Zachary Rourke found staggering down I-40 West, says he’s “walking to his sister’s house in Oxford, Michigan.”

34-year-old Zachary James Rourke was observed walking and staggering into traffic lanes on I-40 West near Mile Marker 195 in the late hours of May 25th. Witnesses also stated that he appeared “heavily intoxicated” before they called the police.  When officers arrived, they located Rourke stumbling westbound on the interstate, so they detained him and transported him to the McCrory Lane Twice Daily. As officers spoke with Rourke, they noticed he had a strong alcoholic odor and minor scrapes on his legs, which he claimed were from walking through the woods near his sister’s house in Oxford, Michigan. Rourke that he was “walking to his sister’s house in Oxford, Michigan.” He refused to answer how long he had been walking or if he had been drinking while repeating that he was heading to see his sister. After further questioning, officers learned he was staying at a Marriott Hotel in Nashville, but Rourke could not specify which one. Then, Rourke said he was at the hotel with a woman he had met on the Hinge dating app and that they had broken up, so she was no longer there. Officers deemed him unable to care for himself and detained him for the occurrence. After transporting Rourke to booking, deputies discovered a dime bag filled with a substance resembling cocaine. Rourke was taken into custody for public intoxication and contraband in a penal institution.

Dancer Matthew Boyd trespasses at Hillwood High School, says he was trying to help his dance team

19-year-old Dancer Matthew Ja’Terry Lamont Boyd was caught trespassing at Hillwood High School on April 15th. Officers responded to the school and spoke with security officer Austin Dubuc. Dubuc stated that Boyd had entered the property after being previously trespassed from it. Boyd told officers he knew he was not supposed to be on the property, adding that he was only there to help his dance team prepare for a competition. Boyd was then cited for the incident that day. Boyd was booked on the citation of trespassing on May 7th.

Brett Forrest jailed on Florida warrant after stealing $885 in merchandise at Green Hills Mall

64-year-old Brett Forrest stole merchandise from Nordstrom and Macy’s on Hillsboro Pike on March 10th. Patrick Page, a loss prevention associate, alerted the authorities, advising them that he observed Forrest grab two pairs of sunglasses, valued at $293, and put them in his pocket before leaving the store. Page provided officers with footage of the incident. Page detained Forrest and searched him, locating additional merchandise stolen from Nordstrom with the price tags still on them. Page then notified Nordstrom’s loss prevention associate, Gabriel Ertmer, who went over to obtain the items with price tags valued at $592. Detectives ran his information and found that he had a valid outstanding warrant out of Sarasota County, Florida, with full extradition, so officers contacted them and confirmed it. Forrest was taken into custody for being a fugitive from justice and two counts of theft of merchandise.

Deutsche Bank Broker Crosby Kisler attempts to bite officer in booking, says he is “an assassin trying to kill him”

35-year-old Crosby Kisler, broker at Deutsche Bank, had an incident at Whiskey Row in the early hours of January 29th. Whiskey Row security flagged officers down regarding a male, later identified as Kisler, who had fallen on the ground. When officers arrived, they noticed Kisler had visible injuries to his forehead and nose, using the building to balance himself. Kisler showed signs of intoxication as he told officers that the Whiskey Row security personnel “ganged up on him” and assaulted him as he tried to walk away. Security spoke with officers and informed them that they turned around and saw Kisler fall over. They attempted to help him up but had no other interaction with him. Officers tried to ask Kisler where he was staying. Kisler stated he was staying at a place that was paid for with his own money and refused to give them an address. Then, officers explained to him how they would need an address due to his level of impairment, but Kisler tried to leave, stating he was going to walk home. He was deemed a danger to himself and others, so they detained him. On the way to booking, Kisler gained an Irish accent, calling officers “c*nts” and “f*ggots,” saying they do nothing to better this country. Then, once at booking, Kisler said that Officer Sprouse was an assassin who was trying to kill him. Kisler stood up repeatedly, so Sprouse had to assist him back to the bench. Kisler then kicked Sprouse in the leg twice and tried to bite him. Kisler was taken into custody for two counts of assault on an officer and public intoxication.

Kaden Blanco fights security at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk after allegedly attempting to use fake ID

22-year-old Kaden Blanco was jailed on January 11th after allegedly giving a fake ID at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk. Officers were working at the door when Blanco handed them an Ohio driver’s license they believed to be fake. Blanco did not want to leave and informed officers that his ID was real and valid. The officer then touched Mr. Blanco’s elbow to motion him out of the establishment after he refused to leave, at which point he shoved the officers. The officer then began to fight with Blanco and scraped his knee in the process. With the help of the other security guards, the officer was able to detain Blanco until on-duty officers reported to the scene to begin their investigation. Kaden Blanco was taken into custody for assault and disorderly conduct.

English tourist Charlotte Standen resists arrest during Broadway Brawl

37-year-old Hampshire, England, tourist Charlotte Standen was part of a Broadway brawl late Friday night, which included her partner. As she attempted to remove her partner from the fight, officers arrived and attempted to separate everyone and remove Standen from the brawl. Her partner then began to walk away, and when officers told him to stop, she got between him and officers in an attempt to prevent him from being detained. She was advised to step aside and not interfere, but she refused and would not place her hands behind her back. She was eventually taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

John Zapytowski jailed after fighting bouncers at Jason Aldean’s bar

24-year-old John Zapytowski was jailed early Sunday morning after a fight at Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Security for the venue flagged down nearby Metro Nashville Police officers to report the fight in progress. Zapytowski had been asked to leave earlier due to his disruptive behavior but he refused. As security was escorting him out of the building, he began to fight and assault the bouncers. He was detained by officers and continued to be belligerent. He was then taken into custody and transported to booking.

London tourist Christopher Lee fights & flees from police downtown, #PreTrialRelease

19-year-old Christopher Lee, who was visiting from London, was one of the individuals involved in a fight on January 1st on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Witnesses and bouncers advised officers of the scuffle, and they located Lee, but he began to flee, ignoring their commands to stop running. Lee was actively resistant when they detained him, and he was pepper sprayed during the altercation, so he had to be medically cleared before being taken into custody for evading arrest, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

DUI: Cordero Moree smokes marijuana before driving through red light

29-year-old Cordero Moree drove through a red light on December 21st as officers patrolled Representative John Lewis Way South and Lafayette Street. They observed this, initiated a traffic stop, approached the driver’s side door, and noticed Moree fumbling with his belongings. He responded slowly to officers, advising them he had no license, and initially provided an unverifiable name and date of birth. He admitted to smoking marijuana in the morning and told them he was a painter who paints indoors without filtration, explaining why there was paint on him. Moree consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody for driving without a license and driving under the influence.