DUI: Jordan Copeland crashes into light pole, caught with marijuana bag labeled “Blue Mambaz”

26-year-old Jordan Copeland was arrested for driving under the influence and possessing cannabis after crashing into a pole near 9th Avenue Street and Clark Place on July 7th. When officers arrived at the scene, they noticed Copeland sitting in his vehicle, showing signs of intoxication. Copeland initially tried to drive away, but officers stopped him and took his keys. They observed that Copeland displayed many signs of intoxication, such as slow and slurred speech, watery eyes, and unsteadiness. Copeland admitted to drinking two Jack & Cokes and two Budweiser beers at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway before moving his vehicle from 9th Avenue and Clark Place to a nearby parking lot. The officers noticed that the damage to Copeland’s vehicle was consistent with hitting a light pole and asked him to undergo sobriety tests, which he refused. However, he consented to a breathalyzer test, which revealed a result of .123% BAC. During a search of his vehicle, officers found an unopened bag of marijuana labeled “Blue Mambaz” weighing 3.5 grams. Copeland was then taken into custody for DUI and possession of a controlled substance.

Caleb Kinnett sweats profusely, moves erratically while working at Hilton Garden Inn

28-year-old Caleb Daniel Kinnett, an employee at Hilton Garden Inn, showed signs of impairment while working on June 11th. When the police arrived, the medics were assessing Kinnett, but he refused treatment. Officers spoke with other employees at the location and were advised that Kinnett was sweating profusely, moving erratically, and not acting like his usual self. Kinnett denied taking any intoxicants and stated he had been in rehab before for drug usage. Kinnett was deemed unable to care for himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Jeffrey Morton violates order of protection by sending ex-girlfriend money for her child

23-year-old Jeffrey Tyler Morton was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on May 10th. On May 7th, Makayla Dawn Smith flagged officers down, advising that she had just received two Cash App transactions from her ex-boyfriend, Morton, whom her order of protection is against. The first transaction occurred on May 6th around 8:22 p.m. for $25, stating “for Silvia,” Smith’s child. Then, another transaction happened at 9:07 a.m. for $50, stating, “Silvia. Tell her I love her. Send pictures, please.” Smith said she wished to prosecute him for the occurrence. A warrant was then issued for his arrest.

Keith Naples drunkenly uproots plants at The Drift Hotel

39-year-old Keith Naples pulled the plants off the property at The Drift Hotel on Interstate Drive late April 21st. Upon arrival, officers spoke with security, who advised that a bald, white male wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans, later identified as Naples, was uprooting the plants. They located him behind the hotel, showing numerous signs of impairment and reeking of alcohol. Then, officers observed a plant ripped out, which the hotel staff replanted, adding that they did not wish to prosecute for the vandalism. Naples was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Anthony Martin threatens Public Storage customers with a brick

32-year-old Anthony Donte Martin was wielding a brick, allegedly threatening customers and employees at Public Storage on 3rd Avenue South on April 3rd. When officers arrived, they observed him holding a rock, which he dropped after noticing them. He then stood in a fighting stance against Officer William Wright and moved toward him, yelling and displaying aggressive behavior. When additional officers arrived, Martin began to comply with their commands. He was then taken into custody for the assault of an officer and disorderly conduct.

Michael Slavik assaults security guard after not paying tab at Agave Maria, tells him “I am going to smack you”

42-year-old Michael Robert Slavik had an altercation with a security guard, Devin Ray Goodman, at Agave Maria on March 25th. The police were called regarding an intoxicated male, later identified as Slavik, refusing to pay his tab. When officers arrived, they noticed security guards had him pinned down. Goodman spoke with officers and stated that he was called to the bar because Slavik did not want to pay his tab. The supervising security guard attempted to obtain a form of payment from Slavik, who was uncooperative. After being unable to obtain a form of payment, security told Slavik he should leave the property instead. Slavik then left the property but came back a short time later. Security repeatedly told Slavik he had to leave and that if he returned, he would be trespassed. Slavik began to get upset and pushed himself toward security as if he was going to fight them. Slavik told Goodman, “I am going to smack you,” and tried to smack him in the face, but Goodman avoided him. Slavik then asked Goodman’s manager, “Can I smack him?” and then attempted to smack him a second time, but he was able to avoid that as well. Slavik then attempted to punch Goodman in the face but failed. Goodman and the other security guards then pinned Slavik down to the ground due to him fighting back. Shortly after the incident, police arrived and arrested Slavik. Slavik then pulled away from police repeatedly, causing a disturbance, cursing at them, and reeked of alcohol. Slavik was taken into custody for assault, theft, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Joseph Pappas nearly stumbles into officer in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Joseph Pappas approached an offer in downtown Nashville while he was drunk on 02/18. The officer was standing on the sidewalk when Pappas walked up and almost stumbled into him. The Officer noticed bloodshot eyes and lack of balance and asked Pappas if he had a ride home. Pappas told the officer he lived close by in Germantown and that he was going to walk home. The officer tried to get Pappas to arrange a ride home but was too drunk to operate his phone. The officer observed the defendant attempting to walk home while stumbling side to side and walking into other people and decided to arrest him as he was a danger to himself and others.

Tourist Ryon Buchman too rowdy for Union Station Hotel – arrested in Nashville

Security Staff at the Union Station Hotel in downtown Nashville were holding down 38-year-old Ryon Buchman on the lobby floor when Metro Nashville Police responded to their call for assistance late Sunday night. He was extremely intoxicated and became aggressive with security, which led to his detention. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.