoxicated, at which time she fled from him and ran inside Honky Tonk Central, according to an arrest report. When he caught up with her and told her she was under arrest for public intoxication, she pulled, twisted, and used her body in an attempt to avoid arrest. She was transported to booking.

Roleen Green jailed after throwing water on Nashville Police Officer

MNPD Motorcycle Officer Charles Large was traveling near 3rd Ave. & Commerce in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Friday morning when he observed a group of people in the crosswalk. As he allowed the group to pass, 35-year-old Roleen Green stopped in the crosswalk, looked at him, and slung water from a water bottle toward the officer, wetting his motorcycle along with the right side of his face. He parked his motorcycle and attempted to make contact with Green, who was unsteady on her feet and reeked of alcohol. As he attempted to detain her, she pulled away with only one hand cuffed. Large eventually pushed her up against his motorcycle to complete the arrest and regain control.

Bevelyn Williams & At The Well Ministries crew arrested at Planned Parenthood in Nashville

Three protestors were taken into custody at Nashville’s Planned Parenthood location Thursday during a protest. 41-year-old Edmee Chavannes demanded to be let inside the private building so she could “preach the gospel to the staff!” She told officers she planned on telling the staff they were murderers and preaching to them. 31-year-old Bevelyn Williams was beating on the door, yelling to be let inside. 33-year-old Rickey Nelson Williams, who was armed with a 9mm pistol, told police there were people inside murdering babies and refused to leave. He explained his group had been at the Mt. Juliet location earlier and were escorted away from that property before arriving here.

Chelsea Hardy charged in East Nashville DUI after “two margaritas”

Metro Nashville Police responded to a motor vehicle crash near Gallatin Pike & Carolyn Ave, where they found 32-year-old Chelsea Hardy behind the wheel of one of the involved vehicles. She stated she had no idea how the crash occurred and had constricted pupils and the odor of urine on her clothes. Field sobriety tests had to be terminated due to her level of intoxication. Hardy admitted to drinking “two margaritas” and taking an Ambien “last night.”

David Bishop charged with spitting on Metro Animal Control Officer who served him citation

65-year-old David Bishop is charged with spitting on a Metro Nashville Animal Control Officer. He self-booked on the assault citation on July 25. The incident, which occurred on June 28th, happened when Animal Control Officer Chelsea House was serving a citation on Bishop for a vicious animal. He refused the citation, and when she left it on the bottom step of his home, he reportedly picked up the citation paperwork and spit directly on her.

Justin Hunter booked on citation for 113 mph/reckless driving on a motorcycle on I-65

27-year-old Justin Tyler Hunter was booked on a citation this week charging him with reckless driving on a motorcycle on I-65 near Rivergate Parkway. The officer reports clocking Hunter at 113 mph in a 70 mph zone as he attempted to pass other motorcycles and weaved through traffic. He was eventually stopped and issued a state citation. After self-booking on July 25th, he was given a court date to appear in September.

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