Thomas Hardy allows store to be robbed in exchange for crack cocaine

57-year-old Thomas Hardy was working at the Mapco on Smith Springs Road and allowed three individuals to enter the store three separate times and steal $9,794.22 worth of merchandise without trying to stop them, call the police, or the store manager. The thieves stole from the front of the store and the employee-only back room. When the store manager, Ms. Heather Azevedo, arrived, she noticed that the merchandise was missing, and Mr. Hardy provided no answers about where it had gone. When she watched the security footage, she noticed that the three subjects conversed with Hardy as they walked past him while committing theft. Ms. Azevedo called the police with the suspicion that Hardy was acquainted with and conspired with the thieves when she heard him tell the subjects, “Come back again.” Mr. Hardy later admitted to officers that he allowed the subjects to steal from the store in exchange for crack.

Cassandra Thomas slaps boyfriend in face as he deescalates an argument

32-year-old Cassandra Thomas slapped her boyfriend during an argument Friday morning. Jamaal Finkley stated that he and Cassandra had gotten into an argument at their home on 14th Avenue, and she had been aggressively following him from room to room and demanding that he didn’t leave. He then went outside and sat in his car to calm down, but Cassandra followed him out front and slapped him in the face. Jamaal provided police with video evidence of the assault, and Cassandra was taken into custody.

James Andrew Green booked (yet again) for a 2016 boating violation – now on a $10,000 bond

32-year-old James Andrew Green was jailed in the early hours of Sunday morning on a citation originally issued in 2016. In June 2016, he was cited for a boating violation on Percy Priest Lake. Since then, he has failed to comply with the terms of his bond, failed to return to court, and failed to pay his fees and fines. According to the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk, Green has failed to appear for court dates related to this citation at least four times and had his bond forfeited. The most recent warrant was issued in 2021, which he was booked on this weekend. He is again free on a bond – this time for $10,000.

Kierra Hockett jailed after harassing her stylist, Chelsey Green, at Popgirl Parlour

28-year-old Kierra Hockett, a former booster featured on Scoop: Nashville, is accused of reportedly harassing Charley Green from April through July before a summons was issued in August. Hocket was a former client of Green, and since April, she has called Green’s house screaming and yelling repeatedly, drove around Green’s girlfriend’s house numerous times, as well as Green’s Salon Popgirl Parlour, and even slashed her tires twice. Hockett was taken into custody for harassment on October 17th.

Tourist CassieShepard: too drunk and disorderly for downtown Nashville

25-year-old paramedic Cassandra Shepard was jailed Sunday morning after passing out at the doorway of a bar on Broadway. When she woke up, officers observed multiple signs of intoxication and attempted to get Cassandra onto a gurney so medics could assist her. She then became belligerent and started yelling, “I’m a f*/king paramedic! Leave me alone; get off me!” She refused to get onto the gurney or obey any commands given to keep her safe. Cassandra began flailing around and would not sit still, becoming a danger to herself and other patrons, and was placed into custody.

Tourist Jake Pinn spits on and headbutts officers in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Jacob Pinn passed out on Broadway before waking up, spitting on and headbutting officers on Saturday night. Officers were dispatched to Mellow Mushroom in response to a medical call regarding an unresponsive male on the sidewalk. EMS arrived and began to transport Pinn on the stretcher; then Pinn woke up being aggressive, swinging at the paramedics. Officers tried to ask Pinn to lie back down, and then Pinn responded by spitting in Officer Bergquist’s face and headbutting Officer Ntahonirukiye’s lip even after being told to stop multiple times. Pinn was taken into custody for public intoxication, two counts of assault on officers, and resisting arrest.

Marris Jones wrecks yellow Corvette in DUI crash

61-year-old Marris Jones rear-ended a white Chevrolet at the intersection of Elm Hill Pk. and Murfreesboro Pk. on the night of October 20th. Officers arrived and noticed a damaged, yellow Corvette and three people, including Jones, on the sidewalk. The two others were a couple who witnessed the accident and told officers that Jones rear-ended the Chevrolet at a red light, and then the Chevrolet fled shortly after. Officers asked Jones what happened and observed him to be visibly intoxicated. Jones consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly before being placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Tourist Jonathon O’Donnell jailed after drunkenly urinating on downtown building on Broadway

35-year-old Jonathan O’Donnell was urinating on the side of the Merchant’s building on Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday night when police encountered him. When asked what he was doing, he simply replied, “I’m good.” When asked why he was urinating in public, he claimed his wife was inside the building — however, the building is currently closed for renovations. O’Donnell was taken into custody and transported to booking.