Lisa Thach prevents customer from leaving East Nail Bar; charged with assault

56-year-old Lisa Thach was involved in an altercation at her job, East Nail Bar, with customer April Taylor on October 12th. Taylor spoke with officers and advised them that she was getting her nails done, and Thach kept messing them up and restarting the process. After almost two hours, Taylor was tired of Thach’s attempts to fix her nails and decided to leave. Thach reportedly kept reaching for Taylor’s hands so she could keep working on them despite being told not to, and when Taylor left the salon, Thach followed her and “grabbed” her at Suite 1. Taylor let officers know that she wished to prosecute. Lisa Thach was taken into custody for assault on November 1st.

DUI: Tyler Blevins flips his car and crashes into light pole

29-year-old Tyler Blevins was involved in a car accident at 11th Ave. N in the early hours of November 5th. Blevins was sitting outside his vehicle as officers arrived, and he advised them that he was driving southbound on 11th Ave. N when a woman with her dog crossed the road, causing him to swerve to avoid them, causing his vehicle to flip over and hit a light pole. Witnesses told officers they heard the crash but did not see any woman with a dog crossing the road. Blevins was noted to have slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and a strong smell of alcohol on his person. Visibly intoxicated, Blevins told officers he did not consume any alcohol and that he had back pain. He refused to partake in sobriety tests, was read implied consent, and was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. Blevins was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Amarian Oglesby pepper sprays ex-boyfriend who “whooped his ass”

20-year-old Amarian Oglesby was booked on an outstanding warrant from August 1st, when he assaulted his ex-boyfriend, Anton Burns, on Claiborne Street after he told him he didn’t want to be with him anymore. Burns told police that Oglesby became angry and began to grab onto his shirt and put his hands on him. Anton explained that he fought back and “whooped his ass,” which led Oglesby to spray him in the face with pepper spray. Anton’s eyes were swollen, red, and sensitive to light. There were also traces of spray inside the home, enough to cause the officers to keep coughing.

Paige Bond assaults husband; hurts child during dispute

21-year-old Paige Bond was booked on Saturday after assaulting her boyfriend on Moss Trail. Jason Morris advised that he and Ms. Bond had gotten into an argument after she woke up in a bad mood and began throwing things in the spare room where they were sitting. Mr. Morris stated that he was sitting on the floor by a computer desk, holding their 9-month-old child, when Ms. Bond started kicking and throwing boxes. Mr. Morris said Bond came from behind him, wrapped her arm around his back, and covered his face, trying to get their child from him, so he bit her arm to get her off. While doing this, Mr. Morris was getting up from a seated position, and the baby’s head struck the computer desk. Mr. Morris then took the child and left the apartment. Police observed a red bump on the baby’s forehead and determined Ms. Bond to be the primary aggressor.

Khalid Habib argues with his mother; assaults brother during altercation

20-year-old Khalid Habib was involved in a domestic dispute with his brother, Rasheed Habib, at Hidden Creek Dr. on November 4th. Rasheed spoke with officers as they arrived and advised them that Khalid had assaulted him and that he was inside their house with a bat, arguing with their mother. Officers observed Khalid with the bat and attempted to calm him down, but he was very defensive and refused to go into detail about the incident but admitted that he and his brother fought. Their mother advised officers that Khalid was dealing with mental health issues and that she witnessed him assault his brother. She told Rasheed to leave for his safety. Officers deemed Khalid as the primary aggressor and placed him into custody for domestic assault.

Christian Potts lunges at his sister and bites her face

48-year-old Christian Potts was involved in a domestic disturbance with his sister, Tami Lee, at Hills Side Ct. on the night of November 6. Officers were called by a concerned neighbor who stated they heard screaming coming from the residence. Officers then arrived and spoke with Lee, who officers observed to have dried blood on her lips. Lee advised them that nothing had happened and that the screaming might have come from her or Potts. Potts then came up to the door yelling, telling officers that the swelling on Lee’s face came from her ex-boyfriend, who had hit her the night before. Then Lee admitted that the visible injuries on her face and lip were from Potts lunging at and biting her. Potts was then taken into custody for domestic assault.