Beatrice Gayle Jones attacks roommate over thermostat setting

50-year-old Beatrice Jones was jailed on April 17th after pushing her roommate when she tried to change the temperature on the thermostat at their home on Litton Avenue. Jessica Abdulah told police that she and Jones were arguing over the thermostat setting when Jones pushed her away. They started to fight, and Jones tried to push Abdulah down the stairs. Jones admitted to pushing Abdulah away from the thermostat and that her fingernail was bent back because of it. Abdulah had scratches on her chest, back, and face. The injuries, plus the admission to pushing Abdulah, gave police probable cause to believe that Jones was the primary aggressor.

Darlin Rosa-Rivera says he had ‘one beer’ before DUI crash on I-24

26-year-old Darlin Rosa-Rivera was jailed on April 15th after causing an accident while drunk driving on I-24. Officers spoke with Darlin, who admitted to being the driver of the vehicle at fault. They could smell alcohol coming from his breath as he spoke and asked him how much he had to drink. Rosa told police he had one beer and agreed to sobriety tests which he performed poorly on. It was later discovered that he had no license or car insurance.

Neal Williams-Weston charged in assault of sister on University Ave in Nashville

27-year-old Neal Williams-Weston was jailed on April 14th for allegedly punching a woman in the eye during an argument and hiding from the police. Police responded to University Court and were met at the door by Williams’ sister, who told them that he woke her up by asking her to watch his kids, and he left. Police asked for consent to search the home to be sure Williams wasn’t inside. They received consent and found him hiding in an upstairs closet. Williams told police that he and Dominque Washington were drinking when they got into an argument, and she left. Police found an outstanding felony warrant for Williams on an unrelated incident.

As officers were leaving, Dominique arrived. She told police that she and Wiliams got into an argument over personal matters, and he slapped her, causing her to back up into a corner in her bedroom. She said that he yelled that he would hit her again while walking toward her. She told Williams he would not hit her, and she tried to leave the room when he punched her in her left eye. Police saw Dominique’s eye red with swelling and bruising around it, consistent with her statement.

Qusai Ayesh jailed after fight with his teenage brother in Antioch

19-year-old Qusai Ayesh was jailed on April 14th after grabbing his little brother at their home on Old Hickory Boulevard. Police spoke to the minor victim, who said his brother Quasi took his phone and other items, grabbed him, and stopped him from leaving the house. Quasi would not let him go, so the little brother started hitting him to get him to let go; at one point, he took a plate and hit him in the head with it. He said that’s when his mother stepped between them to stop the fight. Quasi told police that he grabbed his brother to stop him from leaving and that he is the older brother, and his little brother needs to listen to him. He said his mother, Neema Ayesh, and father, Jad Ayesh split them apart. Officers observed injuries on Quasi and the little brother. Jad wanted to prosecute on his juvenile son’s behalf until the mother became irate about it, and he refused. Quasi was transported to booking.

Hamza Mohamed slaps juvenile sister in face after she took his phone charger

19-year-old Hamza Mohamed was jailed on April 17th after slapping his little sister in the face for taking his charger while he was away. Police responded to Bell Road, where they spoke with the minor victim, who said that she was using her brother’s phone charger and fan while he was away and had them in her room while she was asleep. When Mohamed came home, he banged on his sister’s door, demanding she opens it and returns his things. The victim said it took her a while to open the door because she was asleep, but when she did, Mohamed started yelling at her for taking his charger and pushed her face. There was another brother in the house that came into the room and took Mohamed into the hallway, where he calmed down. Mohamed told police that he went into his sister’s room to get the charger, and he was angry because he’s told her before to stop taking his charger. He also admitted to slapping her in the face.

Joshua Harris puts girlfriend in chokehold during argument over dishes

25-year-old Joshua Harris was jailed on April 16th for punching his girlfriend in the head after a fight over the dishes in their home on Mona Drive. Police spoke with Tabitha Taylor, who said that she and her boyfriend, who is also the father of their children, got into an argument about the dishes. It escalated when Harris punched her in the head and put her in a chokehold for about 10 seconds. She was able to push him off and ran to the bathroom to get away from him. Harris followed Taylor to the bathroom, screaming at her, and pushed her into the bathtub. Taylor hit her head on the faucet and cut her finger, which police observed along with the bathroom in disarray. Harris had already fled the scene when police arrived.

Porsha Leggs assaults brother with ashtray vase, threatens to kill him, per report

31-year-old Porsha Leggs was jailed on April 18th on an outstanding warrant from November 2022 after allegedly threatening to kill her brother. Porsha and her brother Ellis Leggs lived together on Rosa Parks Boulevard. When Ellis got home from work, he was talking to his mother on the phone about how Porsha had recently been assaulted. She didn’t like that they were discussing her, so she started yelling and picked up a vase that they kept on the coffee table to ash their cigarettes in and tried to hit him with it.

Ellis was able to swat the vase before it hit him, causing the ashes to be scattered. He told police that’s when Porsha picked up a pink kitchen knife that was in the room and said, “You’re going to die today.” This put Ellis in fear of being stabbed, and he ran out of the backdoor. Chavez Lewis was a witness in the room when Porsha started yelling at Ellis, and he saw her try to hit him with the vase and threaten, “You’re going to die today,” but did not see her grab a knife. Porsha left the scene before officers arrived, and Ellis told them that she left with about $900 worth of his property.