Alexander Airhart charged in rape of woman he brought home to “show her the architecture”

40-year-old Alexander Airhart took the victim, D. L. M., home with him from a bar on July 22nd to show her the architecture where he raped her, the victim stated. She disclosed the incident to police at Vanderbilt Hospital on July 23rd, where they responded to a sexual assault call. She said on the night of July 21st, she, Alexander, and his unknown friend were at a bar when Alexander invited her to his house on Battlefield Dr. to “see the architecture.”

She said yes, and had a couple of sips of a drink that Alexander made her while his friend slept on the couch. After a little more socializing, she stated that she wanted to leave, but Alexander convinced her to stay the night due to her drinking and being unsafe for her to drive. Again, she agreed, and Alexander offered for her to stay in his bed since his friend was on the couch. While they were upstairs in Alexander’s room, she said that she felt sick and was sitting on the edge of the bed when Alexander began taking her clothes off. She told Alexander, “Please don’t do this. I don’t want this,” as he reportedly ripped her pants off. She told him she was about to vomit to get him to move away from her.

He went into the bathroom, so she tried to exit the room. He saw this, pulled her into the bathroom, and then put her pants and purse in the bedroom. Entering the room again to grab her items, the victim stated that Alexander began pushing her, eventually getting her onto the bed despite her attempts to fight him off. During the struggle, Alexander got on top of her and pushed her legs apart, forcing his member into her mouth by prying her mouth open. She stated, “Please stop,” but then decided to “let it happen” so it would end sooner. He then penetrated her sexually as she said she pleaded with him to stop, but she blacked out soon after that. When she awoke, she said she was in the same room, and was bleeding from the forced penetration. On July 23rd, she went to Vanderbilt and completed a Medico/legal-examination (rape kit). The report stated that she had bruises on her collarbone and redness on her vagina.