Austin Brown threatens couple with gun at Nashville International Airport

28-year-old Austin Brown had an altercation with Richard and Kristin Diaz at Nashville International Airport on January 29th. Both parties flagged officers down regarding the incident, so they separated them to investigate. As they approached Brown, they were advised by dispatch that the passenger of the second car, Mrs. Diaz, who had called the police, advised that Brown had pulled a gun on her and her husband. Officers spoke with Brown and asked him if he had a gun, to which he replied, “Yes,” so they had him exit the vehicle as they secured it, with his consent, before further questioning. Then, Brown said the other vehicle, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, followed him off from the departure level and showed aggression while sitting in traffic, so he pulled over to let them pass. He said they pulled alongside him while waiting at the red light on Terminal Drive and started yelling at him, which prompted him to pull the magazine attachment out of his pistol, showing it, asking them, “If they were going to have a problem.”

Officers then went to speak with Richard and Kristin, who provided similar stories, stating when Mr. Diaz was picking his wife up from departure, Brown was behind him, blowing his horn and being aggressive. When Mrs. Diaz entered the car, Brown sped past them, giving the middle finger. They said he was holding a small black item in his hand, waving for them to approach him. As they approached the stoplight on Terminal Drive, Brown stopped next to their vehicle, even though no cars were in front of him. Brown rolled down his window and presented his firearm, asking them, “Are we going to have a problem?” Mrs. Diaz was still shaken up during questioning. However, both Richard and Kristin told officers they were certain he was holding the firearm when he threatened them. Brown was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Samuel Pearson assaults police officer with hammer

45-year-old Samuel Eugene Pearson swung a hammer at the residents of a Rock Creek Trace Drive home on January 29th. Officers arrived and tried to speak with Pearson, but he was uncooperative. He opened the door, saw the police officers, and tried to close the door quickly. Officer Worstall attempted to keep the door open when Pearson hit Worstall’s right index finger with a hammer. Pearson was taken into custody for the assault of an officer.

Sidar Tas assaults roommate during argument over living situation

23-year-old Sidar Tas had an altercation with his roommate, Veysel Bulgaz, at their shared residence on Elm Hill Pike on January 28th. Bulgaz spoke with officers, advising them that he and Tas argued over their living situation. The argument occurred because Tas demanded that Bulgaz move out on January 30th despite his rent being fully paid until February 11th. Bulgaz got up to speak with Tas and slipped on the wet floor. Tas then charged toward him and tried to kick him while he was helpless on the floor. Bulgaz pushed Tas’ leg away, and then Tas called the police. Officers could not see any physical evidence of the incident but deemed Tas the primary aggressor. Tas was taken into custody for domestic assault on January 29th.

Jalen Transley performs U-turn across multiple lanes, crashes car attempting to flee from police

20-year-old Jalen Transley failed to use his turn signal when turning right onto Murfreesboro Road from Hamilton Church Road late January 28th. Officers observed this and initiated a traffic stop. Transley pulled over before driving off in an attempt to flee. Transley then caused a crash when he performed a U-turn across multiple lanes. Officers had ordered all occupants to exit the vehicle when Transley’s two passengers quickly jumped out of the car and fled the scene. Transley exited the vehicle but did not flee and was detained. A subsequent search of Transley and his vehicle yielded marijuana paraphernalia and an open container of alcohol. Further investigation showed Transley had a suspended license and an outstanding failure-to-book warrant. Transley was taken into custody for driving with a suspended license, an open container violation, reckless driving, the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and evading arrest.

Trey Mccorkle attempts to assault brother, accidentally punches sister

21-year-old Trey Mccorckle had a domestic disturbance with his twin brother, Tyzek Mccorckle, and his sister, Kailynn Mccorckle, at her apartment on Lady Nashville Drive in the later hours of January 29th. Tyzek advised the authorities that Trey and Kailynn argued after he had been drinking heavily throughout the night. When he tried to intervene between them, Trey swung at him. Tyzek ducked, causing Trey to punch Kailynn’s jaw accidentally, so he pushed him away from her to create space between them. Then, Trey smacked him, leaving a minor laceration on his cheek. Kailynn confirmed Tyzek’s statement about the incident. Officers then spoke to Trey, who advised that he had argued with Kailynn but denied physical interaction and said he was unaware of how Tyzek sustained his injury.  Officers observed multiple broken glasses and disarray within the apartment, which were never explained. Officers deemed Trey to be the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

19-Year-Old Labrya Knott tells mother to “stand on business” before pouring cat litter on her doorstep

19-year-old Labrya Knott had a domestic dispute with her mother, Bonita Ann Swafford, at Swafford’s Sennadale Lane residence on January 6th. Swafford spoke with officers, advising them that Knott had not lived there for several weeks and was coming to grab her belongings from the house. Knott arrived, refusing to answer the officer’s questions while shouting insults at Swafford, telling her “God is going to take care of you” and to “stand on business and do something.” Then, as she left, she told Swafford, “It’s okay b*tch, you will see what is going to happen.” Officers were dispatched again about an hour later. When they arrived, Swafford informed them that Knott had taken her security camera out of the base and thrown it on the ground, destroying it as she returned for her remaining items. Then, Knott told her, “That is what happens, b*tch,” and poured cat litter over her doorsteps before fleeing. Knott was taken into custody for vandalism on January 30th.

Faith Britton drives through mother’s yard in U-Haul truck

23-year-old Faith Britton had a domestic disturbance with her mother, Bonita Swafford, at Swafford’s Sennadale Lane residence on January 6th. Swafford advised officers that Britton had arrived in a U-Haul truck with her sister, Labrya Knott, and drove through her yard. Swafford said they ran over two yard lamps before fleeing. She also told officers she could only buy the lamps in a set and valued the damage at $60. Britton was taken into custody for vandalism on January 29th.

Elizabeth Newland attacks bartender with Red Bull can in downtown Nashville

50-year-old Elizabeth Victoria McCormick-Newland, the wife of Nashville Fire Captain John Newland II, had an altercation with Kourtney Jane Smith, a bartender at the Lucky Bastard Saloon, in downtown Nashville on January 27th. Smith told officers that McCormick-Newland threw a Red Bull can at her during an argument, leaving a minor laceration on her forehead. She refused medical treatment but advised officers that she wanted to prosecute for the unprovoked attack. Officers reviewed surveillance from the bar, which was consistent with Smith’s statement. Security at Lucky Bastard had McCormick-Newland detained until officers arrived. After their investigation, McCormick-Newland was taken into custody for assault.

Ryania Odom attacks boyfriend with scissors during argument

20-year-old Ryania Odom had an altercation with her boyfriend, Jarvis Burthlong, at their home on 12th Avenue South on January 26th. Officers spoke with Odom, who told them that she and Burthlong only argued verbally. When they talked to Burthlong, he stated that she attacked him with a pair of scissors as they observed the visible lacerations on his body. Odom later admitted that she scratched him in self-defense, stating that she did have a pair of scissors during the argument. She was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jackie Johnson scoots across floor attempting to kick husband during argument

63-year-old Jackie Johnson had a domestic dispute with her husband, Frank Johnson, at their Apache Lane home on January 27th. Officers spoke with Mr. Johnson, who advised them that his wife hit him on the back over an argument about him letting a family member use their shared car. He said after she hit him, he put his hands up, telling her to leave him alone. Jackie moved toward him again, but he managed to push her away. Then, Mrs. Johnson fell and scooted across the floor, kicking at him, so he backed away. A juvenile helped her out of the room and shared a similar statement regarding the incident. Mrs. Johnson was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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