Corner Pub Downtown scores 68 on health inspection; 30 pounds food embargoed

The Corner Pub Downtown on 5th Ave North scored a 68 on a health inspection Monday afternoon. The inspector’s report says the manager did not display any basic food knowledge about hot/cold holding or cooking temperatures. Chicken was undercooked at 148 F on the grill, cooked rice and sour cream were in a cooler at 48 F, and cole slaw at 58 F. In a prep cooler in the bar area, sour cream was at 57 F, coleslaw at 58 F, cantaloupe at 58 F, and various other food items held well above the proper temperatures. In total, 30 pounds of food was embargoed during the visit. The inspector was unable to locate any working thermometer in coolers, food was stored on the ground in coolers, and no hand sinks had the proper supplies.

Kristopher Davis — believed he was in Grand Theft Auto… but ended up in jail

20-year-old Kristopher Davis faces a litany of charges after a high-speed chase Saturday night in a black Dodge Charger stolen from Miracle Chrysler. Officers first identified the stolen vehicle on Dickerson Pike with Air One locking in their target from above. The vehicle gave chase onto the interstate, where it completely blacked out as it sped away with a marked patrol unit behind it. It continued to cut through traffic at high speeds with no visible lights until finally taking an exit and parking. Davis exited the vehicle and hid behind a school bus, with Air ONE keeping him in sight. Officers closed in on the school bus, and he surrendered.

Diane Thompson — too drunk for the Lucky Bastard Saloon

53-year-old Diane Thompson was observed by security staff at the Lucky Bastard Saloon in downtown Nashville as she was stumbling and bumping into other patrons due to her extreme level of intoxication. She was escorted out of the venue and onto the sidewalk, where she caught the attention of officers working the Entertainment District. She was unable to stand up straight and slurred her speech to the point that she was not understandable. She was taken into custody for public intoxication and transported to booking.

FedEx Employee Franklin Martin drunkenly drives trailer tugger on his off day

23-year-old “tugger certified” employee Franklin Martin was on the FedEx property outside of his working hours Sunday evening. Officers were called when he would not leave, and though he was slightly intoxicated, he was cooperative and was given a courtesy ride away from the property at 5 p.m. with a warning not to return unless he was scheduled to work. At 9 p.m. Sunday, he returned to the FedEx property, even more intoxicated, and the office initially refused him entrance. He then snuck onto the truck lot and located a ‘trailer tugger,’ which he drove from the truck lot to the parking lot. 

Katherine Alberto slaps her boyfriend during her own birthday party

23-year-old Katherine Alberto was celebrating her 23rd birthday this weekend with her boyfriend, Victor Servellon. At some point during the late-night celebration, the couple began to argue and slapped her boyfriend in the face. A fight ensued, leaving several broken and displaced items strewn around the apartment, according to police. Officers documented a red mark under the victim’s eye and other bruising. Katherine was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Carl’e Hooks hooks discovers her ex-girlfriend with a new lover after breaking into her bedroom

18-year-old Carl’e Hooks told police she came to her ex-girlfriend’s house because she wasn’t answering the phone. When she arrived, she used a keycode she was no longer allowed to use to enter the home, where she does not reside. She then made her way upstairs to her ex-lover’s bedroom and discovered her there with another girl. A knock-down-drag-out fight ensued, leaving large amounts of hair pulled from heads and injuries to one of the victim’s neck and head.

DUI: Junior Louis asleep behind the wheel after drinking wine during dinner date

34-year-old Junior Louis says he had two glasses of wine at dinner with a date Saturday night before police found him asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle at an intersection. When woken up, he stated he didn’t need any assistance, that he was simply tired and fell asleep. When he exited his vehicle, officers reported he reeked of alcohol and he performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Inside the driver’s door area was a loaded M&P Shield handgun. As he was being transported to booking, Louis asked to go to the hospital due to a possible medical condition causing him to “fall asleep” at the wheel. Metro General cleared him for jail, and he was charged with DUI.

Tommy McDonald charged with strangling girlfriend; dragging her by hair

When police arrived at an Elm Hill Pike apartment late Saturday night, they discovered Chenike Reid gathering her things from the ground, which were scattered outside of the apartment. She explained that her boyfriend, 30-year-old Tommy McDonald, had punched her in the forehead when she attempted to take a book that Tommy had bought for her as she was moving out. When she grabbed the book a second time, she says he grabbed her by her hair and then her throat until she had problems breathing. He then dragged her out of their apartment. Officers documented injuries to the victim’s forehead and throat. She was transported to the hospital, and Tommy was taken into custody.

Andrew L. Peters drunk and stumbling in downtown Nashville

50-year-old Andrew Peters fell down on the ground in downtown Nashville late Sunday night, and officers arrived to assist the extremely intoxicated man. Nashville medics also responded to the scene, and he refused all assistance. Peters became highly combative, hostile, and argumentative with officers and the surrounding public. Due to his inability to care for himself, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication. 

Tourist James Rodgers loses his wife and his freedom after drunken night on Broadway

36-year-old James Rodgers was causing a disturbance outside of Layla’s Honky Tonk Sunday afternoon in downtown Nashville. Officers working in the Entertainment District approached him and immediately observed him to be unsteady on his feet and intoxicated. Rodgers stated he was attempting to find his wife but did not remember what bar they were at nor what hotel they were staying at. She did not answer the phone, but officers were able to determine the phone was located at the Hilton Hotel. Officers gave Rodgers directions to the hotel, and he said he would go there to find her. Moments later, officers had to return to the area as Rodgers was once again causing a disturbance at the location, yelling, screaming, and stumbling into the street. 

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