Jayleen Franklin charged with assault of another student at Hillsboro High School

18-year-old Jayleen Franklin was booked and charged with assault on October 16th. Shonta Woods, the mother of Marcel Burnett Jr., is pressing charges on Franklin for a physical altercation that occurred at Hillsboro High School. Burnett Jr. stated that during class change, Franklin reportedly came from behind and hit him in the side and back of his head. Officers were told that the physical altercation ended after Burnett Jr. defended himself. Burnett Jr. had a bump on the back and side of his head because of the scuffle.

Elleisha Bryant charged in assault at Dunkin’ store

22-year-old Elleisha Bryant was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from July 6th when she failed to appear to be booked on a citation. Officers were initially dispatched to the Dunkin’ store on Briley Parkway regarding an assault on June 11th. When officers arrived, they were told that Bryant entered the restaurant with another party that went behind the counter to assault the victim after being told to leave multiple times. Bryant joined in with the other party and began to hit the victim as well. The victim sustained injuries from the assault.

Rachel Shaffer jailed after lying to police about her identity during shooting investigation

20-year-old Rachel Shaffer was jailed Wednesday evening after giving the police false identifying information. While officers were on the scene of a shooting on Sunset Circle, they attempted to identify Ms. Shaffer. She told them her name was Christian Phifer and gave a matching birthdate for whomever Ms. Phifer was. She advised that she gave the officers a different name because she was afraid she may have had warrants.

Joshua Bennett charged in Walmart theft

23-year-old Joshua Bennett turned himself in on October 11th on charges of theft. Officers were initially dispatched to Gallatin Pike on August 24th regarding a shoplifter. Bennett was observed on camera with accomplices concealing $166.42 worth of merchandise in a purse before being stopped by security. Officers identified Bennett by driver’s license and issued him a citation.

Lance Mankin charged with slapping girlfriend to make her be quiet

21-year-old Lance Mankin was arrested for domestic assault on October 19th at the Hermitage Studios on Central Pike. Officers were dispatched to a call regarding a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Mankin, who stated he got into a verbal argument with Sydney Tousignant, his girlfriend, because another female was looking at him. Mankin admitted to slapping Tousignant because he was tired of her yelling at him about the matter. Tousignant told officers that Mankin slapped her because he wanted her to be quiet.

Tiffany Trotter charged with shoplifting from Walmart

24-year-old Tiffany Trotter was issued a citation on August 24th after she was caught shoplifting at the Walmart on Gallatin Pike. Ms. Trotter and accomplices concealed $166.42 worth of merchandise in a purse and tried to walk out of the store until they were stopped by security. The incident was captured on video surveillance, and she was booked on the outstanding citation this week.

Tylar Lester pushes out $482 worth of merchandise at West Nashville Walmart

18-year-old Tylar Lester was issued a citation on September 28th after she was caught stealing from the Walmart on Charlotte Pike. Loss prevention officers advised that Lester walked into the store, grabbed items off the shelf, and walked out the door without paying for them. She was taken into custody, and $482.57 worth of merchandise was recovered. She was booked on the citation this week.

Zachary Taylor crashes into tree on Music City Drive after drinking ‘substance’ filled water

27-year-old Zachary Taylor turned himself in on October 16th for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident in late September. Multiple witnesses identified Taylor as the driver of the vehicle that crashed into three other cars before veering off the roadway into a tree on Music Circle Drive. Taylor then fled the scene and was found on 18th Ave. S. before returning to the scene and admitting to driving the car to the police. Officers observed Taylor showing visible signs of intoxication, and he was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital. Taylor told officers that he took a glass of water from a friend and believed that there was some intoxicating substance in the water.