Georgette Gates prevents ex-boyfriend from retrieving his drum set

52-year-old Georgette Gates was involved in a domestic disturbance with her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Earl Gilleylen, at Bell Trace Dr. on November 8. Gilleylen spoke with officers as they arrived and advised them that he was moving out and trying to retrieve some of his belongings, especially his drums, which he provided a receipt for. Gates told officers that Gilleylen did not have a drum set in the garage and refused to let them check the garage to confirm. Gilleylen provided text messages from Gates stating, “I got your base guitar too all of it is as good as gone that’s what you get for thinking you was going to fuck over me.” Gates provided camera footage showing Gilleylen grabbing some bags but none that a drum set could fit inside of. Officers determined that Gates was depriving Gilleylen of his drum set, so they placed her into custody for theft of property.

Bidemi Ajobiewe threatens Simmons Bank, says he’s “coming to the bank with a rifle”

45-year-old Bidemi Ajobiewe was found giving a fake alias to employees Zachary Seibold and Tyrone Johnson of Simmons Bank on February 6th 2023. He placed a large amount of money in the account at separate times, including deposits of $102,000 and $128,000 placed under the name “Markus Logan,” which were quickly frozen for fraud. After Ajobiewe found out his accounts were frozen, he contacted customer service and told them to tell employees Zach and Tyrone that he was going to “blow the bank up” and that he was “Coming to the bank with a rifle, and I’m going to kill all the staff at the branch.” He said that they were “going to feel all the pain that I’m feeling.” This threat led to the bank closing business for the day. Later, the same day, Ajobiewe sent Zach a direct message telling him, “I want you to know I’m coming to the bank with a rifle. It’s either you get killed, or I get killed today.” But before Ajobiewe could take action, the Simmons Bank fraud investigation unit determined Ajobiewe’s real identity, which led to Seibold and Johnson identifying Ajobiewe. Ajobiewe was taken into custody and charged with assault and false report.

Duvere Bishop punches ex-girlfriend in face, steals her phone during dispute over infidelity

32-year-old Duvere Bishop appeared at a beauty shop where his ex-girlfriend worked and assaulted her on August 24th 2022. This started over Bishop’s girlfriend finding him to have been unfaithful in their relationship, which led to Bishop striking his girlfriend in the face, causing bruising on her eye and cutting her nose. Officers later arrived at the scene in which Bishop was no longer present, but his girlfriend was able to tell her account of the story. His girlfriend also discussed with officers that she set up her phone before Bishop’s arrival, and when he came, he took her phone and fled. Bishop was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence and theft.

Shawn Lockhart ignores federal marshals, charged with criminal trespassing

44-year-old Shawn Lockhart was at the federal courthouse on November 8th, where federal marshals detained him for being unruly. Lockhart arrived at the courthouse seeking authorities regarding a federal case but refused to cooperate with them regarding going through the security checkpoint. Lockhart then attempted to walk through the metal detector without being searched and was restrained by marshals and put into handcuffs. When officers arrived, Lockhart also refused to cooperate with them. Lockhart was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

Gray Jones punches man flirting with his girlfriend, camera footage shows girlfriend cheating

30-year-old Gray Jones was taken into custody on November 8 after punching Jeramie Channing Register at Sonny’s Patio Pub & Refuge in October 2023. Register reported that he was at the pub with his dog and began talking with Erika Rohrbaugh, Jones’ girlfriend, before being hit out of nowhere and falling over, holding his jaw. When he looked up, he saw Jones staring at him. He then spoke with a manager regarding the pain. Management agreed to call the authorities as Register refused an ambulance, but he went home after waiting a few hours for them to show. The following day, he went to Urgent Care for his jaw, but they did not have an X-ray machine, so they directed him to St. Thomas Ascension, who informed him that his jaw had been broken in half. Then he was sent to Skyline Medical Center for an emergency facial trauma surgery requiring him to have 14 screws and brackets inserted into his jaw and skull. Officers provided a photo lineup where he was able to identify Jones.

 Jones spoke with officers and told them that he was at the pub with his girlfriend when Register began harassing her, getting in her face, and pestering everyone, so he “swung at him” after his girlfriend gave him “some looks.”

Rohrbaugh stated that she, Jones, and some of their friends were at the pub for a couple of hours before Register showed up drunk and began to annoy them. They tried to distance themselves, and she had to tell Register to move back but was scared to be too aggressive in fear of what he may do. She told her friend, Tyler Cortez, that Register was making her uncomfortable. Register started leaning toward her face and neck with his arm around her, so she gave Jones a “look,” and he Punched Register. She then said that she and Jones got an Uber and Left, conflicting with the footage provided by Sonny’s.

Cortez told officers that Register was lingering around them and was flirting with Rohrbaugh before she told him about him rubbing up against her, and when he went to the bar for a drink, he turned around. Everyone was gone besides Register, who was holding his face and talking with staff.

Sonny’s provided surveillance showing Register standing with his dog’s leash in his left hand as Jones is next to his dog. Rohrbaugh bounces and dances directly in front of Register while holding his right hand. She then spins and hugs him on his right side with her arm around his waist. Register gives her a couple of pats on the buttocks, and they continue to talk. Jones then winds up his left hand and punches Register in the jaw, knocking him back. Rohrbaugh holds out her hands, trying to create distance between the two. Register looks at Jones, loses his balance, and falls back onto a bench. Jones walks out of camera view, and Rohrbaugh stays with Register for the remainder of the video.

Jones was charged with aggravated assault.

Tamia Webb throws wooden chair at mother during dispute

18-year-old Tamia Webb was involved in a domestic disturbance with her mom, Tia Webb, at Dew Street on December 3rd. Tia called the authorities on December 5th, advising them that during the December 3rd altercation, her daughter began to throw items around the house. Then, she picked up three knives and began to charge at Tia and Terrance Frye, so Tia grabbed her arms, causing her to drop them. Tamia picked up a wooden chair and threw it at Tia, but she was able to retreat behind a door so it did not hit her. Frye provided officers with video footage confirming Tia’s statements. Tamia was taken into custody for domestic assault and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

DUI: Annie Sitlinger drinks at work before causing crash

20-year-old Annie Sitlinger was involved in a car accident on December 7th. Officers arrived and spoke with Sitlinger, who was visibly intoxicated and admitted to drinking at work. She stated that she fell asleep behind the wheel, consented to sobriety tests, and performed poorly. Officers Mirandized her, and she was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

DUI: Demetrice Adams drunkenly swerves around driving Shuttle Bus

35-year-old Demetrice Daniell Adams was swerving while operating a shuttle bus on 1 Terminal Drive on December 6th. Officers received calls regarding this, located the bus, and observed Adams failing to maintain his travel lane. Adams reached his destination, spoke with officers, and was visibly intoxicated. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Staci Kirpach causes accident in Cook Out drive-thru

40-year-old Staci Kirpach was jailed on December 6th after causing a crash in the drive-thru of Cook Out on Gallatin Pike. Police observed Kirpach in the driver’s seat with bloodshot eyes waiting in the drive-thru. She smelled strongly of alcohol and slurred heavily as she spoke with the officers. After performing poorly on sobriety tests, she was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Tina Mcintosh booked for stealing clothes from Bob Evans restaurant

50-year-old Tina Mcintosh was booked on a citation on December 7th for stealing from Bob Evans on Rudy Circle on August 29th. Paul Schruder, a Bob Evans employee, advised officers that Mcintosh came into the store, picked up merchandise, went to the bathroom, and came out wearing the items before leaving the store without paying. Schruder provided video footage confirming his statements. When officers arrived on August 30th, they observed Mcintosh sitting outside wearing the stolen merchandise. Schruder responded to the scene, identified the items and Mcintosh, and wished to prosecute.