Jackson Batson indicted on 1 count of aggravated sexual battery

A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 19-year-old Jackson David Batson for aggravated sexual battery on February 14th. The indictment alleges that Batson, on a date between the 1st day of April 2023 and the 31st day of May 2023, in Davidson County, Tennessee, and before the finding of this indictment, did intentionally engage in unlawful sexual contact with A.S. (DOB 6/29/2018), a child less than thirteen years of age, against the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee. Batson was taken into custody on February 20th.

18-year-old Brandon Ostein Jr. jailed after police find gun, marijuana in vehicle at Hillsboro High School

18-year-old Brandon Ostein Jr. drove his mother’s 2022 Nissan Sentra to Hillsboro High School on Hillsboro Pike on the morning of February 7th. The School Security Officer James conducted “random air sniffs” of vehicles on school property when his K-9 “Dezi” was alerted by the Sentra. The registration returned belonging to Ostein Jr.’s mother, Jamie Dean. Staff requested that Ostein Jr. unlock the car for a search; however, Ostein Jr. refused. When staff advised him that he would be expelled from the school if he did not allow entry to the Sentra, Ostein Jr. fled the campus. When officers arrived, they noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the Nissan. Officers then found small amounts of a green leafy substance, later identified as marijuana, in plain view throughout the vehicle. While on the scene, Demetria Stuart, Ostein Jr.’s aunt, claimed the Sentra was hers, wanting to pick it up. His aunt explained that she usually drives it, but Ostein Jr. took it this morning by mistake. Then, his aunt told officers that she may have a Glock 9mm pistol with a laser in the car, which she did have a carry permit for. The Sentra was towed to the MNPD lot, and a subsequent search of it resulted in the discovery of a Glock 17 pistol with a laser and a 24-round magazine under the driver’s seat. As well as about .5 grams of marijuana, one 9mm shell casing, and four gaming dice. Ostein Jr. was taken into custody for simple possession and for having a weapon on school property on February 16th.

Ryan Barr pokes wife in eyes during argument about music volume

36-year-old Ryan Mark Barr had a domestic altercation with his wife, Whitney Barr, at their Sterling Oaks Drive residence on January 15th. Later that day, Mrs. Barr called the authorities to report the incident. Mrs. Barr advised that she and Ryan had a verbal agreement stating that he could not reside at their home for at least 30 days to ensure that he would be fully sober when he came back. However, Mrs. Barr stated that he was allowed to visit for a few hours every day to see their 4-month-old son. Mrs. Barr then explained that Ryan left around 2 p.m. then called her at 6 p.m., asking if they needed any groceries. When Ryan returned, he put away the groceries and went upstairs to his music room, which is next to his son’s room. Ryan began to play music loudly, which concerned Mrs. Barr. She asked Ryan to turn the music down, but he ignored her and turned his music up louder. This prompted Mrs. Barr to open the door and unplug the sound system. Mrs. Barr walked out the door and turned around to talk to Ryan about the incident. Then, Ryan reached through the crack of the doorway and poked her in her eyes before pushing her back. Mrs. Barr said she yelled at him and told him to leave, which Ryan eventually did. Mrs. Barr told officers that she wished to prosecute for the attack. Ryan Barr was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 20th.

DUI: Whitney Malone crashes into multiple vehicles, blood sample results in .449% BAC

52-year-old Whitney Malone was involved in a three-vehicle accident on Greenwood Avenue on February 20th. Officers arrived and observed two of the motor vehicles were unoccupied and parked on the side of the road. Then, Malone, who was in the driver’s seat of the third vehicle, showed multiple signs of impairment as she admitted to being drunk. Malone admitted she should not have been driving. Medics had to help her out of her car and into the ambulance. Officers located a half-empty bottle of Vodka in her purse next to where she was sitting. Officers followed the medics to the hospital when Malone tried to get out of the ambulance while it was still moving. Under Miranda, at the hospital, she told officers she drove to the liquor store that morning and had been drinking since then. Malone then said she was returning to the store when the collision occurred. Malone provided a blood sample that resulted in 0.449 BAC%, and she was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Youssef Hanna shoots gun outside Larry’s Ultra Lounge, tells police he was “Just having fun”

25-year-old Youssef Hanna was seen shooting his firearm from the backseat of a silver sedan near Larry’s Ultra Lounge in the early hours of February 20th. Jamie Clark witnessed this and alerted the authorities, advising them that after the shots were fired, the sedan went down Murfreesboro Pike. Officers received an update on the vehicle, located it approaching Donelson Pike, and noticed the driver, later identified as Hanna’s father, arguing with Hanna. When officers initiated their emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop, Hanna was the first to exit the vehicle. Officers also detained his mom, who was in the passenger seat, and his father, the driver. Detectives located a pistol grip in plain view in the pocket behind the driver’s seat, which was later identified as a black Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .380 caliber that was loaded with a round in the chamber. Then, officers found a bag in the backseat containing 174 rounds of .380 caliber ammunition, magazines, and two more empty .380 shell casings. Hanna had an empty silver magazine in his pocket when officers searched him. Hanna admitted to shooting in the air from the car after drinking 4-5 beers and 4-5 shots of vodka at Larry’s Ultra Lounge. Officers tried to explain that shooting your firearm while intoxicated is a crime, and Hanna stated that he was “just having fun.” Hanna then explained that he thought it was okay to shoot it in the air and that he did not point it at anyone. Hanna was taken into custody for possessing a weapon while under the influence.

Maid company owner Ken Neel offers employee $2,000 to eat out her “kitty”

56-year-old Kenneth Neel, owner of The Maids of Nashville, offered one of his employees, Kaleigh Watson, money to engage in sexual activity with him at work on February 19th. Watson went to the Police Department to report the incident and advised them that Neel wanted to see her in his office, which made her uncomfortable. So, Watson put her iPhone on record to capture the conversation. Neel can be heard on the 56-minute-long recording offering her $2,000.00 to “eat out her p*ssy,” and $1,000.00 to receive a “blow job” multiple times. Then, Neel asked Watson to follow him out of camera view so his wife would not find out, even after she denied his advances. Neel then offered to pay off her $17,000.00 vehicle if she would perform consistent sexual acts with him. Watson declined again, and then Neel offered $2,000.00 just to see her “p*ssy.” Watson then attempted to leave Neel’s office; however, while doing so, Neel grabbed the inside of her thigh and underneath her chin. Watson finally left the location and went to alert the authorities. Neel was taken into custody for promoting prostitution and assault.

DUI: Sean Hrbal blows .215% BAC after crashing near Old Hickory Boulevard

49-year-old Sean Hrbal drove off the roadway and wrecked his vehicle near Old Hickory Boulevard and St. Regis Court on the night of February 16th. Officers arrived and spoke with Hrbal, who advised someone had cut him off on Old Hickory Boulevard, causing him to crash. Hrbal then admitted to drinking a shot of Vodka before leaving work. Officers transported him to the Grace Community Church parking lot to conduct sobriety tests, where he performed poorly and agreed to provide a breath sample, which resulted in a 0.215% BAC.  Hrbal was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Cheyenne Smith caught driving stolen U-Haul truck

20-year-old Cheyenne Smith was jailed on February 17th for driving a stolen U-Haul truck. While police patrolled the Marathon gas station on Trinity Lane, they ran the plates of a U-Haul truck, which came back stolen. Officers then watched as Cheyenne entered the driver’s seat of the U-Haul. After a traffic stop, it was discovered that Cheyenne didn’t have a valid driver’s license and was not responsible for renting the vehicle. Officers attempted to locate the individual who rented the vehicle but were unsuccessful. Cheyenne was taken into custody for theft and driving without a license.

Jackson Frazier chases man with knife during parking dispute

30-year-old Jackson Frazier was jailed on February 17th when he pulled out a knife over a parking dispute. Gabrielle Hydorn told police that she heard yelling outside of her home on Lebanon Pike. When she walked outside, she saw Frazier chasing her husband, Kevin Hydorn, with a knife until he was able to get away. Frazier told police that he and Kevin got into an argument about a parking situation when suddenly Kevin came up to his vehicle and opened the driver’s side door. Frazier felt threatened and pulled a knife on Kevin. When Kevin backed off, Frazier continued to chase him around his car until he ran off. Kevin told officers that he approached Frazier’s car to speak with him, and that’s when Frazier pulled the knife out and began chasing him.

Luz Becerra-Quezada jailed after sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl

28-year-old Luz Angel Becerra-Quezada was taken into custody for sexual battery on February 19th. Officers were dispatched to Winston Drive and spoke with the 13-year-old Juvenile Victim/JV’s parents. Her parents advised officers that Becerra-Quezada admitted to going to JV’s room and told them he was sorry for what he did. Detectives talked to JV, who stated she was asleep when she felt someone come into her room and sit on her bed. She said that she felt a hand touch her leg, going up toward her private area. Before the hand could reach her private area, she turned on the flashlight from her cell phone and saw that it was Becerra-Quezada, causing him to stop and leave the room. JV’s parents told officers there was a camera in the house and footage showed Becerra-Quezada deactivating it at 3:20 in the morning. Luz Becerra-Quezada was taken into custody and charged with sexual battery on February 19th.

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