Shawn Hatch charged with assault of another man

25-year-old Shawn Hatch was booked this week on an outstanding citation charging him with an assault on Valentine’s Day. Officers responded to a Sweden Drive address, where the victim provided a video that showed Hatch approaching the victim while the victim backed away. Hatch then began to hit and punch the victim. He was issued a citation charging him with assault.

Tationia Harris jailed after beating up strangers who she thought were looking at her

27-year-old Tationia Harris was being dragged into a vehicle near 5th Ave South in downtown Nashville on May 27, causing nearby officers to take notice and respond to the car immediately. Her boyfriend, who was the driver of the vehicle, explained to police she was trying to start fights with random people on the street, and he was trying to get her safely home, despite her intoxicated state. Officers interviewed nearby citizens who reported that Harris randomly attacked them as they walked by. She was yelling, “What are you looking at?” to anyone who passed by before attempting to take them to the ground. She continued this in the presence of police. She told police she didn’t like the way people were looking at her so she was beating them up. It was immediately obvious why her boyfriend dragged her into the vehicle, and officers took her into custody. During her arrest, she punched an officer in the face and then went limp, demanding they carry her to the vehicle.

VIDEO: Street Racer Jacob Derryberry jailed after shining laser light at police helicopter

21-year-old Jacob Derryberry was part of a large group of street racers in a parking lot on Corporate Way in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police had a helicopter in the area documenting the cars and crowd. Derryberry reportedly shined a laser beam, which was attached to a BB gun, at the occupants of the police helicopter. Derryberry then fled Corporate Drive and drove to Thorntons on Old Hickory Blvd, where pilots were able to direct ground officers to the vehicle. Video from the helicopter shows Derryberry moving from the driver’s seat into the passenger’s seat as offices arrived. Derryberry was also in possession of marijuana and had minor passengers in the vehicle.

Collin Russell attempts to flirt with Vanderbilt officer, throws water bottle and flees

18-year-old Collin Russell was reportedly driving recklessly on the roof level of a Vanderbilt parking garage on May 26. When a campus officer arrived to investigate, Officer Kylie Burr says Russell pulled up beside her and asked how much she made and if she enjoyed her job. He then drives away quickly and nearly hits a wall. As she goes to advise them to slow down, Russell threw a bottle of water at her and sped away. Nearby officers responded and located Russell and a passenger in an older model Cadillac near the garage entrance. Russell admitted to throwing the bottle at the officer.

Bryan Essex shoves girlfriend to the ground; hides from police in bushes

32-year-old Bryan Essex was with his girlfriend at Losers Bar on Division Street on May 27 in Nashville. As they left for the evening, Bryan reportedly got into an argument with an unknown man on the sidewalk outside the bar. His girlfriend attempted to de-escalate the situation and intervene, but Bryan reportedly shoved her to the ground, where she landed on her back. When she got up and attempted to calm him down a second time, he grabbed her by the neck and threatened to fight everyone who was watching. As people began to call 911, Bryan hid in some nearby brush on the ground, which is where police located him.

Tourist Anna DiFrancesco found face down on pavement in the Gulch

23-year-old tourist Anna Difrancesco was found face down on the pavement on Demonbreun Street just after 2 a.m. Saturday. Officers approached her after being flagged down by security and identified her via her Minnesota driver’s license. He knees appeared to be scraped from a fall, and she was extremely intoxicated. She refused all medical attention and was unable to provide an address to where she was staying or a phone number for anyone who could retrieve her. She was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Ava Reaves charged with late-night DUI in downtown Nashville

Police say 22-year-old Ava Reaves struck a light pole in the media of James Robertson Parkway in downtown Nashville just after 3 a.m. Saturday morning. She was visibly intoxicated and admitted to drinking 2-3 tequila and soda drinks just prior to driving. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and then refused all other testing and questioning. She was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Tourist Chad Buening charged with groping woman at Bridgestone Arena

Meaghan McNamara says she was waiting in line for the women’s restroom at Bridgestone Arena on May 27 when 42-year-old Chad Buening, who she described as a white man with blonde tips in his hair and wearing an Atlanta Falcon’s #18 jersey, approached her and touched her stomach and breast with his hand. She says she told him not to touch her, and he fled to the women’s restroom. As he exited the women’s restroom, Buening reportedly then reached out and touched her breast a second time, prompting her to stick him in the face with one solid punch. He then fled the arena and was located nearby on Demonbreun Street, where she positively identified him. Multiple witnesses all confirmed the incident, and Buening was charged with two counts of sexual battery.

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