Cornelius Moses Jr. strangles minor girlfriend after being confronted for texting another minor

18-year-old Cornelius Moses Jr. was involved in a domestic altercation with his minor intimate partner and roommate at their Carroll Street residence on July 8th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with the minor, who stated that she and Moses Jr. had gotten into an argument due to him texting another minor on his phone. During the argument, Moses Jr. vandalized her room by destroying her TV, ripping the drawers out of her dresser, and throwing her clothes all over the room. After this, the minor informed officers that Moses Jr. strangled her for three minutes as well, but she did not lose consciousness. The minor also alleges that when she tried to call 911, Moses Jr. took her phone and destroyed it, preventing her from calling emergency services. The minor then used her sister’s phone to call 911 before going outside. She claimed that when they went outside, Moses Jr. had a black Glock 19 in his hand and threatened to shoot her before fleeing.

Officers then spoke with the minor’s little sister, who told officers she heard a commotion while using the bathroom. When she entered the bedroom, she claimed that she had observed Moses Jr. throwing her sister’s items all around their bedroom. The sister claims she then witnessed Moses Jr. punching her sister in the arms and body before he got on top of her and began strangling her. The sister also confirmed that Moses Jr. did have a handgun in his pocket and informed officers that she heard Moses Jr. threaten to shoot her sister. Officers then spoke with the mother of the two minors, Shawnoah Philips, who claimed that while she was asleep, she heard someone yelling her name. Philips informed officers that she ran upstairs and saw Moses Jr. destroying her daughter’s room. After this, Philips claims to have observed Moses Jr. get on top of her daughter and begin punching her before she saw Moses Jr. take her phone and smash it. Philips also said that her daughter attempted to get into a car when they eventually went outside. However, Moses Jr. prevented her from doing so by shutting the door. Philips also informed officers that she saw Moses Jr. flee the scene but could not confirm if she saw a weapon during the incident. The minor called Moses Jr. while officers were on the scene, and they began arguing as she tried to get his location. Moses Jr. was heard calling the minor an “opp” and other obscenities before he spoke with officers. Moses Jr. then claimed he would return to the location and “take his charges.” Moses Jr. never came back to the area, and a warrant was later issued for his arrest. Moses Jr. was later found and taken into custody for vandalism, interference with an emergency call, and aggravated assault on July 18th.

Dalen Galvez assaults ex-girlfriend, threatens to cut himself with knife during suicidal episode

23-year-old Dalen Galvez was reported as a suicidal subject with a knife at the Dupont Avenue apartment complex at 11:46 p.m. on July 12th. When officers arrived, Galvez was sitting by a dumpster at the complex. Once Galvez was asked about the knife he had in his hand, he dropped it. Galvez was stated to be making suicidal statements and seemed visibly distressed. Officers then made contact with Madison Mobbs, who was seen sobbing in a vehicle nearby. Mobbs told officers that she and Galvez had previously dated. She went on to say about a month ago, she and Galvez had a domestic incident where she needed to have an order of protection issued against her and was arrested. Mobbs stated Galvez has constantly attempted to communicate with her up to this point, but she has not responded. On July 12th, Galvez sent her suicidal statements saying that he was mentally tired, along with photos of where he had cut himself on his arms. Mobbs could not respond due to the order of protection. Galvez then arrived at Mobbs’ apartment and knocked on the door.

Mobbs stated that she slightly cracked the door due to Galvez reeking of chemicals. Galvez then made his way inside and began acting erratically. Galvez started yelling, throwing his arms around, and got into Mobbs’ face, making suicidal statements. Galvez told her that he dropped his pocket knife and razor blade outside on the ground. Mobbs said she would get it for him and used the opportunity to go inside her car and lock the door. Before she could lock it, Galvez followed her and yanked the car door open. During this, Galvez continued to make suicidal statements. While Galvez was talking, Mobbs was able to lock the door. Galvez went back inside Mobbs’ apartment and returned with a bottle of Rosalie. As he did this, Mobbs called 911. Galvez then revealed a kitchen knife in his waistband and started walking toward the dumpster, where he acted like he was cutting his arm. In fear of violating her protection order, Mobbs remained inside her vehicle. Mobbs told officers that throughout the incident, Galvez claimed that he was going to call the police on her for violating her order of protection so she could do what he wanted.

Officers then went back to Galvez to speak with him about the incident. Galvez told officers he came over because he knew her door would be unlocked. Galvez continued to make suicidal statements to officers and medics, so he was transported to Skyline Hospital. Dalen Galvez was then taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated burglary on July 13th.

Nikki Martin punches woman in head multiple times during altercation

46-year-old Nikki Martin was involved in an altercation with Dana Roland on March 23rd, 2022. Authorities received a call from Roland’s sister, Jodie Ukrakpor, saying that she got a disturbing call from Roland. While Roland and Martin were on their way home from an errand, Roland told Martin something about her relationship that she didn’t like. Martin then punched her in the head numerous times. Dana was transported to the hospital to get treated for a broken nose and a concussion. Martin was taken into custody for aggravated assault on July 14th.

Jemiya Dandridge shoots gun at woman during argument, caught with 7 grams of “burnt blunts”

18-year-old Jemiya Annae Dandridge had an altercation with Jayla Shephard at her Jason Drive residence on July 15th. Shephard called 911, advising that Dandridge came to her house to fight another female. She added that while Dandridge argued with the other woman, she pointed a small black pistol at her. Shephard said that when Dandridge was leaving, she fired a single round, which made Shephard fear for her safety. After Shephard alerted the authorities, responding officers observed Dandridge driving in a black Dodge Charger on Una Antioch Pike. Officers conducted an investigative stop, where Dandridge was Mirandized and detained. Shortly after, officers performed a “show-up” and positively identified Dandridge as the person in question. Officers then noticed a handgun inside a large purse in the front passenger seat that had a bag of marijuana in it, which Dandridge claimed was hers. During a subsequent search, officers discovered two additional bags of marijuana, weighing approximately 15 grams, inside a small black purse with $294, multiple packs of rolling papers, and 7 grams worth of “burnt blunts.” Dandridge was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, felony possession, weapon possession with intent during an offense, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Dipendra Bist drunkenly assaults wife, threatens to kill family & himself

39-year-old Dipendra Bist was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Kumari Joshi, at their Western Hills apartment on July 12th. When officers arrived, Joshi told them that Bist had consumed some alcohol when he woke up that morning, causing him to be aggressive toward her. During their interaction with each other, Bist took Joshi’s keys. In response to this, Joshi ran outside and called 911. Bist ran after her and chased her through the parking lot. Once Bist caught up to Joshi, he grabbed her phone so she couldn’t call 911. Bist grabbed Joshi by the arm and pulled her back inside the apartment. According to Joshi, once she and Bist were inside, he hit her in the head, pulled her hair, and hit her on her back. Joshi told officers that Bist found a knife she had hidden earlier in the day and started hitting it on the floor. Bist then began sharpening the knife with a stone while threatening to kill his family and himself. Bist also threatened to cut his wrists with the knife. Joshi and the children locked themselves in the room. While they were in the room, Bist told them he would take the car. Bist went back and forth in the parking lot around five times. Bist then yelled at their 11-year-old daughter to go to the store and buy him more alcohol. Bist eventually fell asleep, and Joshi was able to call 911. When officers talked to Bist, he told them that there were no threats or violence. Bist also stated that he only pulled Joshi back into the parking lot because he didn’t want her to leave. Dipendra Bist was taken into custody and charged with interfering with emergency call, false imprisonment, domestic assault, and three counts of aggravated assault.

Mauricio Espinoza Jr. threatens to “put a cap” in man after car accident

22-year-old Mauricio Espinoza Jr. threatened Robert Barnes after a car accident at the East Webster Street and South Gallatin Pike intersection on July 7th. Barnes was approached by the other involved driver, who advised that several people were responding to the accident. Espinoza Jr. arrived shortly after, approached Barnes, and started threatening him aggressively. Barnes said that he backed away from Espinoza Jr., which was when Espinoza Jr. yelled that he was going to “put a cap in” Barnes. Barnes stated that Espinoza Jr. then pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun from his right waistband and pointed it at Barnes. Barnes said he feared for his life and continued backing up toward his vehicle. The other involved driver and Several people who had arrived with Espinoza Jr. took his gun and put it in his car. Then, they told Espinoza Jr. he needed to leave the area because the police were on the way. Barnes stated Espinoza Jr. fled shortly after. Espinoza Jr. was later taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on July 11th.

Johnny Brown yells racial slurs while threatening man with BB Gun & Knife at Greyhound Bus Station

53-year-old Johnny William Brown had an altercation with Carl Greer in front of the Greyhound Bus Station around 3:20 p.m. on July 11th. Responding officers were advised that Brown and Greer had a dispute that escalated when Brown pulled out a knife. Brown threatened to kill Greer with it before displaying a firearm and pointing it at him while yelling racial slurs. Officers later learned that it was a BB gun that was loaded. When they arrived, Greer pointed out Brown, who was then detained. Then, officers spoke with a security guard, who corroborated Greer’s statement. During the investigation, they located the knife and BB gun in Brown’s backpack. Officers noticed he reeked of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated. Brown then admitted to drinking alcohol and was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Ollie Curtis throws glass jar at boyfriend during drunken altercation

55-year-old Ollie Curtis was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Loy Mcvea, at their Banbury Drive residence on July 9th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Curtis, who stated that McVea had been upset that she was talking on the phone with her friend Eric. Curtis then told officers that McVea then tried to grab her phone. In response to this, she threw a glass cup at him but told officers that it did not hit him. Curtis then claimed that McVea dragged her outside by the arm and took her phone before striking her in the head. While Curtis was speaking with the officers, they noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath, as well as Curtis’ inability to link the events together. Officers then spoke with McVea, who informed officers that Curtis had been drinking since the previous night. McVea stated that she had randomly become angry and threw a Mason jar at him. McVea then told officers that he ducked, but the glass jar had hit him in his left shoulder before shattering on the ground. McVea also told officers that he would never hit a woman and that Curtis was lying about him dragging her. Officers noticed that McVea also appeared intoxicated as he showed indicators of intoxication via his slurred speech and the smell of alcohol coming from him. Due to the statements made and Curtis admitting to throwing the mason jar, she was deemed the primary aggressor. Curtis was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Charlotte Ratliff attempts to run woman off road, threatens her with gun during altercation

61-year-old Charlotte Ratliff had an altercation with Phyllis Anderson at Anderson’s Mountain Springs Road apartment on July 5th. Anderson told responding officers that as she left Larry’s on Murfreesboro Pike, Ratliff attempted to run her off the road several times with her black Jaguar. Then, Anderson explained that Ratliff was waiting for her as she arrived home. Anderson stated that Ratliff exited her vehicle and reached into her window with a gun, telling her she would kill her. Anderson told Ratliff that she has a grandson, to which Ratliff responded by saying “f*ck your grandson.” Then, as Ratliff went back to her car, Anderson took pictures of her plates before she drove off. Anderson stated that Ratliff returned and started banging on her garage door, attempting to enter. Erica Carter, a witness, corroborated Anderson’s statements and noted that she did not observe a firearm in Ratliff’s hand during the interaction. Ratliff was later taken into custody for two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on July 8th.

Tiffany Higgins attacks boyfriend with knife during argument over phone

27-year-old Tiffany Mahalia Higgins had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Troy Williams, at her Bell Road apartment on June 25th. When officers arrived, Higgins and Williams mentioned an earlier incident that occurred late May 29th. At the time, they were dating and having relationship difficulties. Higgins stated that Williams had come over to her apartment to talk. Williams allegedly took her phone during their conversation, put it in his bag, and tried to leave. This prompted Higgins to attempt to retrieve the phone. Williams then grabbed her hand forcefully, leaving her in pain and causing her to release the bag. Higgins explained that she went to the kitchen, picked up a knife, and held it by her side, intending to intimidate Williams. Higgins noted that she kept the knife at her side the entire interaction. Williams told officers that while they struggled over the bag, Higgins grabbed a knife from the kitchen. Williams stated that she lunged at him in a threatening manner. Williams explained that he only grabbed and squeezed her hand until she dropped the knife. Williams added that he feared getting stabbed during the altercation. Following the altercation, Williams reported that he picked up the knife and used it to damage Higgins’ vehicle. A warrant was issued for Higgins’ arrest on June 26th. Higgins was later taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on July 8th.

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