Zackary Herder says someone stole his vehicle & wrecked it — that someone was him

27-year-old Zackary Herder called police to report his vehicle as stolen on February 16; however, the responding officer just happened to be the same officer who had worked a hit-and-run accident two days prior, in which Herder had been identified as the fleeing driver. When confronted, Herder admitted he was the driver and no one stole his vehicle. He was issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident with damage over $1,500. He was booked on that citation this week.

Kerry Poe jailed after road rage incident with handgun

57-year-old Kerry Poe was jailed Thursday morning for intentionally crashing his car into another vehicle and pointing a loaded gun at the driver. Amy Duggin and Poe were involved in a car accident, but instead of sticking around, Duggin fled the scene. Poe followed Duggin all the way to the parking lot of Truist Bank on Charlotte Pike. While in the parking lot, Poe intentionally crashed his van into her vehicle. He then got out of his van, walked up to Duggin’s driver’s side, beat on the window with one hand, and pointed a gun at her with the other. A Truist Bank employee was a witness, as she was parking her car at the time of the incident and immediately called 911. When arresting officers arrived on the scene, they found Poe with a loaded 9mm in his waistband.

Malachi Laws & Tereesa Robinson charged with trafficking teenager for sex in Nashville

23-year-old Malachi Laws & 24-year-old Tereesa Robinson were charged with promoting prostitution on Monday afternoon after an 18-year-old victim’s mother called the police about her daughter, who has been missing for the last few months. She told police that she was worried about possible trafficking. Officers found the victim in a room at Red Roof Inn. She stated that she was living there with Laws and Robinson. She stated she was in a relationship with both individuals and that they were all from Ohio. The victim told police before coming to Tennessee, she was in Baltimore, and they used Robinson’s car to travel. Detectives asked who was paying for the room, and the victim answered that both Laws and Robinson took turns renting the room. Detectives verified the information with the front desk.

The victim told detectives that she had an ad on an erotic website called “megapersonals” which Ms. Robinson helped her create. The victim told detectives she was sleeping with men for money, and at first, she was able to keep some of the money from the deals but now she wasn’t allowed to keep any of the money and had to give it to Mr. Laws. The customers paid in CashApp, ApplePay, and cash. She stated that although Mr. Laws had never been abusive towards her, she was still afraid of what he would do if she stopped.

Chayn Lawrence & Michelle Dorminy both jailed in domestic dispute

33-year-old Chayn Lawrence & 34-year-old Michelle Dorminy were charged with domestic assault on Tuesday night after a fight at their apartment. Lawrence admitted to standing over top of Dorminy, his girlfriend of three years, and ripping her phone from her hands as she was lying on the floor. This caused her to be in fear for her life. Lawrence had a face full of scratch marks which he said came from Dorminy hitting him several times. She denied causing any injuries. Dorminy only admitted to scratching and biting Mr. Lawrence to the neighbor, who informed the police of what he was told. Because the details of the incident did not line up, there were no direct witnesses and both parties claimed they were assaulted; they were both booked into custody and charged.

Armaan Ahmed, Kamran Ahmed, & Asif Ahmed arrested in brutal family brawl

24-year-old Armaan Ahmed, 27-year-old Kamran Ahmed, & 50-year-old Asif Ahmed were jailed for attacking family members after an argument turned violent at an apartment on Hickory Hollow Parkway on Mar 5th. Nauman Ahmad and Faraz butt are brothers and are both victims of the attack. Asif Ahmed is their brother-in-law, and he has two sons, Armaan and Kamran. Nauman and Asif were in an argument when Asif slapped Nauman in the face. That’s when the two started fighting, and Asif’s two sons joined. Armaan strangled Nauman from the back, and he struggled to breathe. Kamran was hitting Nauman and pulling his hair. Police had Nauman evaluated by medics, and he refused transport to the hospital. He had scratches to the back of his neck. Faraz stepped in to help his brother when he saw they were ganging up on him and ended up being severally attacked himself, with significant injuries. Faraz was transported to Vanderbilt, where medical staff advised that he had a broken nose, a bruised left eye, cuts to his mouth, and his face was disfigured and caused him severe pain. The Ahmeds left the scene before the police arrived, but Faraz was able to give their contact information and pictures to the police and requested to prosecute.

Aisam Chin says he drank wine before slapping his wife

39-year-old Aisam Chin says he was drinking wine before he slapped his wife, Sarah Chin, in anger Thursday. The two were arguing over finances, and she says she hit him back this time after he slapped her. The victim told police her husband gets aggressive when he drinks and often hits her, but she never calls the police because she loves him and doesn’t want him to get in trouble. He was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Jacquelin Deleon, 20, found drunk and running through Hermitage shoeless

Police say they found 20-year-old Jacquelin Deleon Juarez running from behind a Waffle House on Lebanon Pike in the early hours of Friday morning with no jacket and bare feet. As they approached to check on her welfare she ran toward the road. As they made contact with her a man jogged up from the same area and stated he had been looking for her since she jumped out of his car. He says they were out together, and she became extremely intoxicated. As he was attempting to get her home she jumped from his car and drunkenly ran throughout Hermitage. Deleon admitted she had been drinking, and it was apparent she could not care for herself, and the male was done attempting to care for her. She was then taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Alycia Ackerman charged in late-night DUI after crash in Midtown

27-year-old Alycia Ackerman rear-ended another car at 18th & Charlotte in the early hours of Friday morning after leaving her friend’s house. As officers arrived, she attempted to walk away from them and was unsteady on her feet. She had trouble following directions to produce her identification and scattered all of her belongings on the ground. She was swaying during their interaction and smelled of “an excessive amount of perfume,” according to officers on the scene. She was cleared by medics and refused all testing. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Dominick Hallums is fired in the AM; robs 7-Eleven of lottery scratch-offs in the PM

25-year-old Dominick Hallums was working at the 7-eleven on Smith Springs Road the morning of December 27th until he was fired. A few hours after his termination, he returned to the store at 5:45 p.m. without permission and walked behind the counter, and took $1,200 worth of Tennessee Lottery scratch-off ticket bundles. The manager was able to identify Hallums from a security video, and a felony burglary warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked this week on that outstanding warrant.

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