Elizabeth Lynne Halpin too drunk to open her front door

32-year-old Elizabeth Halpin was jailed on Sunday morning after reports of loud banging at Lenox Place Apartments. The complainant advised it sounded like someone was trying to kick a door open. When the officers arrived, they witnessed Ms. Halpin throwing her body into the door of her apartment. They noticed that she was extremely intoxicated. They asked her several times for her SSN so they could identify her, but she repeatedly responded with her address. She was escorted to the ground floor and placed under arrest as she was a danger to herself and becoming an annoyance to others in the complex. A search of her purse revealed she had her house keys during the incident.

Roneka Byrd hits girlfriend in face during drunken dispute

28-year-old Roneka Byrd was jailed on November 16th after assaulting her girlfriend at their home on Lebanon Pike. Terreona Howard told police that she and Byrd were at home drinking together when Byrd became upset for an unknown reason. Byrd then aggressively approached Howard and tried to hit her in the face but missed. Howard tried to defend herself but ended up being hit in the face, getting scratched on her chest and injuring her wrist. Due to the statements and the injuries, Ms. Byrd was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

DUI: Thomas Fields drinks “two beers” at Hooters before driving

55-year-old Thomas Fields was jailed on Saturday after causing an accident on Gallatin Pike North and Conference Drive. Fields admitted to rear-ending another vehicle with his Dodge Charger at the traffic light. The driver of the other vehicle was transported to Skyline ER for the injuries he sustained during the accident.  Officers observed Fields using his vehicle to balance himself. He had a noticeable odor of alcohol coming from his breath, along with watery, glassy eyes. He admitted to officers that he had two beers before the accident while he was at Hooters. Fields agreed to a breath sample and blew a .229% BAC on a breathalyzer.

19-year-old Labronte House flees police after attempted traffic stop

19-year-old Labronte House was jailed on November 16th after police observed a Honda Civic with an inoperable brake light. Detectives also observed two vehicle occupants who were not utilizing their seatbelts. The vehicle sped off when the officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Ashwood Avenue. The officers then turned off their lights and sirens and chose not to pursue the vehicle. The aviation unit covertly followed the vehicle to Cedar Lane and Hawthorne Place, where the passenger exited. The car then continued to speed until it reached crestmoor, where an awaiting MNPD detective had deployed spike strips. The spikes left the vehicle inoperable, but Mr. House continued driving to Abbott Martin Road before exiting and being taken into custody. It was later discovered that he was driving without a valid driver’s license.

Preston Jimenez assaults security guards at Second Fiddle Nightclub

23-year-old Preston Jimenez was jailed Saturday night after officers were flagged down by security at the Second Fiddle nightclub on Broadway. The security advised officers that Jimenez was refused entrance, assaulted security because of this, and refused to leave the front of the building. As the officers were walking over to the entrance of the nightclub, they observed Jimenez throw a punch and kick at another security guard. The security guards helped restrain Jimenez so the officers could handcuff him. Officers observed the odor of alcohol coming from his breath. He slurred as he exclaimed that he was going to find the officer later and “beat the officer’s ass.”  

Scott Hamrick found overdosing in car at Starbucks

37-year-old Scott Hamrick overdosed on Charlotte Ave. in the afternoon of September 14th. Claire Brown and Bethany Fielder, two Starbucks employees, advised officers that Hamrick had passed out in his vehicle with a needle in his arm, and they broke the front window of the car for paramedics. Officers observed the needle and a small bag of cocaine in the vehicle before citing Hamrick for driving under the influence. A warrant was issued on October 13th, and Hamrick was taken into custody.

Robert Rohades found laying down drunk on Broadway

31-year-old Robert Jennings Rohades was lying on the ground in a parking lot off Broadway in the early hours of November 18th. Officers observed Rohades and asked him if he had any friends who would help him get home safely. He was uncooperative and eventually became aggressive towards officers. Rohades was visibly intoxicated as officers deemed him unable to take care of himself, so they placed him in custody for public intoxication.

Zaky Fawzy ignores police, yells racial slurs at Lyft driver

47-year-old Zaky Fawzy, a taxicab driver, was on Almond Street in September when he got out of his vehicle and walked up to Latonya White’s, a Lyft driver, car and hit her window, startling her. White asked him why he had banged on her window, and he told her that she was blocking traffic. She continued to wait for her passenger after she asked Fawzy not to hit her window, then he reapproached the vehicle, threatening to call the police, and she responded,” Ok, I’ll be right here when they arrive.” The incident escalated when Fawzy and his passenger both told White to move out of the way. Fawzy then began to use racial slurs, causing her to fear for her safety, so she canceled her passenger and left the area before notifying officers. Fawzy was identified via photo lineup after being pulled over on Broadway for an unrelated traffic violation in the early hours of November 19th. Officers were conducting foot patrols when they observed Fawzy using his cell phone while driving. After noticing the officers, he tried to put his phone down, disregarding their signals to stop, and attempted to speed off but was at a red light. Fawzy became belligerent and started yelling when officers asked him to provide his license, registration, and proof of insurance. Officers advised him why he was being pulled over, but he insisted that he did nothing wrong and continued refusing to comply. Fawzy was taken into custody for failure to comply with an order and was additionally charged with assault regarding the incident with White.

DUI: Fady Milad crashes after consuming mystery pill he “thought was Percocet”

24-year-old Fady Ashraf Milad was cited on October 30th when he was involved in a single-vehicle accident. Nashville Fire Department arrived and pulled him out of the vehicle, placed him in an ambulance, and gave him Narcan. Milad woke up shortly after and began vomiting. Officers questioned Milad, and he advised them he had bought a blue pill that he “thought was Percocet” from someone on the street, consumed it before driving, and did not remember anything after that. Milad was taken into custody on November 13th for driving under the influence.