Alicia Zaludova charged in assault of roommate, Tyler Storie

49-year-old Alicia Zaludova was arrested for blacking her roommate’s eye in their apartment. Tyler Storie reported that on Feb 24th, Zaludova walked into his room, and they got into an argument. Then she started punching him in the face while he was sitting down. Storie had a black eye and swelling to his face, consistent with the details of the incident. Zaludova admitted arguing with Storie but said she didn’t remember who threw the first punch. Officers observed injuries to her knuckles, but when asked where they came from, Zaludova said they came from her punching a wall. Based on the injuries being consistent with the narrative of events, Zaludova was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Donovan Hammonds ‘mounts’ car on median of Old Hickory Blvd, sleeps off his intoxication

When officers found 22-year-old Donovan Hammonds’ vehicle “mounted” onto a concrete median on Old Hickory Blvd, he stated he had been drinking at a hotel room with friends and then reached over and displayed a half-empty bottle of liquor to demonstrate what he had been drinking. He was initially asleep behind the wheel when first responders arrived at the scene and slowly woke up, unable to explain what had happened. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.

Chastas Knight charged with vehicular assault after using meth while driving

35-year-old Chastas Knight is charged with vehicular assault after police say she sideswiped a Nissan Altima and drove head-on into a Nissan Altima in May of 2022. One of the drivers, Tina Forward, suffered a broken finger, and the other driver, John Ayers, suffered multiple broken bones and limbs. Knight also suffered several broken bones and was transported to the hospital, where she admitted to using methamphetamine prior to crashing into the two vehicles. Warrants were later issued for her arrest, and she was booked into jail this week.

William Carson charged in late-night DUI in Nashville

25-year-old William Carson drove around marked patrol cars Sunday, which were attempting to block the roadway due to a crash. Officers made contact with Carson, who rolled down his window, letting officers smell the alcohol coming from him. He was reportedly slurring his speech and admitted to consuming a “few drinks” before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.136% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Wendy Paz-Henriquez charged in assault of boyfriend during fit of rage — $100 bond

Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic call late Saturday night to find Noel Charias-Chocan outside of his apartment crying, alongside his child. Officers observed multiple scratches on his neck and chest. He explained his girlfriend, 28-year-old Wendy Paz-Henriquez, who also lives in the same complex, suddenly assaulted him during an argument. Both parties had been drinking. She was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Anya Lee charged with smashing her girlfriend’s windshield & assaulting her

22-year-old Anya Lee was jailed early Saturday after she reportedly assaulted her girlfriend, Haven Blakemore, and smashed her windshield during an altercation. Haven was upset as Anya wanted her to stay at her home in Murfreesboro for the night, but Haven refused. The two got into a physical altercation, during which Anya was reportedly on top of Haven, grabbing her by the neck. Haven got into her vehicle to leave the scene, but not before Anya rushed her vehicle and smashed the windshield. Officers documented injuries on the victim and took Anya into custody.

Chad Barber charged in assault of female roommate

41-year-old Chad Barber was arrested after attacking his roommate over an argument about rent money. On Mar 3rd, Susan Slonecker reported she was hiding in the laundry room after Barber allegedly assaulted her. When officers arrived, she was in the laundry room, speaking rapidly about the events that took place. She pointed to her armpit area and explained that Barber grabbed her there and hurt her. Officers observed several scrapes and scratch marks. Barber had strangled Slonecker to the point where she could not breathe for several seconds. He used one hand to strangle her and the other to grab her aggressively all over her body. Scratches and scrapes were left on her body and throat. Slonecker claimed that she lived with Barber for about six months in a halfway house, and then they lived together for several months at the hotel. The argument started because she was having trouble sending her half of the rent from her bank to Barber’s account, which she claims she usually does without a problem. Barber denied the assault.

Lamar Williams — drunk and disorderly in downtown Nashville

39-year-old Lamar Williams was the victim of a fight in downtown Nashville Sunday. Officers responded to find him extremely intoxicated and continuing to cause a scene after the fight was over. He was advised to walk away, which he eventually did. Moments later, and less than a block away, officers were flagged down as Williams was now causing a scene inside a bar. He was then taken into custody for public intoxication, but only after several officers had to take him to the ground due to his resistance. He had to be carried into the transported vehicle.