Booster Elexus Reed steals $200 worth of children’s clothes from Gabe’s

26-year-old Booster Elexus Reed and Myeshia Miles stole merchandise from Gabe’s on Gallatin Pike North in the early morning hours of May 8th. Once inside the store, they gathered $200 worth of children’s clothes, concealed them, and exited without paying. On May 15th, they returned and were stopped by officers in the parking lot after another shoplifting incident. A warrant was issued for her arrest on May 20th. Reed was taken into custody for theft on June 5th. Reed has an extensive record of shoplifting, previously having been charged multiple times for doing so in 2023.

Christopher Rogers throws keys at Shell gas station employee during bathroom door altercation

53-year-old Christopher Rogers was booked on the citation of assault on June 4th. In the early hours of April 18th, Neelkumar Patel, a Shell gas station employee, called the police to the establishment and advised them that he and Rogers had an altercation over him locking the bathroom door inside the store. Patel stated that when Rogers exited the bathroom, he approached the counter and threw the keys at him. Patel said the keys thrown had “grazed his ear” and provided footage of the incident. Patel advised officers that he wanted to press charges. Rogers was then cited for the occurrence that day.

Mark Tucker threatens to kill brother, believes he was cut out of the family will

56-year-old Mark Tucker was taken into custody for harassment on June 10th. Michael Tucker, Mark’s brother, told officers that Mark had called and texted him, threatening to kill him, which Michael’s wife, Terry Tucker, witnessed. Michael stated that the issues between him and Mark stem from Mark’s belief that he had been cut out of the family will, which includes over $1 million worth of property. Officers reviewed the texts from Mark, which clearly stated he owns multiple guns and would kill Michael. Michael informed officers that he believed his brother’s threats to be legitimate, causing him to fear for his life. Mark Tucker was later detained for the occurrence.

Christina Sain punches missing woman in head at Loves Gas Station

47-year-old Christina Sain had a domestic incident with Patricia Grant at Love’s Gas Station on West Trinity Lane around 9:45 a.m. on June 11th. When officers arrived, they observed Sain “bear-hugging” Patricia Grant, so they approached them, which was when she released her. Sain advised officers that she and Patricia’s mother, April Grant, came to Nashville to look for Patricia after she had been missing for three days. April said that Sain told her Patricia was staying with her boyfriend. When they arrived at the gas station, they noticed Patricia exiting the store, so Sain grabbed her to prevent her from leaving, which sparked a physical altercation where Sain punched her in the head, and Patricia bit her right arm. Sain was taken into custody for false imprisonment and domestic assault.

Brett Carter jumps onto truck, assaults baby mama during child exchange

22-year-old Brett Jadon Carter had a domestic altercation with the mother of his child, Hope Vaughan, at his Old Hickory Boulevard residence around 8:21 p.m. on June 9th. Vaughan told officers that he changed his mind once she arrived at his house and wanted their daughter to stay with him. Then, when she returned to her father’s vehicle to leave, Carter jumped onto the truck’s running board, grabbed her arm, and told her she had to stay. Vaughan’s brother and father exited the vehicle to get Carter to release her arm. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Carter was taken into custody for domestic assault on June 10

DUI: Jeremy Ledford drives down a one-way street

44-year-old Jeremy Ledford was observed driving under the influence near an intersection of Shelby Avenue and Interstate Drive on June 8th. Officers observed Ledford’s vehicle, which was driving through traffic cones during a traffic event. Ledford also drove past officers and a traffic control officer who attempted to stop him before he drove down a one-way road. Once officers were able to get Ledford to stop, they noticed his bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech. Officers also indicated the smell of alcohol emitting from him. Ledford admitted to officers that he had consumed alcohol and was asked to perform sobriety tests, in which he showed several indicators of intoxication. Ledford was then taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Tevin Battle threatens to kill ex-girlfriend’s mother via text messages

32-year-old Tevin Battle was taken into custody for harassment on June 11th. On May 17th, Latorshia Hicks, Battle’s ex-girlfriend’s mother, and his child’s grandmother, alerted detectives that he had been making threats to harm her. She showed officers text messages where Battle stated he would shoot and kill her. Hicks said that she had told him to stop contacting her multiple times and wished to press charges for the occurrence due to being in fear of bodily harm. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was later detained for the incident.

Caleb Kinnett sweats profusely, moves erratically while working at Hilton Garden Inn

28-year-old Caleb Daniel Kinnett, an employee at Hilton Garden Inn, showed signs of impairment while working on June 11th. When the police arrived, the medics were assessing Kinnett, but he refused treatment. Officers spoke with other employees at the location and were advised that Kinnett was sweating profusely, moving erratically, and not acting like his usual self. Kinnett denied taking any intoxicants and stated he had been in rehab before for drug usage. Kinnett was deemed unable to care for himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Nicholas Lefevers refused to leave Nashville International Airport, tells officers ““Take me to jail!”

40-year-old Nicholas Scott Lefevers refused to leave after being denied boarding at Nashville International Airport around 4 p.m. on June 11th. Southwest Airlines employees advised officers that Lefevers became angry with them and other passengers. When officers arrived, they observed Lefevers walking away from the employees while continuing to yell at other passengers. Officers approached him, during which they noticed he reeked of alcohol and showed signs of intoxication. Officers informed Lefevers that he was denied boarding and rebooked for a flight on June 12th. This caused him to become aggravated, shouting about Southwest’s policy. Officers gave him a choice to sleep in a hotel for the night and return for his flight the next day or go to jail, to which he replied, “Take me to jail!” Lefevers was deemed unable to care for himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.