Colorado man Richard Acosta tosses bottle off Jason Aldean’s rooftop

21-year-old Richard Acosta let a bottle and bad luck land him in jail for disorderly conduct while in Nashville. On July 29th, police were walking by Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar on Broadway when a bottle landed a few feet from them. They concluded that the bottle was thrown from Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar, so they pulled security footage. The footage showed a man, later identified as Richard Acosta from Boulder, CO, had thrown the bottle off of the roof. Later, security escorted Richard outside to the police. He was placed under arrest due to his intoxication and the likelihood the offense would continue, per the report.

Nashville local Brandon Shrewsbury strips outside strip club, ready to fight police

25-year-old Brandon Shrewsbury was found outside Hustler Strip Club, shirtless, telling cops that he was going to make them “earn it” and told one police officer he “wasn’t shit without it” regarding his gun and badge. MNPD officers arrive at The Hustler Club on Rep. John Lewis Way on July 29th regarding an assault. They spoke to the security for the club, who stated that Brandon had consumed too much alcohol and was assaulting guests. They also said that he accused the bartenders of stealing cash from him. After they removed him, he went outside and took his shirt off, attempted to fight the guests he was arguing with, threw his arms up, and yelled at security. Police found Brandon outside shirtless and advised him to leave several times, even offering him to call a taxi, Uber, or a friend. Brandon refused the police and began calling the security and police with multiple expletives. At one point, he told an officer to take his badge and gun off for he “wasn’t shit without it” and told officers that he would make them “earn it” while taking a fighting stance. They described Brandon as smelling strongly of alcohol, swaying, and fumbling with his phone. He was detained for being visibly drunk, disorderly, and hostile.

Lebanon’s Kaleb Tramel argues with cops at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Kaleb Tramel drunkenly argued with cops outside Kid Rock Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. On July 29th, MNPD officers responded to Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in response to an outside fight. When they began their investigation, Kaleb was present and interrupted them. Police noted that Kaleb kept getting in their way and would continue to talk to them despite them telling him to leave. Kaleb was belligerent, unsteady on his feet, and had slurred speech via the report, so he was placed into custody for disorderly conduct.

Oklahoma tourist Justin Pruitt deemed too disorderly for downtown Nashville

27-year-old Justin Pruitt spat in the back of a police vehicle after they found him outside The Nashville Underground yelling. On July 28th, MNPD officers found Justin on the sidewalk outside The Underground Nashville and Acme bar, where security had removed him for yelling at customers. When police made contact with Justin, they said that he yelled derogatory remarks at them, walked away, hit traffic signs, and ran when they told him to stop. Police caught him and had to forcibly detain him due to his resistance. When he was placed into the police vehicle he reportedly spit several times in the back of it while en route to the jail.

Jason Agostino refuses to leave George Strait concert after being kicked out of venue

43-year-old Jason Agostino threw himself to the ground when security tried escorting him out of the George Strait show in Nashville due to his disorderly conduct. On July 28th, APEX security requested the help of MNPD Sergeant Mosley regarding an unruly patron at the George Strait show at Nissan Stadium. Sgt. Mosely reported that he saw APEX security request that Jason leave the premises several times. When they attempted to remove him physically, he sank his weight into a seat so as not to move. Sgt. Mosely placed him into custody for criminal trespass after Jason refused to leave at APEX security’s behest and after Sgt. Mosely told him to come to the concourse.

Elliot Hobbs thankful this was only his 2nd DUI; believed it was his 3rd

31-year-old Elliot Hobbs scared drivers in the Taco Bell drive-thru with his poor driving, then was happy when police woke him up in the passenger seat of his vehicle. On July 29th, MNPD officers responded to Taco Bell on Nolensville Pike about a man reportedly lying in the parking lot. They found Elliott in the passenger seat of his vehicle asleep, so they tapped on the window to wake him up, but it did not work. After the police woke Elliott up by opening the passenger side door, he appeared to be happy to see the police but was very unsteady on his feet. Due to his instability, the police could not conduct a sobriety test. He admitted to police that he had smoked a blunt earlier and that it was a mistake. Also, he said that he believed this was his third DUI but was thankful to hear that it was only his second. He told police he remembered he was pulled over, yet he never was. Police found pints of Jack Daniel’s in his vehicle, as well as an empty Budweiser can. Elliott had his keys in his pocket, and no one else was around his vehicle. The Taco Bell employees said that he scared the other drivers in the drive-thru while he was driving, then they said that he laid down in the parking lot.

NY tourist Thomas Hayes slaps girlfriend in face in downtown Nashville

38-year-old Thomas Hayes was jailed for domestic assault after police found him in his girlfriend’s face around the corner from Broadway. After 11 pm on July 29th, MNPD officers noticed Thomas in his girlfriend, Toby Vannostrand’s, face around the corner of 3rd Ave and Broadway. The police described them as face to face with Toby’s back against a vacant building and Thomas standing in an aggressive manner. Thomas and Toby were separated and told police that the two were dating. Two eyewitnesses said that they saw Thomas slap Toby across the face, and police noted there was a red mark on Toby’s left cheek.

Elijah Sartin charged with DUI after drinking at a few Nashville bars

22-year-old Elijah Sartin admitted to having “3-4” pints of beer when police found him at the scene of a car accident. Around 1:30 am on July 31st, MNPD officers arrived at a scene of a car accident that involved Elijah and spoke to him. He told police that before driving, he had consumed three to four pints of beer that night after he went to some bars. Officers noted that he smelled strongly of alcohol and had him perform a sobriety test. He showed several indications of intoxication during the test, so police had him perform a breathalyzer test. The test resulted in Elijah blowing a 0.154% BAC, which is almost two times the legal limit, so he was placed into custody for a DUI.

Justyn Tacey assaults mother after she takes his phone after he takes brother’s Gatorade

18-year-old Justyn Tacey was pushed to the edge after his mother took his phone, and he was later jailed for domestic assault. On July 30th, MNPD officers arrived at Windypine Dr. and spoke to Rebekah Tacey, Justyn’s mother, who said that she and Justyn began arguing after she took his phone. She told police that she took his phone after he took his brother’s Gatorade. Justyn came into Rebekah’s room, irate, took his phone, got into her face, cussed at her, and pushed her. She said that she then pushed him back; the brother stated that he saw the whole incident and that she did so in self-defense. When police spoke to Justyn, he said that Rebekah pulled him onto her after he received his phone back, and he pushed her just to get away. After hearing all the accounts, police decided that Justyn was the primary aggressor, so he was placed into custody.

Kevin Kelley puffs chest at MNPD officer after being trespassed from Ole Red bar in Nashville

41-year-old Texas tourist Kevin Kelley puffed his chest out at his police when they told his wife to stay out of the argument that Kevin started with the police; he was then jailed for disorderly conduct. MNPD officers were called to Ole Red Bar by their security about Kevin being disorderly. When they arrived, they found Kevin at the business door with his wife and spoke to him. He argued that there was no justification for him to be thrown out of the business, so police attempted to explain to him what trespassing was. Kevin’s wife kept intervening while the police were speaking to Kevin, so she was instructed to stop. At this time, police noted, Kevin began to puff his chest out, approach an officer, and start a physical altercation. He was then placed into custody for disorderly conduct.

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