Lazarius McGee charged after fleeing in stolen vehicle

19-year-old Lazarius McGee was taken into custody for motor vehicle theft, evading arrest, theft, and driving without a license on October 13th. Officers were in the parking lot of Fort Negley when they observed a black Volkswagen crash into a light pole. Three black males got out of the vehicle and ran away from officers, but McGee was caught on foot. McGee did not have a license.

Martin Harasim claims to be government agent after assaulting his sister

41-year-old Martin Haraism was jailed Monday night after assaulting his sister at their apartment on Broadway. The victim stated that her brother was extremely intoxicated, and she took a bath to give him time to calm down and ended up having to barricade herself inside the bathroom. Harasim broke through the door and slammed her head against a wall. He then strangled her to the point of lightheadedness and threw her around the apartment. The victim stated, “He beat the hell out of me.” She had visible bruises and injuries in multiple places on her arms, legs, neck, and abdomen. She also had bruising around her neck from the strangulation.  

When officers spoke with Harasim, he denied ever assaulting the victim and claimed she had a mental illness. He was obviously intoxicated and claimed to be an IRS Criminal Investigator and an FBI agent but never showed a badge or provided any credentials. Officers called the FBI field office located in Knoxville, and they had no knowledge of him. Officers then attempted to take Harasim into custody, but he resisted by pulling away. He even stepped on an officer’s foot and would not move. He also attempted to throw his shoulder into an officer but was quickly pinned against a wall to prevent that. While in custody, he threatened to retaliate against the officers due to his employment by the federal government. He stated the federal government would “f*/k them up.” He also stated that he would “chop up” the arresting officer and called them “dumb f*/king fa*/ots.”

Damon Hodge leaves Buchanan Street brawl to retrieve handgun

24-year-old Damon Hodge Jr. was arrested in the early morning hours of October 16th, following a police call of a large group of 10-12 people fighting with weapons near 1002 Buchanan Street. After arriving and being told that no one was on the scene, Hodge was seen approaching with a handgun and became combative with another group of individuals. When officers made contact with Hodge, they had to tell him multiple times to drop his handgun. Security stated that he was a member of the brawl they were called out for, and officers noticed he reeked of alcohol. When questioned, Hodge said that he was returning to defend himself from others who had attacked him. 

Malea Rhea flees from police & weaves through traffic on Old Hickory Blvd

21-year-old Malea Rhea was arrested for evading, reckless driving, and resisting arrest on October 16th. Officer Short observed Rhea speeding past him in a brown SUV weaving in and out of traffic on Old Hickory Blvd. and activated his emergency equipment. Rhea continued to weave in and out of traffic to flee and was out of sight of the officers until she was seen exiting the vehicle about a mile down the roadway, after she ran off the roadway. Rhea was taken into custody during a traffic stop.

Mackenzie Nolan charged with public intoxication in downtown Nashville

29-year-old Mackenzie Nolan was taken into custody on October 16th for public intoxication. Officers responded to 12th Avenue S regarding an intoxicated individual. When the officers arrived, Nolan was seated at a restaurant with another person who did not know her. Officers observed Nolan to be visibly intoxicated and gave her multiple opportunities to order an Uber, but she could not because of her level of impairment. Nolan was declared a danger to herself if left alone, and was transported to booking.