DUI: Tourists Salvador Gonzalez & Julissa Carrillo drive on closed Broadway downtown

33-year-old Salvador Gonzalez & 38-year-old Julissa Carrillo were jailed Saturday evening after driving onto a closed road on Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenue. The road was closed and marked with traffic cones, police in travel lanes, and barriers at intersections. Gonzalez, the driver, was flagged down and informed the road was closed. He stopped for a short period of time and then quickly sped off, causing his tires to screech, stopping again a short distance later. When police spoke with Gonzalez, they immediately noticed red, watery eyes and smelled alcohol coming from him. When the vehicle was searched, a small baggie and a small jar of marijuana were found weighing 3.6 grams. Carrillo was the passenger; once she got out of the vehicle, she was very disruptive while police tried to interview Gonalez. Carrillo was shouting and trying to walk toward him. She was given multiple warnings to stop and stay back but continued shouting and trying to disrupt the interview. She was booked for disorderly conduct.

Victoria Huicochea says she smoked marijuana before crashing into three garages

19-year-old Victoria Huicochea was jailed Friday night after crashing her vehicle into three garages. Police responded to the accident and witnessed Huicochea wobbling from the EMS vehicle to her car. Police could smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from her person and her vehicle. She admitted to smoking marijuana the day before. She consented to do sobriety testing for impairment but refused to provide a blood sample. Once Huicochea was at mobile booking, she pulled a small amount of marijuana from her bra.

Theresa Paul charged in assault of Mr. Dick’s shaft & jewels during drunken argument

42-year-old Theresa Paul was jailed Friday afternoon after trying to push officers out of her house who were there because of her alleged attack against her boyfriend. Officers responded to Chestnutwood Trail home in Hermitage for a domestic disturbance after Ms. Paul’s boyfriend, Charles Dick, called in about her attacking him in a drunken rage. When officers arrived, Mr. Dick shouted, “She won’t let you in,” from an upstairs window. Officers asked Mr. Dick to come downstairs and let them in. When he finally invited the officers in, Ms. Paul approached them aggressively and tried to push them back out of the house. She was immediately taken into custody.

Mr. Dick told police that he and Ms. Paul were at a concert last night, and she was extremely drunk and aggressive towards him. He slept on the couch, hoping to speak to her the next day while she was sober, but when he got home from work that day, she was already drunk. Ms. Paul immediately got upset and began to punch him when he tried speaking with her. She would stop for a moment and go back to punching him. Mr. Dick showed officers video footage of Ms. Paul punching, kicking, and slapping him. Mark Wellesley lives with Ms. Paul and Mr. Dick and witnessed part of the assault. He told officers that he saw Ms. Paul kick and grab at Mr. Dick’s shaft and family jewels during the assault.

Cody Manning charged after drunken argument at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Cody Manning was having a drunken argument with his wife at Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning when it escalated to a level that was disturbing other citizens. Officers checked on Manning and found him to be slurring his speech and barely able to stand. H# proceeded to also argue with officers who were checking on his welfare. He refused to de-escalate the situation and was taken into custody.

Christopher Sanchez too drunk for Redneck Riviera in downtown Nashville

46-year-old Christopher Sanchez was removed from the Redneck Riviera just before 1 a.m. Saturday due to his disorderly and disruptive behavior. As security was attempting to escort him outside, he began to swing at the bouncers and fought with them. Nearby Metro Nashville Police officers observed the incident and took Sanchez into custody. Security declined to prosecute for the assault, but Sanchez was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Christopher Allen named instigator of brawl at Whiskey Bent Saloon in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Christopher Allen was determined to be the primary instigator of a large brawl at Whiskey Bent Saloon on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning, resulting in a half-dozen arrests. Allen told police he was only protecting his significant other, who was punched in the face. Officers found him to be extremely intoxicated, and he was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Stephanie Sage brawled at Whiskey Bent Saloon in downtown Nashville

52-year-old Stephanie Sage was part of a large brawl at the Whiskey Bent Saloon on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. As police arrived to break up the fight, security identified her as one of the brawlers. Sage says she was fighting because her daughter was assaulted inside the bar. Due to her extreme level of intoxication, Sage was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

It took five MNPD Entertainment District officers to arrest Jessica Barnhill outside Jason Aldean’s bar

Metro Nashville Police say it took five of their Entertainment District Unt Officers to place 23-year-old Jessica Barnhill into the back of a patrol car after she was kicked out of Jason Aldean’s bar early Sunday morning. She continued to attempt to re-enter the bar and was causing a disturbance to other patrons, which is why police initially became involved.

DUI: Sam Driggers crashes car & parks in stranger’s backyard after a great game of pool

After 23-year-old Samantha Driggers drunkenly crashed her car early Tuesday morning and ended up in a stranger’s backyard, she told police she wanted to tell them everything that happened. She explained she had been out at a local bar playing pool and had three beers and two shots of tequila. She said she was feeling good because she had won her last game of pool. She decided to drive home but became lost on Woodlawn Ave, where she crashed into a parked car. She then drove into a neighboring backyard and parked her vehicle, which is where police found her. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.