Jose Vargas charged with DUI in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Jose Vargas was driving on 1st Ave near Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning when officers conducted a traffic stop due to the absence of headlights being turned on. As they spoke with Vargas, it was apparent he was visibly intoxicated. He admitted to consuming one, then five, alcoholic beverages at a bar he had just left with his two passengers. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests, according to Detective Myers; however, Officer Amabile conducted the same tests and stated he did not observe the same indicators of intoxication. He eventually blew a 0.069% BAC on a breathalyzer over an hour after the initial traffic stop. 

Samuel Wease charged with possessing handgun while drunk in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Samuel Wease was the rear driver’s side passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for suspicion of DUI just before 1:30 a.m. Sunday near Broadway in downtown Nashville. Officers observed a handgun in the floorboard, which Wease admitted belonged to him. An additional firearm was located in the glove box that belonged to another occupant. Officers noted a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and Wease admitted to being under the influence of alcohol.

Bryan Queen too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

25-year-old Bryan Queen was denied boarding at the Nashville International Airport Saturday evening when he presented at the gate incredibly intoxicated. American Airlines gate agents say he was unable to stand or hold his balance, prompting them to contact Airport Police. Officers noted his level of intoxication and that he reeked of alcohol. Queen would have been booked on a flight the next day; however, he was uncooperative with the process, repeatedly speaking incoherently and repeating that he was drunk. Queen was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Bailey Belcher drunkenly confronts girlfriend with handgun in waistband

27-year-old Bailey Christopher Belcher was jailed early Saturday morning after a confrontation with his former girlfriend and roommate, Kristen Leigh Peled. Police arrived at their Baby Ruth Lane residence just after 1 a.m., and Peled reported that she was in her bedroom when Belcher attempted to make entry by banging on the door while mumbling some words. She stated he had a handgun in his waistband, which placed her in imminent fear due to his level of intoxication. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. The officer made contact with Belcher, who still had the handgun in his right pocket, and noted he still reeked of alcohol. He was taken into custody on multiple charges. 

Canadian Dylan Living apologetic for buying cocaine in downtown Nashville on weekend getaway

34-year-old Canadian Dylan Living came all the way to Nashville this weekend to enjoy the entertainment district. He attempted to have a little too much fun when he bought cocaine from a stranger in a parking lot on 4th Ave South, behind the bars on Broadway. Officers observed a hand-to-hand transaction and confronted Living, who admitted he had just bought cocaine, and handed it to officers. He was reported to be “very cooperative” throughout the interaction with police. 

Randall Forney jailed after interfering with his friend’s fight at Red Door Saloon in East Nashville

29-year-old Randall Forney was jailed Saturday after officers responded to a fight at the Red Door Saloon in East Nashville. Forney became involved in the incident, stating it was his friend involved in the fight. Forney was instructed to leave the area and call for a ride home, but he refused. He was given multiple opportunities to stop interfering and safely go home, but he refused multiple attempts. Due to his level of intoxication, Forney was taken into custody. 

Montana Man Riley Griffin whips it out and lets it flow in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Montana tourist Riley Griffin was jailed in Nashville this weekend after whipping it all out and letting it flow in a 4th Ave South parking lot just behind the bars of Broadway. Officers observed him urinating next to a parked vehicle and immediately ordered him to stop the stream and leave the area. Unable to pause the flow, he continued to finish what he had started. Witnesses, including Mary McCants, were in a nearby vehicle and confirmed to officers they witnessed the act and saw his penis during the incident. 

Jonathon Eade jailed after causing disruption with wife at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

42-year-old Louisville accountant Jonathon Eade was jailed Friday night in Nashville after disrupting a show at the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville. Eade and his wife, Ashley Gillenwater Eade, were reportedly yelling and cursing at each other, causing a major disruption for other patrons. Security staff directed them to a nearby stairwell and explained they must leave the venue. This elevated the argument, and Jonathon refused to leave. Eade, who is a partner at Jones, Nale & Mattingly, was then detained by Ryman security and held for Metro Nashville Police, who charged him with criminal trespassing.