Raheem Hathorne destroys girlfriend’s laptop & TV during altercation

23-year-old Raheem Hathorne had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Heaven McGowan, on November 17th, 2022. McGowan told responding officers that Hathorne took her laptop and threw it off the second floor, breaking it. Hathorne also hit McGowan’s TV, breaking it as well. Hathorne caused approximately $750 worth of damage to McGowan’s property. A warrant was then obtained for Hathorne’s arrest. Hathorne was later taken into custody for vandalism on July 24th, 2024.

De’Vonte Brown resists arrest after assaulting woman at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital

21-year-old De’Vonte Samuel Brown had a domestic incident with Mariciana Scott at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt on July 24th. Upon arrival, officers separated them and noticed Scott was very angry and distraught, with her shirt ripped in half. Scott then stated that she and Brown had a heated argument. Scott told police that Brown grabbed her by the back of the shirt and pulled her hair. When officers spoke with Brown, he told them that she was wearing his shirt during their dispute, so he ripped it. Brown was then deemed the primary aggressor. When officers went to detain Brown, he became resistive, stiffening his arms up and placing them under his body until they could arrest him. Brown was then taken into custody for resisting arrest and domestic assault.

Alicia Eby-McDermott drunkenly assaults roommate, damages his $1,500 guitar during altercation

35-year-old Alicia Eby-McDermott had a domestic altercation with her roommate, Russell Perkins, at their Fall Street residence after midnight on November 11th, 2023. Perkins told responding officers that Eby-McDermott, who was heavily intoxicated, began to strike him repeatedly and grabbed him. He recorded the incident and showed the footage to the police. In the recording, officers observed Eby-McDermott burst into his room yelling. Eby-McDermott then jumped on the bed, attempting to hit him. Once Perkins tried exiting the bedroom, she wrapped her arms around his legs, appearing as if she were trying to knock him down. Perkins added that he felt she was grabbing him to hurt him. Another video showed Eby-McDermott striking Perkins and his cell phone several times before he could get away from her, leaving a red abrasion on his lower left chest. After retrieving his dog and personal items, he stayed at a friend’s house for the evening. Perkins further explained that she had chipped the face of his rare collection Guild guitar, which was valued at $1,500. A warrant was obtained for Eby-McDermott’s arrest that day. Eby-McDermott was later taken into custody for domestic assault on July 24th, 2024.

Jack Campitelli yells about how “Trump needs to die” after throwing multiple chairs off balcony at JW Marriot

58-year-old Jack Campitelli caused a disturbance at the JW Marriot on 8th Avenue South in the early hours of July 24th. An employee at the establishment, Eric Smith, flagged officers down, asking for assistance with an individual, later identified as Campitelli. Smith pointed him out, and officers noticed he was “flanked” and appeared to be getting corralled out of the location. He added that Campitelli threw at least two chairs off the balcony, so they asked him to leave the hotel multiple times, but he refused. When officers approached Campitelli, he started ranting about Trump and other political figures. Once officers detained him, he tried walking away, so they deemed him a danger to himself and others. After this, the police reviewed the footage showing Campitelli throwing a chair onto the sidewalk, which landed next to the first one he had thrown before running around the property. The chair was valued at $300. While in booking, Campitelli yelled about how Donald Trump needed to die because he was a liar. The Secret Service was notified of Campitelli’s statements. Campitelli was then taken into custody for vandalism, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespass.

Aric Marcrum drinks Clubtails cocktail when waken up by police outside Cracker Barrel

32-year-old Aric Marcrum was observed sleeping on the sidewalk at the Percy Priest Drive Cracker Barrel in the early hours of July 24th. The manager at the location alerted the authorities, and when they arrived, they noticed Marcrum had a Clubtails cocktail next to him. Officers also noticed Marcrum was directly in the way of a food delivery truck driver. Once officers had woke him up, Marcrum started drinking the alcoholic beverage. Macrcum then refused to give police his information and kept stating that he was drunk. Marcrum was then taken into custody for public intoxication.

Paul Le assaults wife at Korea House Restaurant because she was hanging out with her friends

51-year-old Paul Le had a domestic altercation with his wife, Nhi Vo, at the Korea House Restaurant on Charlotte Pike late July 15th. Vo spoke with officers through a language interpreter. Vo stated Le was mad because she was spending time with her friends and that he did not want her seeing other people. Then Le pushed Vo, causing her to fall to the ground, leaving a bruise on her right knee, a cut on her left thumb, and scrapes on her right elbow. Officers reviewed footage showing Vo on the ground and Tommy Hoang trying to keep Le from attacking her again. Le left before police arrived on the scene. A warrant was then obtained for Le’s arrest, and he was later taken into custody for domestic assault on July 23rd.

Devonta Lowery steals 2 Lowes delivery trucks full of appliances during armed robbery

29-year-old Devonta Bernard Lowery was identified as one of the individuals who had stolen two Lowes delivery trucks from the White Creek Pike location on July 21st. Detectives arrived and spoke with the delivery drivers, Noslen Ciscal and Brian Quigley, who stated they were dropping off appliances for Lowes. Detectives then reviewed footage of the incident, which showed the drivers putting fuel into the delivery trucks when a white sedan arrived. After this, two suspects, one of whom was Lowery, exited the vehicle, and approached the trucks with a handgun. Lowery demanded the two drivers get on the ground, which they did. Then, Lowery and his co-defendant took their truck keys, wallet, and cell phones before entering the trucks and driving off. During the investigation, detectives discovered the stolen trucks in the Shelby House Apartment Complex parking lot on South 5th Street. Officers then obtained surveillance, showing Lowery and his co-defendant before and after the robbery, wearing the same clothes they had on in the sedan during the robbery. The surveillance also showed Lowery and his co-defendant unloading the appliances from the trucks. While executing a search warrant at the location, detectives saw Lowery and the other involved individual then detained them for the occurrence. Lowery was taken into custody for aggravated robbery on July 24th.

Destiny Frierson speeds down Trinity Lane at 70 mph on suspended license with passengers hanging out windows

20-year-old Destiny Frierson was observed speeding near Trinity Lane on July 21st. When she approached a red light, two rear passengers were hanging outside the window, recording on their phones. When the light turned green, officers attempted to catch up with her. As officers did this, they paced her, going around 70 mph, and conducted a traffic stop. While Frierson was stopping, they noticed a lot of movement inside her vehicle, appearing as if someone had switched seats with the driver. Officers approached the car and noticed a 1-year-old child sitting in the backseat without a car seat or being buckled. Officers also noticed the child was sitting on the lap of another occupant. Then, the police asked Frierson if she had switched seats with anyone. Frierson looked in the backseat and said, “Ask them,” but no one responded. When asked for her driver’s license, she told police she did not have one nor has she ever had one. Further investigation revealed that her license was suspended. Frierson was then taken into custody for child neglect and driving with a suspended license.

Savannah Hamilton-Leggs booked & banned from Walmart after shoplifting

18-year-old Savannah Hamilton-Leggs was caught shoplifting at the Dickerson Pike Walmart on April 22nd. Upon arrival, officers spoke with employees at the location, who stated that Hamilton-Leggs had stuffed merchandise into two backpacks and walked out of the store until security stopped her. Walmart banned her from the establishment, and officers cited her for the occurrence that day. Hamilton-Leggs failed to appear in court by June 7th and was later booked on the citation of theft on July 23rd.

DUI: Marcelino Aranda Jaimes scores 0.239% BAC after hitting another vehicle’s side mirrors

34-year-old Marcellino Aranda Jaimes was involved in a car accident on Reeves Road on July 21st. Following the collision, the other involved driver followed Jaimes to Antioch Pike, where officers were later dispatched. Officers learned the crash involved the vehicles’ side mirrors hitting each other from opposite directions. A third party had to pull their car in front of Jaimes to stop him in the parking lot. Then, with Spanish interpretation, Jaimes told officers he did not pull over due to traffic concerns. As officers spoke to Jaimes they noticed he showed signs of impairment before he admitted to consuming two beers “Now.” He then consented to sobriety tests, and performed poorly. After being informed of implied consent, Jaimes agreed to provide a breath sample, resulting in 0.239 BAC%. Officers later discovered he had no valid driver’s license. Jaimes was then taken into custody for driving under the influence, having no valid driver’s license, and leaving the scene of an accident.

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