Tom Randall charged with driving too slow in the fast lane

23-year-old Tom Warren Randall violated the laned roadway law on I-65 S on June 3rd. The law states that the left lane of the interstate is for traveling at a higher rate of speed to pass vehicles in the right lane. Officers noticed Randall continued his travel in the left lane in his 2014 Mazda CX5, conducted a traffic stop, and cited him for the violation. Randall failed to appear in court in September and was booked on the citation on November 30th.  

Salynia Summer robs her girlfriend at Antioch motel

21-year-old Salynia MarieSummer was involved in a domestic disturbance with her girlfriend, Kayla Reed, at the Super 8 Hotel on August 21. Reed advised that she was assaulted by Summer and three other individuals because she refused to let her drive their shared vehicle due to her being under the influence. Summer and an unknown black male entered the room and began hitting her, forcefully taking her iPhone 12, wallet with $250, and vehicle keys from her pockets. The suspects left the room, and Reed tried to follow them to retrieve their license plate information. As she tried to take a photo, a black male started to attack her, causing swelling, minor lacerations, and a broken nose. Reed stated she was unaware of who the other individuals involved were but knew Summer was part of the initial assault and was the one who reached into her pants. The Super 8 Hotel provided footage for officers showing Summer and the unknown black male entering the hotel room, exiting shortly after with car keys and a wallet as they walk downstairs. Then, Reed walked into the parking lot, approached the group, attempted to run away, and was caught and brutally beaten by two females and the black male who entered the room earlier. Summer was not involved in the second assault, and the other suspects have not been identified. Reed did not wish to prosecute for the robbery and helped officers identify Summer since she was not present when they arrived. Summer was taken into custody for robbery on November 30.

Toledo Tourist Antonio Cervantes swings at police after brawl at Kid Rock’s bar

25-year-old Antonio Robert Cervantes was involved in a fight at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk on November 26th. Officers arrived, witnessed multiple individuals fighting, and tried to place Cervantes in handcuffs as they attempted to break up the fight. He began to run southbound on 3rd Avenue and tried to swing at officers as they were able to grab control of him and place him in custody. Cervantes was visibly intoxicated and determined a danger to himself, so he was charged with public intoxication, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Chuck Riley Day Chief kisses another man’s wife, causing brawl at Moxy Nashville

32-year-old Chuck Day Chief says he kissed a woman who turned out to be another man’s wife at the Moxy in downtown Nashville on November 27. Her husband confronted Day Chief, and the two went outside to brawl on the sidewalk. Officers arrived to find Day Chief covered in blood and yelling at a group of bystanders. Neither of the men wished to prosecute the other for assault. Day Chief continued to be combative and approach the other party while ignoring police commands. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Michael Morabito threatens to put child’s mother “in the hospital” over football game trip

45-year-old Michael Victor Morabito was involved in a domestic disagreement with Tiffany Travierso, the mother of their shared child, at Bridgecross Parkway in the late hours of November 29th. Officers spoke with Travierso, who provided a video of the incident showing she and Morabito arguing about taking their son to a football game in Jacksonville, Florida. She did not want him to go, and he kept saying, “Do something about it.” Then, Morabito tells her if she tries to hinder him from going, he is going to do something to put himself in jail and put her in the hospital. Morabito’s statements put her and their 12-year-old daughter in fear, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Gavin Sheasley blows 0.290% BAC after passing out behind wheel of vehicle mid-afternoon

30-year-old Nashville fitness fanatic Gavin Eli Sheasley was found passed out in his vehicle with an empty bottle of New Amsterdam vodka in his hand on Liberty Hill Dr. in the afternoon hours of November 29th. EMS observed this and requested officers’ assistance. They noticed Sheasley’s foot on the brake with the car still in drive before they could wake him up successfully. Sheasley was visibly intoxicated when he stepped out of the vehicle and admitted to having six to seven “airplane bottles.” Then, he refused to partake in sobriety tests but provided a breath sample after being Mirandized, which resulted in 0.290% BAC. Sheasley was taken into custody for driving under the influence.